If you're in love with the Galaxy Nexus, but also have an affinity for hockey, maple syrup, and carriers not named Bell, Virgin Mobile, or Telus, then you've been left out in the cold. Don't worry, though. The winter of your discontent is about to come to an end. The Galaxy Nexus will be landing on Canadian carrier WIND on February 3rd. If you opt for the carrier's WINDtab+ program, you can grab the nexus for just $249. Choosing to participate in the regular WINDtab program will bump the price tag up to $499, and those looking to buy the phone outright will need a cool $599.


This isn't the first time the device has been made available in the great white north. The Galaxy Nexus is already available on Bell Mobility and Virgin Mobile. Still, it's great to see Google's latest flagship phone experience some carrier diversity. If you're a bit closer to the equator and still cling to some semblance of carrier choice, though, there are always sign-up pages to tease you.

Source: Reddit, mobilesyrup

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Buckii

    They have poor coverage and such but they aren't run by the big 3 and offer nice plans... Also you need a drivers license and valid credit card for credit check which is a bit much if you don't drive I guess if you have a passport or citizen card but that's it

    • Justin

      You need nothing if you go on Pay As You Go.

    • wildguess

      Their coverage and reception is totally awesome if you don't spend most of your time out of town. I have been using my Nexus S on the Wind network for more than 6 months and I do not have dropped calls. I can watch streaming video almost everywhere. Also, I pay $35 a month for the 'unlimited everything' plan.

  • Buckii

    Still either have a phone or buy one plus 25 bucks for a sim card but yeah nothing needed to set up a account

  • TouchMyBox

    Wind is making such fantastic strides in building out their network and getting quality devices at decent prices lately. Apparently in the next 12 months they plan on adding another thousand cell sites if I remember correctly.
    I'm already using a GN on wind and its been great.

  • Junior

    Please search the web for "one way mic issue galaxy nexus" i have this phone for verizon in U.S. And when your talking more then 5 minutes the person your talking to hears clicking not you. This is in issue withall versions umts/cdma/gsm. In U.S canada and europe this has been reported as an issue. Its sucks trust me. So before you dump money into a 4.7 inch tablet that sometimes works as a phone please wait.

  • ReallyWantGN

    Can I buy this phone and then use it with Bell Mobility with an existing Bell SIM card (it's a corporate SIM card so I can't switch carriers)?