If you're a BIONIC owner (sadly, I am), you've probably been itching for a major update to the device for quite some time now to fix a number of bugs, glitches, and other technological gremlins the phone has had since release. This latest update promises to excise quite a few of the BIONIC's worst software demons, including the dreaded black screen bug. The update has just hit Verizon's support site, so that means a rollout will likely be taking place in the next couple of weeks. Check out the changelog, below:


VZW Support via Droid-life

David Ruddock
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  • joel

    All the updates look good with the exception of added bloatware. Im also kind of wary of the VVM update. These incremental updates with Verizon seem to have the same theme of added bloatware across the Verizon Android lineup. Didn't VZW just add some more bloatware to the RAZR?

    • ocdtrekkie

      The RAZR and Bionic have very similar builds, because they're very similar phones. I would think most updates to both devices to be fairly parallel.

      Bloatware is something I'm never really a fan of, but it's one of those things that if you're a stock user like myself, you have to put up with.

  • Chief

    Just installed and rebooting now.
    It's the 902 from what I saw.

  • JayMonster

    As long as the damn VCast App Store doesn't auto-load itself at startup, I really don't care. The 3K of space it takes up is no big deal, and I will happily take that if this update actually fixes things like the Idle Reboot (which I didn't actually start getting until after the first update), and actually provides some *noticeable* improvements to battery life while in 4G (in "3G Only* it is already spectacular)

  • Matt

    anyone know the difference between this and the 901 leak? I want to know if it is worth installing.

  • http://narlaw.com Adlerrot

    installed 902 last night. David I am sorry you do not like the Bionic. At the time of purchase it was the only phone with removable battery and removable memory.

  • http://intermountainmarketinglabs.com/ FollowTheSon

    Wow I am blessed, I had a few glitches before the 1st update but LOVE my bionic since they were taken care of with it. Other than battery life on 4g I have no complaints at all.

  • Robert Barnett

    This update just showed up for me. Gonna wait on installing it till I see how it affects others.

  • djembeman

    I just checked and it's available to me now. I'm rooted so I'm a little worried. I'm assuming that because I'm "forever" rooted I will keep root with the update. I already unfroze my bloatware.

    • Matthew

      Just updated. Kept root using 4ever root method, so no worries on the update. Everything running smoothly.

  • djembeman

    Downloading the update right now. I read in another forum that people which were Forever-rooted kept root.

  • Johnny

    Just installed 902. Hopefully battery life does improve! I have 4 extra batteries plus original for a total of 5. I had to get em. Two hours into my shift (I work in a manufacturing plant) I would have to go put my phone on charge and lock it so Snoopy couldn't go through my personal stuff. Now I just walk in and swap out batteries but hopefully I won't have to do that as frequent.

  • djembeman

    Good to go here! Successful update to .902 and kept root! 4ever root!

  • Happy Bionic Owner

    "If you're a BIONIC owner (sadly, I am)"

    Sad that you own a Bionic! Maybe you should downgrade to an iPhone!

    5.9.902 update successful on my Bionic.

  • Dave

    "If you're a BIONIC owner (sadly, I am)"

    You know, the Bionic is actually a great device when you live in a spot where the LTE tower is set up to fully support it. It does a great device a disservice by posting your own personal bias as fact. This .902 update should include the LTE fixes from the leaked .901; so it should fix most people's issues.

  • Jon Carey

    updated, seems little faster or maybe i'm crazy ..

    • djembeman

      Do you mean the User Interface (UI)? I kinda think the screen swipes are a bit more snappy!

      Unfortunately for any LapDock 500 users, this update did not enable the LapDock WebCam, Ethernet or VGA output.

  • mikesms

    I just got the .902 update last night on my Bionic and i let it in install - everything ok --- except it wiped my contact list! Now have to get it reinstalled from my old phone again! (it's my fault - i just got the phone and didn't have it backed up ---but a word to the wise --- back up before installing.

  • djembeman

    Don't you use a Google account on your phone? I'm confused as to how your contacts list got wiped if Google is what feeds it. Even when switching phones or factory resets, contacts should always be intact.

  • Diane williams

    I do not see the app V cast app store on my new update can somebody tell me where its at

    • djembeman

      Do you see it in your app tray under "Apps"? I froze the app but I looked at my frozen apps list and there is an app named "Apps" with a Verizon logo.

  • Chip

    I was traveling when the update got pushed and my battery died in the middle of the download. I had to reboot the phone 4-5 times before it would restart the download. Now it is installed and seems to be working great. I notice much greater stability on 4g. Hopefully the battery life will be improved.

  • Chip

    So far battery life is greatly improved. I have been using the phone heavily for about 7 hours (On 4g) and I am still at 70% battery level. I will be very happy if this is indicative.

  • someone

    Why do some of you bitch about you're bionic...go get another phone...or better yet learn how to use your bionic correctly.. It has a task manager that actually works if you use it right. so to the few how bitch, educated yourself aout your phone before complain and not doing nothing to fix the problem. That means stop bitching

  • Bubba

    I upgraded to the VZW Bionic from a iPhone4 last week. Love it. It updated to 902 within 24hrs of activation with no issues except for the VZW bloatware. Impressed with the 4G speeds. On the fringe of 4g coverage with 1 bar I was get 17mb dwn and 2 mb up. Now I don't even turn the wifi on. Unlike the slow rotting fruit this phone is fast. Even w/3g if out preforms the fruit.