Google just dropped an update to its social networking app for mobile. Unlike some other apps, Google's brought a ton of new features that are actually useful. The Stream is now faster, doesn't immediately jump to the top of the feed when the app automatically refreshes, and shortens entries so you can see more of them at once.

google update screenshot

A few other improvements have been made. A new What's Hot! section allows you to follow what everyone is talking about, in an obvious attempt to compete with Twitter's trending topics. You can also see who +1'd a post or comment. Unfortunately, Google still hasn't brought a proper tablet interface to Google+ yet, leaving it in the company of many of Google's other apps that can't quite keep up with their own style guidelines. Still, reading Google+ updates should be tons more enjoyable now.

Here's what's new:

  • Massive performance improvements across the app
  • Replaced Incoming with What's Hot!
  • View who +1'd a post or comment
  • Stream posts shortened to fit more per scroll
  • Infinite photos feed in 'From your circles'
  • Stream no longer jumps to the top for an automatic refresh

The update is currently rolling out on the Android Market. Some of us are still waiting for it to hit our devices, so if you don't see it yet, just be patient.

Thanks Daniel!

Eric Ravenscraft
Eric is a snarky technophile with a taste for the unusual. When he's not obsessing about Android, you can usually find him obsessing about movies, psychology, or the perfect energy drink. Eric weaves his own special blend of snark, satire, and comedy into all his articles.

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Finally, the What's Hot is in and Incoming is out. It was so useless. Hell yeah!

    • bomberlt

      Thank you for pointing that this update removes incoming :-) One more reason to not upate.

  • http://profiles.google.com/ISantop Ian

    I almost wonder if they aren't planning on doing a separate version for tablets. The existing app is pretty well suited to tablets anyway, and it's not like it's space efficient, but there aren't any gaping holes either.

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

      It could use the GMail treatment...give it a sidebar that filters the stream, maybe give it a couple of controls to easily access Hangouts, a quick access display for circles or maybe even something related to the Games section (I've never looked at it, but I'm sure somebody out there must play them)...I'm sure there's more things that could be done by split-screening it.

      The bigger "problem" is that G+ as a social network is still sorta low on features and doesn't really justify showing much more than the Stream. Of course, in my mind one of the biggest features of G+ is that it's not bogged down with an obscene abundance of crappy features and focuses on just doing the couple of things it does. Ever since G+ came out, some features have changed names and there's been a couple of things added, but almost every change has just been fine tuning of the existing features.

  • CodeMonkey

    Finally no more auto refresh jumping... the horror, the horror!

  • http://www.teamrou.com Phil Oakley

    I wonder...if this got a tablet interface, would Twitter and Facebook get a tablet interface, in response to Google's push? Hmm.

    • scott

      Facebook can't even get a decent phone version together, I shudder to think what a tablet version would be like.

  • Mark G

    Great stuff. I really like Google+ It's full of USEFUL conversation, unlike the tripe on FB and Twitter.

    Of course the braindead media reporting user counts is very misleading. Quality over quantity any day.

  • Lorenzo in a Benzo

    I really wish I used Google+ more. I think it is awesome but never really got a ton of my friends to convert and the ones who did join were haters and pretty much abandoned it right away. I use it to read posts but never really post much myself since nobody is reading..

  • hnn

    Sounds cool. Too bad my HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus with a CM9 build can't seem to install it.

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Aaron

    Now when will the fix the issue of sharing a link to the Google+ mobile app? It just pastes the link URL, it doesn't do the auto-magic parsing like the web version does. I was hoping to see that fixed in this version... Hell, even the Facebook mobile app does it right.