Wikipedia is the go-to site when you need to find accurate information quickly. Well, mostly accurate information, right? Right.

Well, searching through Wikipedia's 20 million articles to find that bit of information to prove your friends and colleagues wrong is now easier than ever with the official Android app. You'll also be able to save articles for reading later and even share what you find.

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Ironically, we came across Wikipedia's Android app during the SOPA blackout even though it had been out for 4 days prior.


This app is for rooted users only. Make sure you read up on how to use SwitchMe, because it could potentially damage your device if used improperly.

Right around the end of January, we were tipped off about an incredibly unique app that employs a concept that has long been overlooked with mobile devices - multiple user accounts. SwitchMe basically makes individual sandboxes that contain fresh installations of Android, and you can utilize this for many different things. Obviously, this allows the owner of the device to create profiles that can be used by other users, all while protecting and preserving other profiles that are not in use. In addition, these sandboxes can be used for other things like developmental testing. There really are a ton of different ways this app can be put to use, making it perfect for a large audience of Android users. What would you do with multiple profiles on your Android device?

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The free version allows for two different profiles and no security features, but pick up the SwitchMe Key in the market for $1.99 and you'll be able to make unlimited profiles as well as password protect them if you'd like.


Although iOS's Siri is considered mostly a gimmick by some, it is still  a coveted feature by many mobile users. Because of that, we have seen countless Android alternatives, and the vast majority of them simply don't work very well. Despite being notably well-made and more polished than others, Evi was plagued from the start with server issues that rendered it utterly useless. Just another drop in the bucket, we thought, but eventually the servers rebounded and this app began to shine brighter than any other like it.

evi1 evi2 evi2-1

Evi responds very quickly and answers most questions quite accurately and, unlike Siri, it works quite well in both the US and the UK. Unfortunately it doesn't offer texting or reminder services yet, but we hope those are on the way. So check it out below, and ignore the low rating, because it's still trying to catch up from the flood of 1-star reviews that resulted from the false start.

Dragon Go!

Dragon Go! by Nuance is another voice recognition app that is similar to Evi. What differentiates the two is that Dragon Go! aims to help you complete actual tasks using your voice, while Evi helps to calm your inquisitive mind with quick, on-the-spot answers.

dragon1 dragon2 dragon4

What's great about Dragon Go! is that the app will actually help you do things like shopping, finding flights, and pretty much anything else you would normally use your mobile device to do, all with the power of your voice. Because Nuance is considered to be the leader in voice recognition software, this app picks up what you're saying almost flawlessly.

Game On

If you call yourself a mobile gamer, then you're bound to love this next one. Game On by Made in Brooklyn takes a pretty cool idea and throws it into a nice user-friendly interface. Basically, this app allows gamers to upload and share savegame files from popular titles with others, allowing you to skip over a difficult level, unlock all the goodies, and much more.

This app is for rooted users only. However, MiB (not to be confused with Men In Black) says a non-root version is in the works.

shot_Jan_15_2012_1 shot_Jan_15_2012_7 shot_Jan_15_2012_9

The UI of the app is extremely simple and clean. So much that it almost gives off a calming feeling, as if it's trying to fend off your frustration over an unbeatable level. All you have to do is search for a file that pertains to your game, download and install it, then launch your game from the new save point. Uploading files for other's to enjoy is just as simple.

Game On will cost you $1.00 for the time being, but expect that price to rise when the app exits beta.


There you have it - 5 of the best apps from January. If you think another app that was released in January is awesome and noteworthy, let us know below!