We don't tend to associate words like "scanning," "PDFs" and "documents" with fun. After playing with Handy Scanner, though... well, we still don't. Sorry. That headline was a lie. Scanning documents is, however, a breeze with this freemium app. Breezy enough that you won't want to go Office Space on your scanner, and that's fun.

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Handy Scanner is very straightforward. Take a picture of a document that you want scanned. The app will pinpoint the corners of the document, perform a little perspective correction, and then you'll be presented with a few filter options. The most notable filter is "Print Ready" which will render the photo in black-and-white and ready for printing. The free version will watermark your documents if you convert them to a PDF, but storing digital documents and emailing JPGs will work just fine.

Tax season is ramping up and this is 2012 after all. If you've still got a bit of that "get your life in order" mojo from New Year's leftover, and you want to get your business in order and feel like you're in the future while doing it, give Handy Scanner a download. It's the closest you'll get to having a good time while filing your taxes. The basic app is free, but you'll have to shell out $2.69 to remove the watermark from PDFs.