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We've said it many times before, and I'll say it again: one of the best things about Android is how customizable the entire experience is. One of the easiest and most comprehensive ways to customize your device - aside from rooting and ROMing, that is - is to use a custom launcher such as ADWLauncher EX, GO Launcher EX, and Launcher Pro. Even stock, these apps can revamp your device's appearance and basic behavior, and coupled with the bevy of themes that can be found on the Market, the possibilities are nearly endless.

So, are you using, or have you previously used, a custom launcher? Please note when voting: if you're running a custom ROM but using that ROMs stock launcher, please vote "no." Only vote "yes" if you have a third-party launcher installed and in use.

Are You Using A Custom Launcher?

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Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • watson387

    360 Launcher ftw

  • JimJam707

    Yep, I'm an ADW EX boy.

  • Stevedroid

    I've got about 6 installed, currently using Go Launcher EX.

    • LadyDi

      Me too but ADW EX is the current

  • ?

    Yep I've been using go launcher pretty much since I got my first android phone. Much better now than it was, but even when it came out it was a major improvement.

  • Tommy

    ADW EX with the ICS theme. love it!

    • Nastybutler

      Same here. It'll do till the real ICS is available for my AT&T GS2.

  • http://about.me/dukkokun Duccio

    Using Nova, keep installed Launcher 7 for the random coolness fix.

    • Tee

      Using Launcher Pro regularly, Launcher 7 is a good one though...

  • http://ainstower.com/ Aincalandorn

    ADW Launcher EX, currently. I can't stand TouchWiz Launcher. It's too much like iOS for my likes.

  • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft

    With the Nexus S on Gingerbread I used Launcher Pro. But with the Galaxy Nexus I'm perfectly happy with the stock launcher.

  • http://doyouactuallyknow.blogspot.com Clyde

    I've tried multiple launchers (ADW, Launcher Pro) then finally settled down with GO Launcher EX

  • Ashley

    Launcher pro pro on phone
    Trebuchet on Xoom

  • http://www.mortemtuamgfxs.com Alex Hernandez

    I swap between
    SPB Shell 3D
    ADW Ex
    GO Launcher
    also have installed
    Claystone Launcher
    Regina 3D Launcher
    Launcher 7
    VTL Launcher
    WP7 Launcher
    Launcher Pro

    using stock launcher on my tablet thor's ICS ROM Acer Iconia A500

    • tim h

      Hey I have the same Rom on my iconia, are you having an issue with the rear cam having a blue tint?

  • http://zackboehm.com ZackBoe

    Used to be Go Launcher on Gingerbread, now using stock ICS launcher.

  • Dustin

    I'd be interested to see what brand of device is more prone to getting skinned with a launcher. I'm guessing MOTO lol. Should make that your next poll. " if you use a custom launcher, what brand of device do you have"

  • http://SPOOLEDUPRACING.COM Aaron Ferguson

    Trebuchet removed as a system app and Nova b13 put in its place on my Vibrant running ICS Passion v12 with Nelsons v8 kernel OC'd to 1.3 GHz!

  • XT69

    I use Launcher Pro on S2, I like it better than TW :)

  • http://justreboot.wordpress.com Dei

    Nova on ICS, LauncherPro still on Gingerbread. Continuing to have faith in Fede, despite the haters.

  • Ish

    ADW Ex on the Epic Touch.

  • JR

    Used adw ex on gb and on ics i'm using nova launcher

  • Munszu

    Since I updated my SGS to Ice Cream Sandwich I've stopped using custom launchers. The stock UI looks sexy enough for me.

  • Jason

    Used to switch between ADW Ex and Launcher Pro, but no custom launcher since getting my GNex.

  • Joe Simpson

    Zeam launcher ftw!

  • Kenny O

    I was using Go Launcher EX on my Sensation when I was running Miui.....but I've been using Nova lately since it came with the ICS Rom I've been running for the past few weeks. I am pleased with Nova, but Go Launcher seemed to offer more in the way of customization.

    I have installed Go Launcher on several of my friend's phones and they have been pleased with it over the stock launcher -mostly the extra customization it brings.

  • cyrus

    Used Launcher Pro and Go Launcher on my Nexus One (I foubd Go launcher to be WAAAAY better). On my Galaxy Nexus I've decided to stay with the stock launcher so far.

