The Sensation is one of HTC's most popular handsets overseas, and despite being launched nearly a year ago (May 19,2011), the company just announced a new "Ice White" version. While there are no differences in hardware, the outside will obviously be white (à la Amaze 4G). More importantly, though: it will launch on March 1, and run Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) out of the gate.

HTC-Sensation-White-2 HTC-Sensation-White-4

That's a pretty big deal for two reasons: first, because as we discussed yesterday, Sense 4.0 (which HTC will slap over top of ICS) pretty much sucks. Second, because that would suggest the ICS update for the normal Sensation should drop before (or at the very least, by) then - after all, the only difference between the white and normal model is the color of the backplate.

[Source: EuroDroid, AndroidWorld.nl]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Jon Garrett

    Is it just me or did this story print 4 times on this site?

    • Aaron Gingrich

      That it did. We've been having site issues since yesterday - Artem's on the case. Kinda. (He's probably sleeping at the moment, but I shot him about 15 messages via email/chat/gchat/text.)

  • Joseph

    it did.. it did... it did... it did...
    Guess AP is really excited about this launch ;)


    i dont know bout that.. The Tmo version is loaded with bloat while the euro version is not.. Tmo's update will probably be delayed until june

    • wgasa

      however if you're rooted you can change your CID and then just install the euro rom ;)

      • BiGMERF

        i agree, i mean the actual manufacturer release

  • T B

    Groundhog Day.....
    Groundhog Day.....

  • Ben

    I'm pretty sure Phones4U have been selling the white Sensation exclusively in the UK for ages now... minus ICS

    • Taz

      Yep ... Using the white sensation from phones4u at the moment.
      Not really sure y this story is worth posts on so many tech websites :S

  • rdy2000

    been running the 4.0.3 test leaked by HTC for 14 days now. Too bad it wont come with sense 4.0, but with sense 3.6 instead.

  • Sam

    I've never understood the fascination with white phones but each to their own I guess.

    I have the Sensation XE atm and whilst sense is alright for 2.3 android id much prefer stock ICS to sense now that ive gotten used to it on my Transformer Prime.

    Im sure there'll be some custom ROM for stock ICS on the sensation anyway, unless there already is then someone please point me in the right direction :P

    • Kenny O

      I never understood that either, I just had to replace my wife's white case for her galaxy 2 after a month of use because it was already dirty...but yes, too each his own.....Not sure what Rom options exist for the Sensation XE, but I've been running -Virtuous Inquisition v3.0.0 :: AOSP-Experience Senseless ICS (4.0.3)- on my Sensation 4g for a few weeks now and other it's pretty amazing. It also shows how very little Asus skinned ICS as it is almost identical ICS on my prime.

  • Katixa

    White... rounded corners... flat screen... multitouch...

    Someone needs to warn them before it's too late.

  • caleb

    im not sure if it will be the same but on the evo you could just delete or rename the sense apk with root explorer and that would revert the phone to stock android.

  • Tony

    WTF happened to this website? Used to be cool and fun to read but now it's like fucking Gizmodo of Android news! Biased news with some teenagers personal opinions included.. Grow up! If you want to be reliable, then STAY NEUTRAL.

    Thanks bye