The Facebook app received an update to v1.8.2 today, but since its developers neglected to include a changelog, millions of users found themselves wondering what exactly this version brought to the table. Thankfully, the Facebook for Android page on Facebook (you still with me?) released the following blurb:

We just released Facebook for Android 1.8.2 with better memory management, and all kinds of bug fixes. Please download it and post your feedback!

So, no major changes (a nice tablet interface would be great), but fixes to "all kinds of bugs" and a smaller memory footprint are always welcomed. You can tell Facebook what you think about this update here or, you know, just download it and go about your day.

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  • http://www.teamrou.com Phil Oakley

    Someone at Facebook really needs to take charge and make a good Android Facebook app.

    • dward2828

      They don't have time. They're too busy waiting for their photos to load... when it can 'retrieve them at this time'...

    • James

      Or you could just go to the market and search "facedroid" it's pretty much the only way that facebook doesn't suck and make your eyes bleed.

      • Jamie Sidford

        Except facedroid is for tablets only isnt it?

  • dward2828

    One of the most consistently lame and unreliable apps out there. Using the full desktop site in the browser is faster.

  • http://www.whatupgoingon.com doclloyd

    Agreed. I find that in any app showing memory usage by application, Facebook is always at the top of the list. Hopefully this will help!

  • Damobius

    Agreed. I finally uninstalled it and just use the m.facebook page. I've also been trying out TweetDeck, and like it so far.

    • OldChicagoPete

      TweetDeck works okay, but it seems like Facebook only makes the "Top Stories" available to the API.

      I'm only using G+ these days when I feel the need to post what I had for dinner, but it'd still be nice to see all my Facebook friends' dinner when I scroll through TweetDeck.

  • http://orvtech.com orvtech

    I rather use 'Thinfoil for Facebook' ... I'm that paranoid

  • Dave in Indy

    I really want a re-share option....

    • John O’Connor

      Then head on over to Google+

  • Sam

    Smaller memory footprint and bug fixes are always good. I hope soon they'll enable hardware excel. It's silly the browser is smoother than the app...

  • http://www.cyanogenmod.com ciwrl

    Still not using the proper api to enable contacts sync in ICS....figures.

  • JM62

    Working 100% on my Desire, seems much quicker now too.

  • vandy

    I think they made huge strides with previous update...it's pretty much identical to the iOS version at this point. Don't know what they can do to satisfy the masses.
    Haters gonna hate....

    • joel

      I think the real reason people complain is because the app sucks. Who cares if they made the last version similar to the one on iOS? If the app doesn't work well people will be upset.

      • vandy

        I don't know...it works very well for me. Maybe it's the phone people are using but all i can say is i am a pleased user.

  • Jaime

    Still very slow to load, even on Wi-Fi, which honestly there is no excuse to see a loading screen for more than a second

  • Stewart Higgins

    Wish more people I knew used g+. Deleting fb when timeline is mandatory.

  • Fady Mahfouz

    This app is a disaster in retrieving the photos, always fails.

    Also where the duck is the tablet oriented app ?

  • Kevin

    Takes FOREVER for it to load up

  • Hiram Lester

    Might be a little faster. I notice that the notification icon has changed. Before it looked like a projection screen on a stand: now it uses the "f" icon as the notification icon. Don't notice much else difference. Will try on wifi when I get home, but I agree with the comments that it's traditionally been much slower than it should or than the G+ app. I don't use Facebook much, but I want it to work when I do. :)

  • kthxbye

    I ~still~ would like to know why the Facebook app wants to receive, read, edit and send my SMS and MMS.

    • Bruno Barão

      Me too! I don't update the facebook app since they added those permissions!

  • Larry

    I use Friendcaster. Great app for the tablet. Their UI is fantastic.

    • Ray

      Yup, and it allows contact syncing with ICS. Facebook really needs to pull their head out of their ass.

  • Waazzupppp

    Isn't the problem that there are tons of apps that do something better than the rest, just nobody has put it all together yet?
    Seems like if they all just played nice and got their butts together with Facebook that the official app would be amazing.

    As far as the Google+ thing goes, it isn't a viable option until more people sign up for it.

  • yobbei

    memory footprint is worse in new version.

    taking up 36m of ram... not good

  • Jay

    I gave it a try yesterday and well nothing changed. Slow, notifications very delayed.

    Reminded me of Google+ for Android: Notifications only every once in a while, Instant Upload works after 4 hours, etc.

    Thanks god social networks are not very important.. so I happily removed the crap and have 30 MB free space :)

  • Jasraj

    Friendcaster pro was also updated. I love using the old style UI. The app loads way faster than the FB app too. There are some cons too but still it's pretty damn good. Facebook app for iPhone is pretty screwed up too. Extremely slow and buggy. Does FB even have a team that knows how to make mobile apps?

  • ian

    You would think with all the cash they have, a version for tablets would have happened by now.

  • JFresh

    It better retrieve that shit this time!