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Sky Go, a service which allows Sky TV customers to watch live and archived content on the go, has been available in the browser and on iOS devices for 7 months now, and according to Holly Knill, the head of Sky Go, it's finally coming to Android devices next month as well.

Customers running "a selection of Android smartphones starting with Samsung Galaxy and HTC handsets" will be the first to have the opportunity to test the new Sky Go app, but there is no mention of support for any other devices in Sky's post just yet. Presumably, the app will be rolling out to select devices in order to iron out any lingering bugs that are found once it is released into the wild, and hopefully it will be coming to many more devices, including tablets, in the future.


Sky Go is available to anyone with a Sky TV subscription, and users can currently view channels such as Sky Sports and Sky Movies, as long as they have the same package at home. By the time the service rolls out on Android next month, more content will be available including shows from Sky Atlantic, which is available for all customers at no extra cost and features some great titles from HBO and other American companies.

Sky Go is limited to two devices, with your browser counting as one of those devices for every computer you use it on, so if you're already using Sky Go then you may want to consider cutting back to one device to make room for your phone when the app arrives on Android. Annoyingly, these preferences can only be changed once a month to stop you from enabling it on numerous devices in a short space of time, so do it sooner rather than later.

Source: Sky Views

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  • Calum

    It's an utterly useless service, at least here in Ireland. Sky provide me with dozens of channels via their set top box, but because I don't subscribe to any of their ludicrously priced sports or movie channels, the Sky Go app only lets me watch about two of them.

  • iceman23

    I would rather watch live TV on my laptop than a phone. I would use it only if it allowed 3 connected devices otherwise, no thank you.

  • Bonerp

    its about time too!

  • Shark

    Finally, people who pay for Sky Sports and Movies can enjoy them on the move.

    • calvin

      netflix!.... or hulu!..... need is say more