It looks like users lucky enough to be running Google's Chrome for Android Beta now have access to another sweet treat – Chrome to Mobile Beta. Reminiscent of Chrome to Phone, Chrome to Mobile Beta is an extension for both desktop and mobile versions of Chrome that enables users to send live URLs from their computer to an Ice Cream Sandwich-powered mobile device, also allowing copies to be sent for offline viewing.

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The extension is available for both smartphones and tablets, as long as they're running Ice Cream Sandwich with Chrome for Android Beta.

Chrome to Mobile certainly seems like it will make the Chrome experience on Android more practical and intuitive, allowing users to quickly grab a webpage, map, or video for mobile viewing on the go, and it will be interesting to see what other extensions are developed to help Chrome run seamlessly between devices.

To get the extension for yourself, just click through to the Chrome web store. For information on setting up Chrome to Mobile Beta, check out Google's Chrome support documentation.

Thanks, Eddie!

Liam Spradlin
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  • Rob

    Needs a Firefox version

  • Eric

    Is there a way to send from mobile chrome to desktop chrome?

    • Level380

      Appears not... i was hoping for this as well, but it seems tabs that are opened are only desktop -> mobile devices

    • Ron Amadeo

      Type chrome://sessions/ on your desktop.

      You'll get links for all your other Chrome tabs; mobile and desktop.

  • Level380

    So basically this is a updated version of the Chrome to Phone plugin google already had, but now linked to chrome browser rather than to any browser?

    • skitchbeatz

      it works with any browser (on the mobile device)

  • skitchbeatz

    What's the difference between this and Chrome to Phone? No companion app necessary? How do pages like maps work?

    Edit:Seems to work just like Chrome to Phone but no companion app is necessary (unless you consider Chrome Beta to be a companion app)

    • Level380

      Not a lot. Its basically a updated version of the Chrome to Phone program that now supports multi phones and is linked to Chrome browser, rather than any browser.

      If your also using the dev chrome on your desktop, you can send a offline version of the webpage.

      To answer your question, if you send a map page, it will flick the map request to google maps on the phone, not the web browser, Just tried it then.

    • jm

      You can target a specific device instead of the link going to every device. Also, the "snapshots" feature instructs the mobile device to download a copy of the page for offline viewing. Finally, it maintains a history of links sent to the mobile device when opening a new tab. The latter being more convenient than opening Chrome-to-Phone app to view the history.

    • Tyler Brainerd

      it seems to just be a better implementation of the same set.

  • reginald

    This is good news cos the Chrome to Phone app is not officially available in many countries; I had to grab the .apk and sideload it on my phone. (I should also say that it always takes very long for the webpage to get "pushed" to me, which made me wonder whether it's due to the fact that my country isn't officially supported..)

    Maybe they were witholding worldwide support of CTP because of the plan to mash up Chrome and Android?

  • Aaron Ferguson

    ICS just gets better and better

  • Joe

    Sticking with stock browser, since (forgive me) I'd actually like to still be able to view the full, desktop, Flash version of a friggin website, as it was intended. But thanks.

  • jerry

    Sweet! now I can send stuff only to my tv with chrome to phone.

  • nitin

    The links aren't working for me. :(

  • Mark

    No flash = FAIL.

    • William R. Cousert

      Flash is a dying technology. Steve Jobs was right.

  • Tyler Brainerd

    This lets me uninstall about 3 other things. great stuff.

  • http://gthing.net sam

    Check this out: Click on the menu icon in the upper right (on your tablet/phone) and click on "Other devices." From here you can see the tabs you have open on any other instance of Chrome you are signed into (such as your computer) and access them.

    No need for this extension at all. How awesome is that?

  • http://www.theandroidgalaxy.com/ TheAndroid

    Now this is a really interesting android app, it can be really helpful to use as a bookmarking tool.

  • Kishan

    That's strange. I've been using Chrome to phone for over a year now. And it works on both Chrome and Firefox.
    Don't see the point of getting the Chrome app which lacks flash

  • Drootz

    So why did we need this new app? Doesn't Chrome to phone do this already? And chrome to phone can be used with ANY browser.

    I only see an advantage for tablet users....

    Can someone tell me what I am missing here...

  • Sugeng Aria

    its a nice news for mobile user ..