If you want to install the ClockworkMod Touch recovery on your Android device, there are currently two ways of doing so:

The Giveaway

Today, we're giving 20 of you a chance to enable the latter in your ROM Manager for free. The giveaway is short and sweet - it'll end tonight, and all you need to do is leave a comment.

We're also testing a new giveaway management tool by Rafflecopter, which you will hopefully like. Instead of filling out a form like before, just wait for the widget below to load, then see available entry options (there's just one in this one).

See our past coverage of ClockworkMod Touch, including pictures and videos here:

Good luck!

A Rafflecopter giveaway - please wait for the page to load in full

Artem Russakovskii
Artem is a die-hard Android fan, passionate tech blogger, obsessive-compulsive editor, bug hunting programmer, and the founder of Android Police.
Most of the time, you will find Artem either hacking away at code or thinking of the next 15 blog posts.

  • RCK

    Would love to get a code for free :)

    • appel

      Nice work man. Free giveaway always the best.

  • Muczachan

    I'd like one, please. :)

  • Zsolt

    What devices can use ClockworkMod Touch Recovery?

  • Nehrou

    AWESOME! would love getting one of these lucky...im nvr lucky enough though

  • Phantom

    That would be splendid!

  • MJ

    I'd like to win as I want to learn more about and use Custom ROMs on the Android platform...

  • http://atomsk.co.cc/ Zack

    Dude, that'd be pretty awesome.

  • KojiroAK

    Give it me! Or me! or me!
    Oh guys shutt of all, clerly, he has to give it to me.

  • Mike

    I would love to have this for my good ole Atrix

  • George

    Free ClockworkMod Touch Recovery Code? Count me in.

    Also, might I add, for some reason, the widget up above doesn't seem to be working right for me. Using Firefox 10. But it could just be me, I am having bad luck this weekend.

  • Robert Rollings

    Entered, I think.

  • Jimmy

    Would be very happy if I win.

  • Regianld

    I would love a touch code. I admit I am lazy to find and download the touch recovery and flash it to my phone. So far I am bought almost everything CWM has pushed out. Great Customer Service... I had made a user error once and Koush helped me solve the problem without making or pointing out I was an idiot. Even if I don't win a copy I probably will eventually buy it.

  • coggy9

    I'd love to have a code.

  • JinRoh

    Good luck everyone! ;)

  • Charles Knight

    Android Police ftw

  • Joe C

    i love giveaways

  • Lobo

    would be really sweet

  • Patrick

    Thanks for the giveaway...good luck to all!

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/116131769809111015026/posts mike

    i would love a code! for the G2 please :)

  • Frazerm63

    Can't wait to try it out!

  • Tommy

    That would be perfect, I am too cheap to spend 2 bucks.

  • Jose

    Lets Wait :D... 8 hours left!

  • edge

    In it to win it

  • James

    Sounds pretty cool -- it would be nice to get a code. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Beaster1174

    Codes are cool!

  • http://www.fanboycafe.com Dustin

    Yes please I would love one

  • masterelement

    Wanna this so hard

  • Marcus

    Go Koush and CWM!

  • João Batista

    You guys rock :)

  • Evgeny

    I'd like one, please.

  • http://thebteampodcast.com Gadget Man 007

    Yes please, would love one.

  • Shyun

    Yes. I like to have one. Thanks!

  • Colby

    Used CWM (paid) since it's inception - LOVE IT!

  • Chuck N

    I'd like to win one. thanks

  • oddball

    love Rom Manager

  • Daniel Barnard

    Yes please!! Pick me!

  • Owen Oliver

    pick me a winner :)

  • Goob

    I would love to win!

  • Mdyter

    Long Live AndroidPolice!
    Thank you for this giveaway !
    i would to get the touch recovery too =)

  • johnnie

    Pick me please I really would like to win

  • ajs2677

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Coppanuva

    Would be nice to win it, since my phone can't navigate the recovery menus well. A touchscreen way of doing it would be amazing.

  • Sasikumar D R

    I'm interested tooo

  • tanknspank

    Would love to get a free code :)

  • the android guy

    i want it so much. i love root and clock work mod

  • Cory Gilley

    Free is good, but honestly $1.99 is fine too If I don't win.

  • http://shortestwalkingroute.appz.ie ANkh

    I'll be happy to buy this as soon as it's available for any of my devices.

  • eryst

    Want one please

  • Steve

    A Comment ^^ keeping the fingers crossed

  • Nicholas Isacsson

    Yes please! I'd love that

  • Buckii

    Would love to use this on my nexus

  • http://www.theandroidsite.com Ben Marvin

    Finally support for my phone, count me in

  • Micah

    Free stuff! Lets go

  • Sahil

    Is the plus thing to add a comment? Well, I'm adding one here.

    I flashed it manually, but a code would be fantastic, and much easier for me.

  • Dima

    Awesome! Exactly what I wanted

  • Ryan

    That will make it easier

  • Michael

    I'm interested to experiment with it!

  • Gicos

    :D I'd like to win :D

  • joe s

    Was just planning on buying this... Koush is the man

  • Michał Ostrowski

    I'd like the code to use CWM Touch on my Desire Z :)

  • Pol

    I'd like one, too.

  • MoYo

    Would like to win, too :)

  • mkln

    one for me too! :p
    and btw I hope the touchpad version is out soon =)

  • Michael Kennedy

    I promise that if I don't win, I'll still buy. Good luck to everyone else who enters.

  • http://www.facebook.com/FrankFontaine2 Shane Phillips

    I've been a user of Rom Manager for more than 2 years, I would love the chance to win a code!