    I can't wait for the TSF Launcher to hit the market.

  • teovald

    Haven't found anything better than ICS stock launcher yet.

  • Paul

    Bought adw ex and used it for a long while but have recently began to use go launcher. They're so comparable.

  • http://gplus.to/ChromebookGurus Jason C

    Use to use ADW before I got ADW EX for $0.10

    Personally I prefer ADW EX


    ADW EX on my DROID BIONIC -- GO LAUNCHER EX is laggy when swiping home screens. Wish ADW had more than 5 home screens available.

  • Skillit

    Mostly use the stock luncher of the vanilla Android, only install other for test an curiosity sake

  • nerdshowandtell

    Using SPB Shell 3D on my EVO 3D, and ADW Launcher EX on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 .. With ICS - I don't think I'll be using custom launchers. :)

  • SK

    Go Launcher Ex on my G2.

    While I was trying a Galaxy Nexus at a Verizon store, I found Go Launcher Ex to be smoother than the stock ICS Launcher. That's kinda sad.

  • Deltaechoe

    Been using nova for a few weeks now, I like it because i'm a chronic flasher and it saves me the trouble of setting up my app folders all the time

  • richard

    Alternate between ADW EX and TW.

  • EmrysTal

    Mainly GO Launcher EX but occasionally will use SPB Shell 3D. Eagerly awaiting TSF Shell.

  • Kris Smith

    HTC Evo 4g with MIUI with Go launcher Ex = customization out the ass. Themed with MIUI Black Ice (ICS)......
    Also used Jared the Greats ICS rom but like the others it still needs work.
    Can't wait till then. Keep up the good work devs.

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com PixelSlave

    I've yet to find a reason not going with the stock ICS launcher. A third party launcher has to beat the stock launch by a long shot for me to switch.

  • Andreas

    Zeam Launcher on GB, stock launcher on ICS.

  • Dima Aryeh

    Surprisingly I use the TouchWiz 4 launcher. Always used Go Launcher on my Captivate, but the TW4 one is so SMOOTH.

  • Charles Knight

    I've had now both an HTC and a Samsung phone, and dislike both Sense and TouchWiz. ADWlauncher is clean and easy to use. I've heard great things about Miui and GO, but I haven't gotten to play with them yet.

  • chris

    I know its crazy but i actually like Touchwiz. just wish it wasnt such a memeory hog.


    Just got my Nexus so I'm sticking with stock launcher...for today. We'll see how long that lasts. It's a fine launcher though.

  • Cjosueruiz

    Love HTC sense 3.0, and looking forward for 4.0 :)

  • KRS_Won

    ADWLauncher Ex on Droid X2, thanks to the $0.10 sale.

  • lagnis

    Stock ICS launcher on GSM Galaxy Nexus running on TMobile. Have installed Go Launcher EX (my favorite when was with GS2 and Nexus S), Nova Launcher, ADW EX, SPB Shell 3D (colossal memory hog and lag so uninstalled). Go Launcher EX is the best when stock just wont do.

  • Marco Duran

    Currently stock ICS, but I was a fan of Go Launcher back in the day.

    It was very nice on my G2x - made the phone usable.

    Nowadays, I tend to think that they lag behind ICS in terms of stock design/most functionality (I.e. reliance on the menu button), and not really in the mood to spend several days searching for a theme that gives me what I want

  • palmer nyako

    touchwiz 4.0 is good on my sprint sgs2.
    coming from a samsung moment, stock isn't that great, sorry.

  • Mr. Prang

    On my Htc Desire I used Launcherpro, then I switched to Go launcher on my Lg Optimus 2x. But on my Galaxy Nexus i've been running stock ICS launcher since I bought 2 months ago!!!

  • blue horseshoe loves…

    Launcher 7. The simplicity of wp ui, the ability to "filter" bloatware without rooting, and the benefits of android (e.g., market, etc).

  • skitchbeatz

    Was using LPP until i switched to CM9. ICS ftw

  • p51d007

    Go launcher here on Galaxy Note.

  • Jays2Kings

    Using Apex launcher on My ICS'd Droid X. Was using ADW before.

