We all love LTE. We also all love not being broke, if we can avoid it. Sometimes our two great loves conflict with each other. MetroPCS wants to try and make this love triangle work with $40 unlimited plans for all LTE devices in its portfolio. There's a catch, though: you're only allowed 100 MB of "multimedia streaming access."

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According to MetroPCS, "multimedia streaming access" is defined as "content that is programmed as streaming within a web site." Suffice to say, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, and any number of other services that you might want to use would fall into this category.

To put this cap in perspective, depending on who you ask, an hour of Pandora streaming music can use between 25 and 50MB of data. A 30-minute, standard-definition Netflix video would be around 400MB of data. So, expect to be cut off before the second commercial break.

Still, this new plan will bring LTE speeds to even more users on a budget. If you've been craving LTE speeds, but can't spare the cash to jump to Verizon—and you're ok with sticking to WiFi for the heavy lifting—give this deal a look. Otherwise, you may want to stick with one of the more expensive, yet less limited plans.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • http://derp.org autoprime

    Don't expect "Verizon-like" LTE speeds. ;) More comparable with Clear's WiMax speeds.. tho I'd assume better overall coverage.

  • SalaHyena

    I think that, although a little expensive, 60$ a month with Rhapsody subscription and Unlimited everything is quite good if you can't hook up to a wifi all the time.

  • http://pharaohtechblog.blogspot.com Conan Kudo (ニール・ゴンパ)

    Actually, from what I've heard, MetroPCS's LTE network offers speeds on par with HSPA 7.2. Kind of sad, really.

    They don't have the spectrum to offer full LTE speeds without shutting down CDMA first.

  • Julian Blount

    Does anyone think that Metro PCS will ever sell the iphone? If they did, it would make the big four (Sprint, Verizon, ATT and T-Moble) wireless carriers lower their pricing. I would drop ATT tomorrow if Metro PCS started selling the iphone.

  • Julian Blount

    I want to see Metro PCS selling the iphone.

  • Ricky Cabrera

    I would quiet roger wireless if MetroPCS had the iphone in there network and stores right know.