Last Updated: February 12th, 2012

Remember yesterday, when we introduced you to an adorable USB charger named Andru? In case you missed it, Andru, from Gen, is a cute Android accessory that "wants to charge your phone." This little guy is not only a USB charger, but an awesome cubicle decoration. Modeled after the bugdroid we all know and love, Andru's power-plug legs can be hidden by a matching base, he has moveable arms, and his eyes light up blue, making Andru perhaps the most dynamic, fun USB charger you'll ever encounter. Luckily for our readers, Power by Gen has given us 4 Andru units to give away. Keep reading to find out how you can win!

This contest is now over. Here are our winners, selected at random:
  • Greg Dommel
  • jeff salgado
  • Ron Lona O'Brien
  • Matt Palmer

Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

andru2 andru3

The Giveaway

Before we get into rules, I should mention that this particular giveaway is limited to the U.S., as Gen currently only produces a U.S. version of Andru, and will only ship within the 50 states. If you want to be the first to find out when Gen starts releasing new versions, you can join their mailing list here or follow Gen on Twitter or Facebook.

To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling us what you think of Andru. As with our most recent lightning giveaway, we're using a new giveaway management tool by Rafflecopter, which you'll see below.

Note: You have to click "+1 DO IT!" and ENTER in the widget below for your entry to be counted.

Winners will be chosen randomly, but feel free to get creative with your entry. The giveaway will run for about 3 days, so hurry up and submit your comment for your chance to get an adorable Andru USB charger!

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  • Dustin Sherrill

    Fantastic! What a neat idea.

  • aaron

    pick me!! i need moore androids on my desk

  • Rob

    Go Andru, go go go.

  • Mukul

    It's got swag!

  • Josh

    Cute! This would look so perfect on my desk...

  • sumyunguy

    Pretty damn cute! Should come with EVERY Android Phone!

  • Matt M.

    My desk needs this!

  • http://www.facebook.com/abetsi Albert Rabuyo

    I love it 'cause I can shove it at FAPple fanboys in the face!! And charge my Android phone too. :D

  • Eric

    Andru's one sexy green machine and as a bonus he provides power to his fallen brother

  • Arben

    These are adorable!

  • Arben


  • Tony

    Coolness factor, is off the charts so gotta have one

  • IndyRoadie

    Cute and clever, I want one..

  • Doug

    Definitely cool.

  • Joshua Wise

    Cool, if you feel like it, I'll have one. If not, no big deal.

  • Omar Arteaga

    This is the coolest charger I ever seen, I want one!

  • Jim Thomson

    He's too cute!

  • ALok

    Yay~~~~~~~~~~~ woot woot woot

  • http://www.spanish-soul.com Ali

    Please, I just wanna win something once in my life.... =D

  • 0mie

    I NEED this, KTHXBAI :D

  • Matthew PUTZ


  • Richard Surjadi

    Omg i am an android fanboy owning a nexus s running stock 4.0.3 ics and i love android to hell so anything android awesome like Andru would make my life complete. I have always been looking for an android figurine but Andru is just much better, I mean first he's cool, useful he can be best of buds with my phone and HE IS AN ANDROIDDD. Would love one!!!!!!Thanks guys

  • kkr

    super hot <3<3<3

  • kkr

    going to look super hot on my desk <3

  • RDizzle

    Andru is so adorable! It would be awesome to have an extra charger, and I know for sure I would keep such a cute little guy with me :D.

  • Alex

    Really stylish and innovative! :P

  • lilhugo

    I already found the perfect spot to put one of these guys... Now i just got to get one of em. =D

  • http://www.beginnersweb.in Vishwas

    These are just plain useful. I want one.

  • Chris Holt

    Looks like a very high quality device. The dimensions are perfect!

  • Syd

    lol that's actually pretty damn cool! I would totally flaunt that around my apple friends :D

  • Tom

    Awesome. Do want

  • Andres Caceres

    Andru is amazingly cute and its concept was made so well, with the detachable stand legs to plug it in. Id love to win it, I would give it to my girlfriend as a small cute present for our anniversary, then buy one for myself ^_^

  • Carlos

    Can I tell what I will love about it in the future? Regardless of if I win one, I will have one, and I will love the look on peoples faces when I use it on campus and at work.

  • Kocsis Róbert

    wow i like it:D

  • http://www.thomasamsler.org Thomas Amsler

    I want one please. Andru!

  • Matt

    I think hes pretty awesome looking, great way to show off android to the world!

  • http://tgbmusic.com Ryan

    My dog just ate my Touchpad charger so I really need this to charge and show my Android love!

  • http://www.DailyDoseOfBass.com Ryan

    Looks pretty cool, I want one!

  • J.L.


  • KEVIN L.