  • zyphbear

    I had to just use ADW to replace the theme on my MyTouch3GSlide since the Sense launcher kept crashing on it's own and now it runs so much smoother. (to note, I ran a reload and when it first started back up, first thing that happened was Sense crashed and I had to wait for it to restart before i could even use the device. Which was way too annoying, so i just switched to the custom launcher and it runs much smoother now.

  • Barton

    Now using Launcher Pro on CyanogenMod 7.1 stable, HTC Desire Z. Before rooting used Zeam Launcher 2.8.8 (last with support for scrollable widgets) on stock HTC ROM. Tried GO Launcher, ADW Launcher, ADW Launcher EX and some other but they weren't fast and light enough.

  • nicky

    i've tried them all, but prefer Sense

  • Al McDowall

    Been using ADW for quite a while now, have it on my phone and little Novo7a tablet. Also put it on my girlfriend's phone.

    It works exactly the way I need it to, I have full control over the look and set up of my phone. Love it!

  • http://royblumenthal.com/portfolio Roy Blumenthal

    I fervently love GO LAUNCHER EX. Used it all the time on my old HTC DESIRE. Currently using stock TOUCHWIZ on my Galaxy Note, but it's actually just cos I don't feel like re clustering all my homescreen apps. I'll get round to it. I use the stock launcher on my TRANSFORMER 1.

  • Jeff Tarman

    Go LauncherEX Pro or whatever its called now. I like the Dario Theme.

  • Alvin B.

    So I'm using Zeam on my G2X phone, and ADW EX on my HP Touchpad with CM9. Nova Launcher and the stock Launcher just felt clunky on a tablet, but ADW EX handles tablets fine.

    I have bought a number of Launchers some of which I don't use at all any more. Aside from ADW EX, I've previously bought LauncherPro and GDW (when it was brand new).


    And we laugh at carrier skins....

  • Tim

    If one is on ICS, there is no reason not to be using Nova.

    • Alvin B.

      For some reason on my CM9 TouchPad, when I run at a lower DPI such as 120, which more accurately size the screen than 160 which is a bit oversized, Nova Launcher has issues when you're trying to select desktop icons to move/trash. I thought it was just the TouchPad, but when I switched to ADW EX, I have no issues selecting desktop icons now at 120dpi.
      Plus, I couldn't seem to get the grid sizing right on Nova for it to show my widgets using all of the space on the screen. ADW EX was able to place widgets Edge-to-Edge without a blank gutter space at the top and bottom without issue.

      Besides, ADW EX is ICS optimized as well... it fully supports resizable widgets, etc.

    • augustofretes

      I use Trebuchet, tried Nova, and I think the former is better, even "Launcher2" (Google's default) seems better to me than Nova.

  • Roger vampire

    I use adw ex on my SGA .it rocks to the core unlike Samsungs shitty touchwiz !!!!

  • Elimental

    ADW EX on my sony xperia play & Eee Pad

  • augustofretes

    I have a SGS II, at the beginning I tried many launchers, at least 10, and always ended up back on TouchWiz, only to changed it to TW 4.5 (a pretty nice hack which adds many features to TW4) at the end.

    I'm currently running CM9 using Trebuchet (which is mostly the same as Google's default launcher save for a few extras), and I wouldn't change it for any other.

  • djembeman

    How about: I've tried them but never "used" one. Stock usually runs much better for me! Even Droid Bionic with Blur.

  • Alex

    Got a Galaxy Nexus. No need...

  • Umang

    Plz Plz ask " Which launcher are you using". I really want to see Go Launcher winning

  • L boogie

    On my Incredible, g-tab 10.1 & my g-nex, constantly switching between go/adw launcher ex, launcher 7, spb shell 3d & nova launcher.... Waiting for launcher pro to be updated because it was good but force closed on me too many times. Also waiting to try trebuchet & tsf.

  • http://www.thepixelpuse.com aj

    Does CM's Trebuchet count?

  • Mike

    Using Nova Launcher simply because it allows me to backup my workspaces.

  • atul

    Using stock launcher on sgs 2.

  • arjo

    7 launchers on my phone. SPB shell 3d rules them all.

  • sriracha

    either ADW or stock Sense. currently ADW.

