Transformer Prime owners in the U.S. are waking up this morning to a notification of a new OTA update that should bring improved Wi-Fi and Bluetooth performance, along with a new kernel. Since there's no official changelog just yet, little is known for sure what else this update packs, but we're hearing that it also brings a fix for the random reboot issue that plagued many users after the update to Ice Cream Sandwich last month.


As soon as more information becomes available, we'll let you know. Until then, you can see if the update is available on your device by heading into Settings > About tablet > System firmware update.


Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • http://www.mobiletechview.com j_dav1

    Just updated, Wifi shows up stronger. Still getting screen glitching on youtube app when opening keyboard, kernel may just need some time to settle in we'll see if it fixes the random lockups.

  • Jon Garrett

    What a shame Asus released this tablet too soon. I have a feeling they will be the only company to introduce a quad core tablet.

    I think Samsung & Apple (and rightfully so) will release 2.0GHZ+ dual core processors.

    Releasing a quad core now is way too soon and leaves nothing to release in 2013.

    • Cameron Summerson

      I know that Acer and Toshiba are both working on Tegra 3 tablets, and I'm sure other manufacturers are doing the same.

      I would expect a whole slew of T3 devices this year, actually.

      • Kenny O

        Yep....I thought I read something about Lenovo as well. Plus the new Prime and the 7 inch Asus tab as well.

        I know that quite a few people have had issues with the Prime, but the one I have works great. It did have the GPS issue which really never bothered me, but that was fixed in the last OTA update.

    • Jim S.

      Nothing to release in 2013???? Wow...really??? Are you just joking here or what. BTW - The new iPad is supposed to be a quad core and several more to follow from other manufactures including ASUS.

      Everyone can say what they want about the Transformer Prime. It's still the best tablet on the market...period. Others think so too...just try and find one to buy. They are sold out as fast as they come in.

      • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

        Where did you hear the next iPad would have a quad-core? You might not be used to this, but every year there's a crap-ton of speculation that suggests the new iP(hone)/(ad) will have a desktop class processor, 18 Gigs of Ram, it'll run a super advanced Virtual Machine so you can run all of your Windows and Android Apps on it...oh yeah, and it'll make Toast for you too. I may have to eat these words, but the odds of a quad-core iPad are very low when they only moved to Dual-Core on the last iteration. It may not be completely obvious, but Apple works pretty hard at keeping their hardware specs low, not upgrading them until it's absolutely mandatory.

        The rest of what you said...pretty spot on.

        I would like to add in response to the original comment...It's less about ASUS releasing the first Quad-Core as it is NVidia choosing to release it. While it's not entirely obvious to everybody, there is validity in releasing quad-core to the market now. Just because the possibly won't be an octa-core next year doesn't mean there aren't still several upgrades and improvements that can be done.

  • Omar

    the wifi now works good?
    want to buy the transformer prime, but if the wifi does not work well I'll have to wait for the t700: S
    someone play with Splashtop, works well?


    • Matt

      I use Splashtop Streamer a TON on my Prime, for everything from browsing the AH in World of Warcraft while watching TV to streaming content like Hulu and other streaming sites that don't support tablets yet. Splashtop HD is amazing on the tablet.

  • Kostas

    Why 2.6.39? Wtf??

  • Prime Matt

    My wifi is now very strong. I ran speed tests. Haven't had any crashed playing movies yet either... that was happening to me a lot.

    Update looks great so far.

  • davidtb

    This has got to be the greatest tablet that no one can get their hands on.

  • Pelt Hunter

    I just got my hands on one today at the local Staples. Had been searching since they released some 2 plus months ago. It's phenomenal. If you can track one down I highly suggest it. I never would have thought to look at a Staples but checked the inventory of stores online at their site and found one. This is after checking Best Buy, Microcenter, Amazon, Gamestop, TigerDirect and NewEgg for MONTHS. Best of luck if you're searching for one. Look in obscure places.

  • Kay

    I've just upgraded the latest firmware. Wifi was working OK before the upgrade so I maybe won't see any difference.

  • michael

    hey guys im thinking of getting a device for uni to take down notes ect with and i was just wondering if i would be better off just getting a laptop or if the transformer prime is the right device for me?

  • Ryan G.

    I really like using mine for taking notes with Asus included app "Supernote." I would just recommend buying a stylus if you want to use the handwriting recognition feature of the app. It works well with the stylus in the link below. I have the stylus myself.


    • http://spidermedia.ru sterpazook

      I have a stylus which looks exactly like yours (maybe another manufacturer) but it works ugly with my Prime. At the same time it works perfect with my Nexus S.

  • michael

    cheers i think i will just use the keyboard dock

  • Van-Snipes

    I am on my second prime. The first one had a bezel problem and GPS didn't work. The GPS on this one doesn't work either but it doesn't really bug me. Overall this is the tablet you can buy right now and the tf700 will be even better but that won't be released till the summer and I couldn't wait that long. If you thinking about a tablet seriously consider this one or if you can wait for the tf700 then do.

  • nathanw4c

    Updated last night, no improvement in WiFi and now getting all kinds of process errors. I might have to reset back to factory settings to get this thing functioning again. This is a new unrooted tablet with only a few installed apps.