    Yes, I win. Me me

  • Svinkall

    damn the coolness factor of this thing is just awesome!

  • http://none Alex

    i think its awesoem i would use the hell out of it :P

  • RBI411

    I want Andru's Android themed charger so I can use an Android to Charge my Android so I can use Android to take over the Android world.

  • Tim C

    Looks pretty neat.

  • Duffey

    Andrew is really cute and adorable

  • Kurt

    I like it because it's green.

  • Johnathan

    This is full of so much win.

  • Ian

    Andru looks like a nice charger and very green. Hope it provides the full 1Amp for AC Charging on most android phones.

  • gilbert

    I like that its a charger and a figurine

  • Tony

    Finally, something to turn a charger into a fashion accessory! :)

  • Lou

    As someone who loves Android and has found every way to accept Andy into my heart, I can now add another thing, Andru charging my Android!

    When Droids help other Droids, it makes the world so much Greener!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/crystalrains Crystal

    He makes me smile :)

  • Bud Boggy

    Adorable? Nah, ingenious, and very cool. I'm gonna buy one and if I happen to win one (if my math is correct), I'll have two...

  • http://androidpolice kikikoko

    This charger is awesome. now I can see where I left this little unhuman green thing.

  • Sanjeet Kumar

    It's a small android that charges your android, what else could I want. :)

  • Matt

    Plain and simple, he's the coolest charger I've seen and I want him on my nightstand charging my phone each night.

  • Robbi T.

    This is the cutest charger I have ever seen and I will be buying one if i don't win one either way.

  • http://facebook.com/smsmycarandme Force

    Nice, I want one =)

  • DM

    It's just cute !

  • Sam Tree

    Switch the port from the top of the head to under between the eyes, that would be awesome. LOL

  • DW

    super kawaii charger

  • http://www.twitter.com/ruizinhoandre Rui Ribeiro

    It's beautiful and simple, what do you want more? :p

  • Dave

    My wife says 'Oh my...I NEED one!".

  • LayZee

    I like it 'cause it's GREEN!

  • http://none Steve Drucker

    What beautiful eyes!
    I need you
    I want you
    I gotta have you!!!

  • Gabrielebenn

    I'ts simply beatiful!

  • Gabrielebenn

    It's simply beatiful!

  • Scotty Byrd

    Wife said it was cute as button and would love to charge her phone with it.

  • http://none Steve Drucker

    Blue eyes see right through me...I'm yours!

  • http://shdd.de Johannes

    wow! how cute is that?!

  • http://gmpanh.blogspot.com gmp009

    Its small and very compact for travel.. its soo cute and awesome to have i want this... .

  • Bruno Barão

    It's beautiful and simple :D

  • Naomi

    It's the cutest little thing I've ever seen. The eyes make my heart melt, and it's just adorable. If I could charge my phone with this I would be the happiest person!

  • Jeremy Chan

    holy smokes, Andru looks cool, die to have one...

  • kirk hayes

    Andru. Is awesome! Def want!

  • JoeDirt2217

    Andru is a very creative way of charging the best product out there. I work in an office in which everyone but me has an iPhone, and all day I have to hear about how great their phones are...blah, blah, blah. And yet they are amazed by what my Rezound can do when I show them. It would be great to have this at my desk to constantly and easily show off my Android pride to all the Fanboys here!!!!

  • Harold

    Andru is the coolest thing. I'd love to have him on my desk, charging my phone and making my iColleagues jealous

  • James

    Let's review the things I do not like about him. 'Tis a much shorter list. =) #pickme

  • Kaz

    This thing, like most things Android, is awesome! You don't see Apple making cool sh!t like this!

  • Looks rather cute.

  • Dave

    I think he's gorgeous...may make me change my sexuality

  • Ben

    I like the green bit.

  • Vamsi

    The green bug really is good. I would like to plug it soon to my lappy.

  • Hussam Al-Azzawi

    It's adorable :D

  • drgncabe


  • Dis McCarthy

    Really wants me some cute charger :)

  • Robert James

    Sure would love this to go with my Andrew Bell Minis collection!

  • Shawn Abramson


  • jared

    Andy looks like he needs a home ... like my desk!

  • Joe

    Decent specs for a charger makes this even sweeter.

  • Matt

    He makes me happppy

  • AEF

    There should be more products like Andru around. Products that are not only cute but also make people smile should be the only products allowed on the market.

  • Josh S

    Andru looks awesome!

  • Tom Soulsby

    Awesome idea! I _need_ one.

  • http://stupidevilbastard.com/ Les

    I would so love me one of these little green guys.

  • Julius

    Andru looks cool and would fit in nicely with any android.

  • Aaron P. Jaeger

    Andru will remind all the Apple users that Android is king.

  • Adam

    His eyes hypnotize me......

