The Humble Bundle has been around for a couple of years now, but I have never heard of it. They're known for bundling up indie games, letting purchasers set their own price, and dividing up the profits among developers and charities. This is just an absolutely fascinating concept, and the first ever Android bundle has arrived!


The games in this Android bundle include Anomaly Warzone Earth HD (our review), Osmos HD (our review), Edge, and World of Goo. What's even more awesome is the fact that these games are not only DRM free (so you can download them as many times as you want), but they are also cross-platform. So you can download and enjoy them on your Android device, and also play them on your Windows, OSX, and Linux machines. That's pretty sick, because most of these games offer different content on different platforms so you'll have more to enjoy.

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As I said before, you have the power to choose what you pay and how your money is divided, so you can fork over as little or as much as you want. However, you'll have to pay more than the average price if you want World of Goo. They do this to fend off abuse. Just remember to be polite because the money you spend is going towards indie developers and charities.

Once you pay, you'll be emailed a key to login and download your games. The instructions are pretty simple, and they even have customer support if something gets mixed up. Our only concern is how these games will receive updates. If the developers provide The Humble Bundle with updates, it should all be gravy.

Update: We just heard from the guys over at Humble Bundle and it looks like updates can be handled in a couple different ways. If they receive updated builds of the games, they'll post them to users' download pages. Edge and Osmos HD will have in-app prompts to alert players of new updates, and hopefully Anomaly Warzone HD and World of Goo will follow suit. In addition, Humble Bundle is working on an Android app that will help users keep track of their Humble Bundle games, as well as let them know when updates are available.

On another note, if all goes well with the first Android edition of Humble Bundle, they'll definitely consider doing more!

Head over to The Humble Bundle now and check it out, but hurry because the deal is over in 14 days!

Brandon Lancaster
Brandon says he likes to live life on the edge. By that he means eating ice cream for breakfast and wearing house slippers to class. Aside from all of the ballsy action he partakes in, he's a mass communications student that spends much of his time studying or tinkering with his phone.

  • Landrovan
    • Brandon Lancaster

      Thanks for the tip! We spoke to Humble Bundle and got the same info.

  • Levi

    It also gives you the Steam codes for these games, so it is not just for Android. It's like a Humble Bundle + Android.

  • Citrus Rain

    Wonder if there will be another "donation competion" like the one between Humble Brony Bundle and Notch last month.

    • Brandon Lancaster

      Donation competition? What went down? People seeing who would donate more?

      • Jack Dendy

        Yeah, the Bronys beat Notch 16,000 to 8,000

      • Blah

        Notch (creator of Minecraft, for those who don't know) said that if anyone donated more than he did at Humble Bundle last month, he would watch some episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

        He lost. :P

  • Lorenzo in a Benzo

    Anyone else try to use their $10 prepaid card on Google Wallet for this? I cant figure out how to make it work.

  • Bo

    Wish Hollywood would take note...

    Humble Bundle Hollywood.

  • ocdtrekkie

    It'd be nice if Android Market supported something like Steam Codes, so that we could add the games in via the Market. Though I suppose then Google would have to take their 30%.

  • Sorian

    I have been with Humble Bundle for PC, and now that they have Android... BRILLIANT!

  • Sam

    I wish they can start this for apps and useful utilities

  • http://www.academia-nutcrackers.com Sven

    Why am I not surprised that "Mac" is the platform with the LEAST contribution?!?!? (infographic on http://www.humblebundle.com/)

    Jobs' legacy lives on: say NO to charities... Despicable.

    • Brandon Lancaster

      I wouldn't go as far as to say that people who use OSX are not charitable. The lack of contribution probably stems from the fact that most OSX users don't buy Macs for gaming. In addition, the majority of OSX users own iPhones, not Android phones.

      • http://www.academia-nutcrackers.com Sven

        Sorry, I am just so frustrated with Apple lately. I must have not realized that it mentions the iPhone nowhere! I *assumed* that there would be support for iPhones...

        • Rob

          iOS has had it's own Humble Indie Bundle before. If not by the same guys, atleast the same kind of idea, but instead of being "Pay what you like" it was "Pay the least amount that Apple will let you"

          Still a great deal and idea though!

    • Horse

      Additionally, Mac users have traditionally beat out Windows users by a hefty margin on previous bundles. This is coming from a Windows user with an Android phone-- I'm sure you can find the stats somewhere else.

    • !?!?

      Did something drastic change in the stats?

      $6.79>$5.35, putting Mac well above the overall average and more than 25% higher than the Windows average.

      Plus, I don't it's fair to go off on the Jobs family like that considering all of their philanthropy with groups like Teach For America, Global Fund For Women, etc.

  • Lewis

    Its a great concept, but its a slight waste of money, because if you want to update the games you can't, so you may eventually have to buy them on the market, despite donating $30 like I did

    • Brandon Lancaster

      Did you not see the update note in the post? They have a few different methods of providing updates for the games you buy.

  • sriracha

    awesome AP and Brandon, thanks for pointing this out! i've never heard of Humble Bundle before, but now i have made my purchase and signed up for future bundles.

  • Logan

    If anyone got as confused as I did at the download page, do this:
    Choose 'Android' instead of 'Windows' and then click the 'Android Binaries' button down at the bottom of the page to see the APK downloads.

    • sriracha

      or check the page through your android device. it's a smart page, it can tell what to show you for downloads depending on what you are viewing the page from.

  • GergS

    Bought the bundle for $5. Gave all the money to charity using the slider :P

    Edge doesn't work with my Galaxy Nexus GSM w/ CM9 alpha. Hrmmmm.

    Looking forward to playing Anomaly.

    • Ashem

      CM9 alpha huh? Works fine on my CM7 HTC Inc 2. It's probably CM9.

    • Spartan062

      Yeah, EDGE doesn't work on CM9. I tried on my Fascinate running CM9. No go.

      • wgasa

        i'm guessing it's just a cm9 problem, not ics. works on my sensation running arhd ics. but seeing as how the balance calibration screen talks about iphone, i think this release was a little rushed...

        • http://www.apportable.com/ Collin Jackson (Apportable)

          What version are you running? (it says in the crawl at the bottom of the main menu) Apportable ported EDGE to Android, and I thought we removed all references to iphone but maybe we missed one.

        • wgasa

          @Collin Jackson (Apportable), i'm running edge extended, version 1.80. also it didn't say version no. in the crawl at the bottom (just has mobigame 2008-2012 scrolling), went to the remove app screen and it said it there. the reference is when you select balance as a control option from the option screen, the sensor calibration screen reads "hold your iPhone/iPod/iPad flat then press o" (the k is cropped off the end, this seems to be another problem, the app doesn't seem to adjust too well to the sensation's resolution/aspect ratio, things look a little distorted in game). thanks for the reply though, i bought edge a few years ago on the n97 (great game!), so was happy to see it on android! on that note the balance control was much smoother on the n97, it seems too sensitive even on the lowest setting, i've switched to the onscreen controls.

        • http://www.apportable.com/ Collin Jackson (Apportable)

          1.80 is really old. You should re-download it to get the new version.

  • kellett23

    Love Humble Bundle been using for it a while on my PC so glad they have brought it to Android and even more glad i didnt purchase Anomaly Warzone Earth from the Android Market the other day and got this instead

  • http://twitter.com/nicolimoh Nicoli Moh

    if installed on a linux distro, will the games be updated automatically?