  • Noreen

    I've switched from using the paid version of Launcher Pro to ADWLauncherEx with an ICS Theme (kovdev version of ICS Theme ) on my Motorola Triumph running CM7. Also, I have the CM's Theme Chooser set on Cyanobread to show the notification bar with blue icons (although the time shows up white.)

    ADWLauncherEx is highly customizable and appealing. And, I would love some ICS!

    • Noreen

      Also, I forgot to mention that I also included the Google Search widget and the Nexus ICS Minimal Analog Clock widget (by Factory Widgets) for more ICS charm with ADWLauncherEx's help.

  • Dan

    I'm running Nova Launcher on my Galaxy Nexus and Xoom. Before that, I ran ADW Ex on my Incredible.

  • Justin Moore

    I've used just about every custom launcher out there. I know everyone raves about GoLauncher these days but it is so damned slow, even on a fast device. As far as features to performance goes, ADW Launcher EX is my hands-down favorite pre-ICS launcher.

    But since the ICS launcher has almost all of the essential features that previous launchers were missing and that necessitated custom ones (shortcuts bar, resizable widgets, scrolling widgets, dynamic folders) and is so much faster right now, I'm fine with stock.

    However, even with stock I use (and have almost always used) an awesome utility called Power Strip that lets you pull up a very customizable launcher-like set of features from within any application.

  • Nam Dang

    ICS Launcher rocks. Though I still use AWD on my tablet, but it's because Sony put a stupid app folder ruining the stock experience. On my phone, I'm totally in love with the ICS launcher

  • STiK

    I used to use golauncher until they removed the option of the app drawer closing after opening something. I use adw ex on GB and ICS. ICS launcher has some big improvements but not being able to remove/add screens and the hideous implementation of the widgets drawer keep me from using it.

  • joshdb

    Used ADW EX on my Fascinate, but just fine with stock on the Galaxy Nexus.

  • SDSlacker

    There should be an option for users using ics. It would just be interesting to see if they are less likely to be using a custom launcher.

    i have been using miui on the dx2 and it has been amazing so far!

  • Edd

    Go Launcher on the S2 (touchwiz is ugly), but love Sense. Sadly HTC let be down hardware wise last year so I had to switch.

    • Reala

      I actually liked touch wiz this time around. Sense is a resource hog and the widgets just take up to much of the screen real-estate. Much better launchers in the market, and the clock is all I need these days HD widgets does that pretty well. Touch Wiz is light and fast.

  • mr_malina

    Using Go Launcher EX, its great on my Galaxy S2.

  • soulofmyevo

    ADW EX on Evo 4G. Really like it. How to apply ICS theme to it, anyone know?

  • Havoc70

    Go launcher Ex is awesome, i started using it and have never looked back.

  • Darren

    Used to run Launcher Pro on my Droid X running Gingerbread, but now running stock launcher on my Galaxy Nexus ICS 4.0.2.

  • Reala

    Typically I use go launcher ex with the ICS theme, but now I am using CM9 with the real ICS launcher on my Epic 4g. I dont think that ICS needs a launcher at least not yet.

  • Matt

    Started with Launcher Pro when i first got my Droid X, but for over a year been using Go Launcher predominately.

  • akoli

    Go Launcher for me allthough I still find it laggy when switching homescreens .... but it has all the little extra features that make me overlook that... Soon as ICS comes out I'll be on to that.

    HAve tried most of the others noted above but just stuck with go launcher and their weekly updates.

  • https://steamcommunity.cim/id/m-p-3 m-p{3}

    Not since I'm on ICS.

  • http://www.Mikereviews.co.uk Mike

    Go Launcher EX

    its really nice, my HTC Desire zips along nicely.

    not as smooth as GS2 or MOTO RAZR. but good enough to get me through till upgrade month.

  • Jesse

    Normally, I prefer ADW EX, but I've started using DX Home.

  • http://www.my-guides.net Bono

    I have tried GO Launcher EX and ADW but I returned to the stock HTC Sense launcher.

  • Adondo

    I've tried about all of 'em, but keep going back to Go Launcher Ex.

    As for ADW, it's like Go Launcher with half its features missing. :)

    My current theme is Android 4. I also like M. Lucia, KDE, MDW, and Windows 7 by Sergio Andre Fagundes.

  • Davidsquarepants

    CM9 withTouchWiz UX flashed!