Source code. Galaxy Note. AT&T.

What do you get when you combine those three things? If you said "source code for the Galaxy Note on AT&T," then you win a cookie. Go wait over there and we'll bring it right out.

Samsung just pushed the source to its Open Source Release Center for all to grab, but there is a catch. For some reason, there are three different versions of the code, all basically identical, save one line (thanks for digging through the code, JCase). We're not entirely sure what this one line represents - but we're sure it's something.

If you want to check it out for yourself and perhaps solve the mystery behind this secret code, hit the link below.

Samsung Galaxy Note at the Open Source Release Center

Cameron Summerson
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  • Jim

    So when do we get our cookies?

  • http://www.iphoneandroidtips.org Abhishek

    Man this is super cool and I was looking for this one... I will now test it, lets see how it goes with my devs.. Thanks for sharing

  • Harsha

    Hi, can u please tell me what the kernel source code means ? Thanks :D