Samsung has confirmed to TechRadar that the Galaxy S III will not be announced at Mobile World Congress. This lines up with what we've heard, and refutes earlier rumors that Samsung would be announcing the device in Barcelona next month. A rumor that Samsung never commented on until now.

What is confirmed is that the Galaxy S III will have its own event, similar to the Galaxy Nexus announcement. Of course, since this didn't come from "sources close to the matter" or "some guy I know who heard from somebody," we should obviously treat this with a healthy dose of skepticism.

...Or is it the other way around?

In any case, don't get your hopes up for a brand new phone in the Galaxy S series next month. On the upside, Samsung has said that the announcement event will take place "closer to commercial availability of the product." So, thankfully, we'll have a shorter wait between hearing about the device and getting our hands on it. Unless you're on Verizon, of course.

Source: TechRadar

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • OFI

    Not cool..

    Contract is up end of next month, Samsung won't release the SGSII HD here and won't give any signs towards a SGSIII.
    You can be sure it'll be right after I get the SGSII hrmm

  • deltaechoe

    Just wait until it comes out? Patience makes everything better, heck I had an upgrade on my Verizon account for almost 9 months waiting for an easy to unlock phone(aka the nexus) just wait for a little bit and you won't be disappointed when you compromise because you won't have to

  • toshistation

    I'm sure Sammy's just waiting until the week after/before the iPhone 5 is announced, to try to steal some of Apple's thunder.

    At least, I hope that's what they're doing.

  • drop

    Check the Galaxy Nexus, it definitely worths it!

  • JB

    I too am also in the waiting game. By thie time the GSIII comes out I will have been finished my contract for about a year!

    I am tempted to go for the GSII, but a 3 year contract is a long time.

  • Dan

    Hey! The headline bit "just like it never said it would" is really funny. However, your comment "Unless you're on Verizon, of course." is another matter.

    Words can hurt, ya' know. :(

  • Bonerp

    damn - bored of my S2. Even though its still the best device out there