It seemed like Google completely abandoned one of its most useful Android apps - Chrome to Phone, which I personally use almost every day, but an unexpected update that showed up in the Market today shows us they still care about it, even if only a little bit.

The new version 2.3 comes over a year after 2.2 hit the Market back in December 2010 and brings a few improvements, the most important one being a crash fix after receiving copied text. This bug has plagued Honeycomb users for as long as I can remember (Honeycomb tablets didn't even exist when the app was last updated), so I'm very glad to finally see it fixed. We also get an updated look and feel (though it's really minor) and landscape support, which is, again, very useful for tablets.

What's in this version

  1. Updated look and feel
  2. Fixed crash when copying text from Chrome to the device
  3. Added landscape support

Here's the new look - told you it's nothing to write home about:

wm_SC20120201-112652 wm_SC20120201-112645

Artem Russakovskii
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  • Braden

    I use this app almost daily, and noticed the update as well. What changed in the UI? When I saw the release notes for an "Updated look and feel" I was expecting a nice ICS-updated feel to it, not the exact same UI. I don't notice anything different... what did they change?


    It stopped working for me, and I can't find any reason for the problem. So I abandoned it a long time ago.

    • http://www.thepixelpuse.com aj

      Yeah same here. Just tried using it again, hoping that the update will have fixed whatever might've been broken. Nope. Every time I try using the Chrome extension, it just tells me it's redirecting and NEVER goes anywhere. Oh well.

  • http://wave-france.blogspot.com supercopter

    Still one-way only? C'mon! phone2chrome would be so useful... :-( And it has been asked by many for so looooong (despite Google closing the issue): http://code.google.com/p/chrometophone/issues/detail?id=7&can=1&q=phone2chrome

    • Tim

      it already exists...just not by google

  • Randy

    I use an app called "LinkPush" which does the same thing. A simple Android app, and a chrome extension, and you can push links to you your phone. There is no history with LinkPush, but the basic functionality is the same.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      But does it copy text/clipboard? That's pretty much the only reason I use Chrome To Phone.

      • https://steamcommunity.com/id/m-p-3 m-p{3}

        I'm not sure what do you mean by copying text/clipboard? Would you mind explaining further?

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          Passing clipboard text from your computer to your phone using Chrome To Phone. I use it all the time for one-time passwords and other long strings.

        • darkharlequin

          highlight text, i.e. an address or name or phone number, right click and select "send to phone" and chrome to phone sends that information to your phones clip board to be pasted wherever you need it.

  • Bas

    Over a year, and all they improved is this? LOLOLOL >.<

  • http://www.my-guides.net axel

    And still it isn't available worldwide. I can't understand why Google doesn't allow the installation of this app in some countries... The .apk anyone?

  • http://www.stephndsz.blogspot.com Stephen D’souza

    Need the apk. cannot install in my country :(

  • Anon
  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com PixelSlave

    APK? This should just be baked into the OS. Google should rethink how it distributes its own apps. There are 46 apps under their name in the Android Market. Some people will never discover apps like "YouTube Remote" or "Chrome to Phone".

    • kenyu73

      Yould then have 1/2 the Android community pissed off that they cant "remove" Google Earth or ChromeToPhone. They'd label it all bloatware and gives 1* in the Market because of it. Now... if there were a user folder where we can remove all the apps without rooting, then maybe.

  • Tim

    Hot damn! FINALLY!

  • Johnforamerica

    Anyone else have an issue with duplicate notifications?

  • fonseca898

    I'd be happy if I could just get my links on my phone reliably. I mostly use Read It Later now because it actually works.

  • Nick

    I use this all the time with no problems. But what i really want is to be able to do everything this app does but from my Tablet to my Phone and not just from my Laptop! Can I do this somehow? When will we get Chrome for Android? HELP??!!

    • Ingo

      I've wanted this ever since I added a tablet to my stable, too.

      Try Sendtab.com. I just wrote an Android app to integrate with it.

      It's BETA quality and feature-sparse so far. I do this in my spare time.

      I'm not going to link my Android Market page here, since I'm not ready for it to go viral yet.... but I've heard the Market has a search feature.... ;-)

      • Nick

        Thanks. I will give this a try. I mainly send copied text and pics through Chrome to Phone though. Still no way of doing this from my Tablet to my Phone. :-(

        • Ingo

          Nope, SendTab is for URLs only. If they add support for other items, I'll make sure the app gets it, too.

  • ChumbleSpuzz

    Wish they'd add the capability of selecting which device to send to, ie, tablet or phone.

    • Ingo

      SendTab can do that.

  • Sagar Thaker

    it does not send text to phone, when selecting text on the page and click on chrome to phone sends the webpage link only.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Don't do that. Right click on the selected text instead and do "Send this text to Android". You can also in Firefox copy to clipboard, then right click on the CTP button and do Send clipboard.

  • Vlad

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  • Aritra Mukherjee

    It's still not supported in India

    • Mudassir

      but its supported in Pakistan HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH :P

  • Jay

    and still after a year Google Apps not supported. Of course it tells AFTER installation. God, how I miss my iPhone. Biggest mistake to buy an Android device.

  • Adam

    For some reason this app is a HUGE battery drain. Couldn't go more than 5 hours on a full charge on my Samsung Skyrocket (at&t). Great app but it must be calling home too often....

  • http://twitter.com/DataJog Scott L

    Try Send to Android via 'DataJog' - It works and does a lot more.  Send Contacts, Events, Text, URLs, even Remotely Dial your phone! Search for 'datajog' in Google Play.

  • http://twitter.com/fg Fabrizio

    And if someone want same function for iPhone look here : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/djlnpndgjmbajfjfnhkohjibjpmhngag