If you want to install the ClockworkMod Touch recovery on your Android device, there are currently two ways of doing so:

The Giveaway

Today, we're giving 20 of you a chance to enable the latter in your ROM Manager for free. The giveaway is short and sweet - it'll end tonight, and all you need to do is leave a comment.

We're also testing a new giveaway management tool by Rafflecopter, which you will hopefully like. Instead of filling out a form like before, just wait for the widget below to load, then see available entry options (there's just one in this one).

See our past coverage of ClockworkMod Touch, including pictures and videos here:

Good luck!

A Rafflecopter giveaway - please wait for the page to load in full

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  • Saifur Rob

    Who wouldn't love a code for something awesome like that!

  • Hugo Araújo

    I'm in for a code...

  • Rob

    I have ROM Manager and CM7 and love how they've given new life to my aging HTC EVO 4G. I'd love to take the Touch variant of ROM Manager for a spin. :D

  • Robert

    I'd like one! :D

  • Sergio

    I'd like one too!!!

  • theblakjak

    free code please... ty ... love cwm non touch

  • Tim

    Love Rom Manager and haven't looked back since I bought it in the Market Place. Koush develops top notch products and provides ongoing high level support. He is a top authority in the Android community and we're lucky to have his contributions. Can't wait to test this new product out and would very much appreciate a code.

  • Ruairi

    Would love one :)

  • Andres

    Let me just have one!!!

  • Bill Wells

    Tried lots of programs for mr rooted thunderbolt ,and lots of roms but this app has been the most outstanding and would love to use any new or beta to come out. So thanks for all the hardwork. And yes would love to win. Thanks again

  • John H Lee

    Waiting for the Epic 4g version to get fixed.

  • Charlie Callow

    Yes please! Would love a code!

  • Ted Reardon

    would love it for my nexus

  • Brett Books

    This would be sooooo sweet to win. Thanks!!

  • http://www.tylerlane.net/ Tyler

    I'd love to win this. Sign me up!

  • Mike Crowe

    I has comment :)

  • jahnbodah

    I will lose... I dont even know why I try.

  • JasonN

    Love all Koush's work!

  • Christopher

    I'd love one ;D

  • Abhi

    Please include me too. would love to have it. thanks!

  • SomeYoungGuy

    1st time joining something like this.
    There's a 1st time for everything.

  • Jagdeep Gill

    please may i have a code

  • Mike P

    Would love a copy!!

  • Andrew

    I'd love to get one.

  • Carlos

    I would love to get the in app code free please!

  • David

    Getting one of these would be great! Thanks!

  • well versed

    Thanks! Hope I win!

  • Brian

    Thanks for always having awesome give aways

  • Jim

    One more entry tossed into the hat.

  • Seth

    I've been meaning to give this a try.

  • Dave

    addd me to te list

  • CyleR

    throwing this comment into the wishing well. Me wants one.

  • Johnatton

    Just giving it a go!

  • scott

    May as well put my scots note into the pot

  • Jack

    Would love this as my volume down button is slightly broken.

  • Karl

    Yes please, I'd like to win.

  • 386

    Cool, I hope I get picked

  • Piyush Parulkar

    WOw....that's pretty awesome....

    hope i get one.....

  • Caroline

    Would love to win!

  • tookie

    would like one please :)

  • Debadatta Bose

    AndroidPolice giveaways are awesome! :D

    Though I never win anything :P

  • Kevin K

    This sure would make the installation a lot easier!

  • Googleplex

    Hope this counts as an entry (especially one of the winningest ones! :)

  • Aaron C

    I'm a winner ha ha ha

  • Brendan

    Touch mod for Galaxy s2... Sounds !

    • Brendan

      meant to say "Sounds Great! Put me down for one" :)

  • Dima

    Me too please! Hope I win.

  • Jesse

    Would love this for my cyanogenmod evo 4g :)

  • Steven

    Touch recovery for my galaxy s2 will be great..

  • Zahed

    Too good! Android Police rocks the Android World!

  • Farhan

    Give It To ME !!!

  • Jason Taylor

    Count me in! Hoping I win. Thanks Android Police.

  • Tejas

    30 mins to go..

  • Thomas

    Would love a code :)

  • Akshay

    Please give me....

  • Mark G.

    Ooh ooh, pick me pick me

  • Louis

    I d love to get one :-) cheers

  • slurms mckenzie

    Ugh.. I just bought it yesterday

  • MaXAiRO

    Good luck to me!

  • Max Caplow

    I would love one!

  • Tim

    I want one!......length

  • Jeremy Bullock

    Nifty way to collect contest entries.

  • AndroidTouch

    A code would be great :D

  • Umang

    This time I am gonna be one of the 20 lucky guys!! Gimme Clockwork Mod

  • Tim C

    Looks awesome! I hope it supports the Droid X

  • io53

    Yes please. My GN would love one of those.

  • Keith

    Maybe I'll get lucky too :)

  • Ondrej Holan

    I want one too for my galaxy note

  • Ondrej Holan

    I want one too for my galaxy note.

  • Antonio

    I want one for samnsung galaxy s2 !!!!

  • Nocturnhaboe

    I would be greatly honored to receive something from you guys.

  • Curtis

    thanks for putting this on.

  • muralidhar n

    Count me in for the wonder app

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    20 winners have been posted!

  • Carlos

    Awesome, thanks Android police! And of course big thanks to koush for all the talented things he's done for the Android community!

  • Jesse Castro

    Thank you AP AND CWM!

  • Jose

    Ohhh i won one of the tickets :D thanks Android Police!

  • Jesse Coddington

    Doh...got excited when I saw Jesse C., but there are two of us :(