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Last Updated: December 28th, 2012

The day that many, many Android users have been waiting for is finally here: Google Chrome is now available for Android. In its current state it's beta and only available for Ice Cream Sandwich, but it brings some incredible features to Android:

  • Browse fast with accelerated page loading, scrolling, and zooming
  • Search and navigate directly from the omnibox
  • Open and switch between unlimited tabs in an easy-to-view stack
  • Sign in to Chrome to sync your bookmarks and view tabs you have open on your computer
  • Send pages from desktop Chrome to your smartphone or tablet with one click and read them on the go, even if you’re offline
  • Browse privately in Incognito mode

I've only spent a few minutes with Chrome on both the Galaxy Nexus and Transformer Prime, but so far, it's absolutely incredible; granted, it does have some bugs since it's still beta. Expect a more in-depth look later today at what Chrome has to offer.

Update: Here's our Chrome for Android review.


image image image

In the meantime, if you have an ICS device, hit the widget to check it out.

Cameron Summerson
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  • io53

    Please post the apk. Can't download it here in Finland.

    • john

      Use market enabler

      • Anon

        A simpler method is to use Applanet.

  • Daryl

    Any links for the .apk, since its not avaialble in all countries yet?

    • http://gadgetstip.com aatif

      there is a new post !! Hope you get that

  • http://derp.org autoprime

    hmm anyone see an option to disable the address bar from always being visible?

    • Jim

      Not yet. I imagine that might be a possible option in the future

  • Tasos

    Can anyone post the apk? Market says can't install it to my ICS Xoom :/

  • Lorexae

    Don't have market enabler on my Prime (don't want to root it T_T), someone can upload the apk? :D

  • Rickard

    Would be awsome to try but its not available in my country (Sweden). :-(

  • Jim

    Nice. While in tab preview mode, you can tilt you device up & down to do some eyecandy stuff (expands & retracts all open tabs).

  • JFresh

    I am literally in tears, why no Chrome love for the Netherlands, WHY?! :-(

  • http://www.teamrou.com Phil Oakley


    I literally just went downstairs to my bro (he's an iPhone user :/) and told him Chrome for Android was available, and his days of having the best mobile browser were over. He just stared at me, like :OOOO

    • sgtguthrie

      Since when is Safari mobile better than any of the android browsers?

  • http://mobilepaprika.com powell

    I cannot install it for some reason (my Android Market does not find it, although I do have ICS), but judging from the video, I see a serious drawback of this app. It uses tabs in a way it is done on desktop PC, which means the precious space on my screen will be taken for a useless title of the tab. Come on, Google, you should know by now, that mobile applications should be designed different.

    • brgulker

      No it doesn't. Am using it now.

    • A

      The mobile and tablet versions are different. They are both awesome.

  • Steve

    Anyone figure out how to change the UX to desktop? I'm not going to use my tablet to browse mobile sites.

    • http://twitter.com/#!/brandonjnunn bjn714

      I uninstalled for this reason. Really Google? Touting a desktop-like experience and not even a way to enable desktop sites?

      I know it is beta, but come on. It is only for ICS let has less functionality than the stock ICS browser...

      Feedback sent to Google.

      • http://www.teamrou.com Phil Oakley

        I'm sure they'll implement it before v1.0

        • http://twitter.com/#!/brandonjnunn bjn714

          That will be what, 2017? We all know how long the Beta tag sticks around on Google products...

          In reality, I am sure it will be added, but that is a big feature missing from something designed to give a desktop experience.

  • Aditya Gulia

    APK APK APK..!!

    ...please :(

  • Jim

    posted it for the last person who asked :)

  • Sleeepy2

    Tabs are not the same as the desktop they are much slicker

  • fonix232

    Again US only release... FU Google!

  • Alberto Quintero

    Finaly chrome on ICS

  • jan

    Siriously why dont they add the tabs that are on the tablet version in the phone version. Like dolphin :/

  • Andrew Lam

    So in the tab area, the tabs stack or unstack if you tilt the phone backward or forward. Also got the stack to flip, but can't reproduce it.

    Edit: figured out the flip. It happens after you swipe up several times, even tho the tabs are already stacked

  • Marc

    Not that fast on a Nexus S... Hope they would improve the speed... Or it was just my internet connection xD

  • kellett23

    Trying this now its working great on my Galaxy Nexus loving it just need an option to hide the address bar though

  • Dennis F. Heffernan

    ...and now it really hurts to be left behind on this Atrix. :-P

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com PixelSlave

    Anyone knows if Android Chrome uses its own engine or just makes use of the OS's WebView?

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com PixelSlave

    I already missed the ICS default browser's "Request Desktop Site" feature. Google needs to bring it to Chrome.

    Plus, may be I am the odd one here, I actually like the look of the ICS browser more than Chrome's.

  • the_alien

    Anyone figured out how to use this feature?
    Send pages from desktop Chrome to your smartphone or tablet with one click and read them on the go, even if you’re offline

    • goreala

      Yea its called read it later and its in the market, but it only works from firefox desktop and many other mobile apps.

      • ksw

        I agree that Desktop-to-Chrome needs a backwards counterpart. Also as nifty as RiL (Read It Later) is, it is hampered by having to use bookmarklets and not having real native add-ons that they develop. The 3rd party ones are very hit and miss, depending on what you want. I managed to find a decent RIL add-on for Chrome on Desktop (called "Obvious Interest"). Seems to work well.

  • Someone

    Is Google Docs working as the desktop version in tablets in Chrome?

  • goreala

    Why do I need a browser that does not support flash? I get it flash is dead, but 99 percent of the websites I go to did not get that memo.

    Sure its fast, but without flash its almost pointless. I actually like the ICS browser more. I don't like seeing lego blocks or puzzle pieces saying video support is not avaiable hints why I dont use an iPhone!

  • Mgamerz

    Chrome works well on a desktop, but it does not work well on a tablet. The interface does not look natural...

  • Dylan Williams

    Very impressive to use. Simple features like swiping a tab away to delete are a joy to use.
    Another great feature - try clicking on a zoomed out bunch of links - it will pop up a little magnification of that part of the page so you can select the correct link easily. Really nice !

  • Jim

    I find the stock browser much faster on the redraw..
    Gnex, aokp rom, franco kernel.

  • matt

    I wonder if Chrome for Android will eventually become the default browser

  • sgtguthrie

    There are in my opinion 2 major flaws.

    1. No way to change user agent to desktop...a necessity for tablets IMO.

    2. No flash support. I know this is because dumb ass adobe abandoned mobile development, but I wonder if Google can bundle in a flash plugin like they do with desktop chrome. Either way, chrome beta is very close to the stock browser anyway, so I'm surprised they couldn't make it work.

    Either way, chrome bookmark sync is what I really wanted out of an android browser.I already got that with ics ;-)

  • Pete

    Has anyone been able to get the feature to access tabs open on the PC to work?

    It says "It's pretty awesome" but doesn't work for me.

    I have 2 Factor Authentication enabled for my Google Account so I wonder if that's why it fails...