Yes, we were excited too, but it looks like owners of Verizon's LTE Xoom still have to wait a bit for ICS. The tablet is about to receive a software update (HLK75H) "soon". Verizon's support page doesn't specify when. There's not much to the update, though. Your tablet will now support dual International Mobile Subscriber Identities (IMSI), as well as a bugfix for restoring data connectivity after exiting Airplane Mode.

2012-02-08 19h42_06

In other words, this update is for the subset of the already small group of people who own Verizom Xooms that use their tablets for frequent international travel. Meanwhile, the rest of us are still waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich to land on the LTE Xoom. The WiFi Xoom has already been updated, but those tied to a carrier are left waiting in the wings.

It's difficult to be a Xoom owner and not be jaded by this point. After a launch with several key features missing, a six-month delay on a hardware update that is largely unprecedented, and absolutely dismal sales, the Xoom is an emblem of every wrong way to handle a product. Perhaps a timely update to Ice Cream Sandwich was a bit too much to hope for.

Source: Verizon

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Kam

    ~_~ there's no word in the english language to express my frustration

  • Cristian

    C'mon!!! Give us Ice Cream Sandwich already! I don't see what the hold up is. I got the Xoom because it was a Google experience device, so I thought we'd get timely updates. And gosh-darn-it, I want to use the new Chrome for Android on my tablet. I have it on my Nexus, so why not my "almost Nexus" tablet?

    • Anthony

      The wifi only model code name wingray is a GED not the 3G version just like the Galaxy Nexus however updates are still done by Google just have to wait till the carrier okays it so relax buddy

      • Robert

        If that were the case, why was Xoom 3G/LTE the first xoom model to receive 3.1?

  • Josh Phillips

    Owning a Xoom and not having Team Eos or AOKP or CM9 on it by now is just criminal. You couldn't pay me to wait for a stock ICS build. I have been running Eos nightlies since they got the camera and hdmi working and honestly, it works better than any official ROM ever did. Also, if you have a google experience device, you have likely unlocked and rooted it, so installing a ROM shouldn't be an issue. If you haven't, then honestly the GTab is a better tablet. If you are willing to play with it, then the Xoom is the best tablet on the market in my opinion since ICS source dropped.

    • jm

      This. The Xoom is still the best Android tablet, imo, because it's factory unlockable and is a supported build target from AOSP.

  • Big K

    I have been running Pete's nightlies for the past few weeks. Smooth as butta, but what else would you expect from Mr. Alfonso.

  • mxrcr129

    A little off topic but has anyone noticed the latest update from Verizon to the Xoom LTE has FINALLY "fixed" the battery life in the sense when the unit is alsleep the battery no longer seems to drain for no reason and yes, airplane mode actually works..? This, to me, is almost better than ICS...

  • jake

    I updated my Xoom this morning. When I got home tonight the battery was only at 91%. Awesome! So yes, it appears the update fixed the battery drain issue.