Hot on the heels of filing for a $5 billion IPO, rumor has it that Facebook could introduce in-line ads into its mobile interface as early as next month. While few details are known at this time, it's said that these ads will show up directly in users' timelines as "featured stories."

There's no word if this will affect both the mobile web version of Facebook and mobile apps alike, but it looks like we won't have to wait very long before finding out.


Cameron Summerson
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  • Jason

    If I start seeing that crap in my timeline...well the FB app (which I already limit permission wise thanks to CM7) will disappear from my phone completely.

    • http://www.unlocktheinbox.com wpfn

      Ageed, the app is already a buggy piece of crap imo, and it will be time to go.

  • Doug

    Already too far forcing timeline I've abandoned FB completely already if only it didn't have an advertising based business model...

    • Zomby

      It it didn't have an advertising based business model, we'd actually have to pay to use it. I'd rather get a few adds than losing the service completely. (I wouldn't pay for it, that's for sure.) If ever it becomes too much, they'll just start losing users.

  • Tkun

    Good thing I'm rooted and have AdFree installed. I never encounter any ads in websites, and it's a rarity I see any within apps.

    • Zomby

      But if FB stats inserting ads in the feed, they will probably not come from advertising sites but from the same place as the rest of the data, wich would make it impossible to filter out based on IP.

  • XT69

    once I got ads, i will use something else, for example Friendcaster Pro... should have done this long time ago...

    • ocdtrekkie

      You're assuming it's going to be something in the app. They can insert them directly into the Facebook API as if they were stories from your stream, and it'll be harder/not possible to filter them out in custom apps.

      • XT69

        then i'll not use either...

      • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

        There are a LOT of assumptions made by every comment so far.

        The most important point is that it's only rumor at the moment, and even if true it's not entirely clear what will be affected. It's possible that this will only affect the web interface (unlikely, but possible). It may affect all sides, but it's almost certain it will only affect mobile.

        It's possible it'll just be in their mobile app, but as ocd said it will probably be injected right into the API. Of course, a few people are already talking up alternative clients or ad blockers which in reality won't do much to hide these ads. I can easily think of a few great ways to still remove ads (like using a list of the users friends to remove anything that doesn't make sense), but the part most people don't really understand is that to access Facebook your app needs to use an API key which is granted by Facebook and can be disabled by them at any time. Any app that blocks their ads will likely also be cut off...in other words, get used to it or change the channel...

        Considering how many people use Facebook on mobile and how poor Facebook is at keeping a reasonable level on their advertising, this might be the 11 o'clock moment they talk about in the movie and the party might be ending soon. Google+ already wants all of Facebook's users and FB is pretty much about to hand them over ;)

  • Jim

    This is why I use Google+.

    • Zomby

      And you expect it to be add-free for how long? Remember, Google's main source of revenue is ads. They're going to have some in there at some point, it's inevitable.

  • Silver Fang

    Hopefully I won't see ads since I use FriendCaster Pro.

    • Zomby

      If they're smart, they'll include them in the feed directly so it won't matter what software you use. They need some way to pay for the development of these apps and the bandwith they consume. we'd all love an ad-free world but none of us would be ready to pay for that. OK, some people would but not me.

      • XT69

        they can do it, they also do it on the website, but you can live with it... but in such a small enviroment, like this app is, any ad is just disturbing...

  • Mark

    Deleted my Facebook account last month. In between lack of proper privacy controls, selling user data and forcing timeline down users' throats, it just wasn't worth it anymore.

    • XT69

      and you think that deleting your account saved your data? :) haha :)

      something once is up on the internet, it will remain there...

      • Mark

        You misinterpreted me. I didn't say my information there will disappear all at once. I just didn't want to stay on the site any more when I'm well aware of the personal information farming going on. If your hand was burning, would you say, "oh, i'll just let it keep burning because my whole body will burn anyway" or would you try to extinguish the fire to save yourself.

        • XT69

          I just don't have data on fb which i fear will get into someone's hand's... they have my mail address... let's have it... don't really care...

  • Chase

    I don't know about anyone else but I have already started seeing ads in my friend's timelines when viewing them on my HTC Inspire. I see them randomly every now and then if I look down through someone's wall.

    • Chase

      AdFree doesn't do anything to the ads either. I forgot to mention that part.

  • lincthra

    Displaying ads on their page I can live with. Heck, even displaying ads in their app I can live with. But when they start posting ads FROM my account like its something -I- posted, that is a problem for me... and a deal breaker.

  • sriracha

    another reason i am soo glad i quit using FB. now i just use it to spam app related garbage for the free coins, or bonus levels, whathaveyou. that's all FB has become anyway; one gigantic revolving ad, personally tailored by some algorithm, and your friends.

  • Adam

    It's only one big giant ad if you pay attention to them or care. I, for one, use it all the time to see what shenanigans my friends have been up to (pictures) and telling of my tales to others who weren't there for the moment.

    Have I ever clicked an ad? Maybe once on accident when drunk and meaning to click something else, lol.

    Yes they like to throw bullshit at you but it's not like the site is without purpose...otherwise no one would put up with the bull. Being able to keep up with people I can't see all the time is my primary use.

  • Brandon Starcevic

    Facebook user Brandon Starcevic slated for deleting Facebook