KF Software House recently introduced a solution for the more time-constrained Android users among us, releasing App Timer Mini to the Android Market. App Timer Mini (ATM) does exactly what you may expect after reading its name. The app allows users to observe and track how long they spend using certain apps by placing a handy timer in the corner of your screen.

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App Timer Mini's functionality is just as simple as it should be – users can select apps to be monitored, and customize the timer's aesthetics. When activated, ATM will automatically show a tiny timer in the corner of your screen when your selected apps are running. The timer only shows up when the device's screen is on and the app is running.

The app will cost you a modest $0.99, but KF Software House also offers a trial version for those not ready to commit to the purchase. While ATM may seem so simplistic as to be almost trivial, I think it's actually a hugely practical concept, ensuring that time management (on your mobile device) is easy and apparent. To try it out for yourself, just click through the Market link below.