  • http://michaelamburgey.com Michael Amburgey

    I need this in my life!

  • Michael

    I always wanted a little android buddy and this one even has a purpose!!!

  • Matt

    Andru is awesome. I've been close to pulling the trigger on one! Pick me! Go AP!!!

  • Randy

    He's the smartest little charger I've ever seen!

  • BikerBob1789

    This is a great idea!

  • KKing

    He is a lean green Android machine I love it :)

  • Amber

    I think he's super cute and would be ridiculously helpful.

  • TonyMac70

    I want to show it off to my I-phone co-workers.

  • Joey Heck

    Must increase Android army!

  • Jesus

    Very cool , Andru can charge my phone with style . since i have the Thunderbolt... I know am going to be using it a lot ;)

  • Brian G

    This would go awesome in my cubicle next to my other android goodies!

  • Luis

    I think it's great cause the little green guy will always be there to charge your Android Devices. Great idea cause easy to use and also can sit on your desk without having cords all over.

  • Mark

    Awesome charger!

  • Adam

    This will look awesome on my desk and will help with fighting against all the apple lovers here in the office!

  • ChumbleSpuzz

    My other Android figure needs a playmate!

  • Zahed

    This is going to be really handy!

  • http://theultimatetechnews.blogpost.com Dhaval

    You want to charge your favorite android phone, doing so using a wall charger is normal. You want to do something different, how about using an Android Mascot? Since its about charging your favorite android phone, might as well do it along with the help of a little green bot. It is an adorable little alien looking green mascot which is here to stay.

  • Brad

    Its beautiful and it would look awesome in my office desk next to my zebra's android figurines

  • Andrew Z

    My name is Andrew, and i think this thing is just awesome, and would look perfect on my desk! even if i dont win, i will be buying one!

  • http://www.unlocktheinbox.com wpfn

    I don't have any android toys on my desk. :( - This would be awesome!

    I need one that secretly nukes all my fanboy friends iphones.

  • Ronnie

    That charger is so cool! It'd go perfect with my new android phone ;-)

  • Eoin

    Andru Super KAWAII!

  • GlCraven

    This is such a cool product. Love the look. I hope you sell tons of them.

  • Kelly

    I'm obsessed with android, this would just add to the awesome androidiness that permeates my life :)

  • http://Michaelluckhardt.com Michael

    Andru will attract all the other female USB plugs.

  • http://www.sleepless-tech.com Robert deJuana-Matthews

    This is an awesome charger. If I don't win one, I'm definitely going to go out and buy it. It's too good to pass up.

  • Diana

    Little Andru would look so sweet on my desk at work, right next the the small collection of giant microbes. This is the best idea ever!

  • SChen

    it is adorable!

  • http://Androidpolice Jaiem E. Pagan

    Would love to win one of these cute and so utilitarian pieces.

  • andrew

    look awesome..please pick me...itll look great on my desk

  • Steve Arrants

    this would make a fine addition to my Andy collection...

  • Harold

    Very cute. Only wish he had two usb ports.....

  • Craig

    Love this thing, and what a stylish way to charge my phone!

  • Troy

    So sweet, I could use more Android decor in my room.

  • gerardo

    One Android to rule them all! This is the best phone charger EVER !!!

  • Dave

    "Awww, he's so cute!" as my girlfriend says

  • Eddy

    Me And The Wife LoVe It

  • aj34

    Super cute and functional

  • Hiram Lester

    This is too awesomely cool. :)

  • foreverking

    I want it for no other reason than my daughter will think it's adorable.

  • Brad Jahnel

    This would great to have for charging all my Android devices!

  • http://415designs.com Tommy Noshitsky

    it is just the most adorable charger buddy you could ever think for your droid phone... just geeky and fun .. love it...

  • Amy

    He's a super cutie! and I love Android phones!

  • http://profiles.google.com/ISantop Ian

    Becuase I have a Glaxay Nexus on Verizon, and since I like to charge it at work over the course of the day, I'd like to keep the experience as pure-android as possible.

    This is a logical progression! XD

  • Will

    I wanna win! It will go perfectly in my cubicle with my other Dead Zebra Android Figures!

  • Chris A.

    It's just so damn adorable

  • joey

    This little guy would be the perfect way for me to start of my android collection ... well I suppose my phone was the real start, but with something as ingenious as this it would be a great #2.

  • jak3072

    me want me want me want me want me want me want me want........

  • Rob

    In the ongoing battle between The Androids of Light and the Children of the Apple, this tool will give us a substantial moral advantage.

  • Jared

    I think it's pretty awesome. It would go great in my geeked out entertainment room.

  • slurms mckenzie

    really want one of these but there out of my price range :( so pick me

  • tofuji

    i'm a sucker for blue eyes.