  • itai

    i want one please :)

  • Joe Rodriguez

    Love Clockwork recovery, reliable, never had any problems.

  • Karl

    Oooh! Pick me!

  • http://www.androidurbano.com Walter

    Sure I want one free code! This app is amazing!

  • Shannon

    This is awesome!

  • Franco C.

    I want one! (: Good Luck to everybody else

  • joey

    I would love to have a code. I love clockwork.

  • http://sturmen.mp Nick

    this is the future right here

  • mustafa

    Waiting my code :)

  • Elliott HillJennings

    Id like it for free

  • vpmech

    I would love one free code

  • @JDMRoy

    I'll take one. Thanks

  • the_alien

    leaving a comment :)

  • Anthony

    Damn you guys rock! I would really love one please!!!

  • http://drhack.net Dr-Hack

    THe RC Facebook connect is not working with Chrome so doing a manual entry , let see ..
    well honestly if all those who say they will buy it any way if they dont win it , should be eliminated in the first ;) they dont deserve it .. i cant afford buying it :D

  • Tyler

    need free code!!

  • Terence

    Gotta love these giveaways! Pick me

  • Jaron

    Fingers crossed. I wish more Android applications would have sale. Everyone loves a bargain.

  • Mark

    Definitely want one of these codes! Thanks!

  • steve

    it would be nice to have.

  • Nihal Velpanur

    This would really touch me.

  • Thomas L.

    I am ready to win!

  • Ashley

    Wouldn't mind one

  • meuh

    Thanks Koush & Android Police

  • Veen

    Damm, had to scroll forever, I NEED a TOUCH version :-P

  • anbu

    Wish I win this. Love CWM

  • meuh

    Thanks Koush and Android Police

  • techvudu

    I already bought for my SGS2 but I know some cheap friends holding off. Be happy to hook them up. Regardless if you win don't forget to support your devs.

  • Gerald Marshall

    Would love a free code

  • Jesse Coddington

    Yes please. would love this on my evo

  • meuh

    Thanks for the giveaway !

  • Juan Pablo Ospina

    I really want one, thanks for the contest!

  • Adnan

    Amazing. Let see If I win.

  • Greg

    hey free stuff, sign me up! :}

  • Hooman


  • Matt

    Umm.. interesting new contest system. Hope I'm doing this right. Rock on.

  • David

    Please!!! I'd love a code!

  • Daryl Henson

    I love Touch recovery. Would be nice to not have to fastboot flash every update!

  • Jim

    Would be nice to have Rom Manager line up with the actual ClockWorkMod recovery installed.

  • Alex Vidrean

    Great new and more stylish tool to change your android look.

  • Will Scott

    Would love a code for my SGS2!

  • jb

    Sure why not, would love a code

  • whyyoumad14

    i would love a free one. thanks for the giveaway

  • Tehno

    as a new android user I would love to get one of these, being prone to fucking up and all :)

  • Ender

    I like free stuff! :)

  • Derek

    touch recovery YEAH!

  • matt

    I just want to see if I can win something lol

  • Tim V

    I, for one, would like to see what's all the hubbub.

  • Ben

    Wouldn't mind one of these, hoping it will come to the Xoom soon :)

  • Tony

    I would love a code for the touch recovery! I have had Rom Manager for years, excellent app, on a rooted and unlocked HTC Rezound

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/111410410935705702327/posts Alex Fischer

    I would absolutely love a code!

  • ChaosKiller

    I do like this :D

  • zemigl

    Nice giveaway! Thank you and Koush of course

  • meuh

    Yeehaa ! Thanks Koush and Android police !!

  • bender

    hope there is one for nexus one

  • Daniel H

    I would love to win this :)
    HTC Desire

  • George E

    Hell yes, I love clockwork mode, touch screen version is like delicious frosting on an already delicious cake.

  • Gal Stern

    i'd like one! this one's quick!

  • http://blog.dusan.iz.rs Dušan

    Thanx in advance :)

  • Eric

    Nice! Thanks for all the great articles!

  • Chris white

    I would really love to win one of the codes

  • Blizzard22

    Clockwork Recovery for free?
    I'm in!

  • Mr. Dr. Boss Sr.

    Who said "you can look, but you can't touch?" Those dirty little..fibbers!

  • Mujtaba

    It will be awesome :)

  • Daniel

    Would love this on my Galaxy Nexus!

  • Kai

    I would love that app.

  • Eric Beyer

    Would be a sweet win, doesn't like my device is supported yet but would provide $$ when the device is..

  • http://imgur.com/CuKA2 SoFloEasycore

    Looks like a nice change of pace. I'm in.

  • Luis Coelho

    My HTC Sensation volume keys would love a touch recovery :)

  • Chris

    Oh I want to win. Even if I dont I think i'll be buying this.

  • zezol

    Koushik is doing a great job! One code for me please :)

  • arona.at

    I need a code for my new galaxy nexus :)

  • Miguel
  • Elliott

    Please pick me :)

  • Glenn

    Never tried ROM Manager, free or otherwise. Time for new app?

  • D Schulr

    You guys get better all the time.
    Which is amazing because you are already great!
    Count me in!

  • simoon

    Gimme one, pretty please :)

  • Khaled Elkhawaga

    Yay, hope I win. When is it going to be available on the Nexus One?

  • hensods

    I am loving touch clockwork recovery so far. Would love to be able to flash it in Rom Manager.

  • sgtguthrie

    I would like to win this...

  • Richard

    Forever Faithful!

  • Mani

    My first try for a giveaway. I would like to get one, thanks

  • Chris Bozsik

    Interesting new contest entry method :P

  • Yaw

    I guess I'm pretty late to the party.