T-Mobile UK just announced the plan to kill all plans for our brothers and sisters across the pond. It's called The Full Monty and it's everything that you could possibly want in a mobile plan - unlimited calls, texts, data, and tethering all for one price.

The plan has four different variants, each of which is mostly differentiated by applicable devices. Here's a quick overview of what it looks like:

2012-01-30 11h28_31

If you notice, the most affordable plan is also the one available on the widest variety of devices, but it also has one hindrance compared to the other choices: it only offers 2,000 talk-time minutes to networks other than T-Mo. The other variations, none of which are usable with an Android phone (what gives, T-Mo?), offer completely unlimited talk-time to any network.

Aside from that one drawback, this plan is truly incredible - one that most of us here in the U.S. would love to have.

The plan will be available beginning February 1; for more info check out this blog post from T-Mobile UK.

Cameron Summerson
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  • Oliver

    /jealous. :(

    ten chars...

  • SparklingCyaNide

    I soooo Want that on my T-Mobile USA account, Seriously! I have grandfathered unlimited Loyalty plan anyways already but it'll be good for new subscribers and upgraders - D

  • Freak4Dell

    Pretty good plan. It's expensive when converted to USD, but for folks over there, it's a very good rate for what they get.

    T-Mobile service over there is pretty good, too. I had them for the year I was over there, albeit on pay as you go. The rates were fair, the data was fast, and coverage was vast.

    I think you can get other smartphones on there, though. They just listed those phones as examples. Worst case, you can just ask for a SIM card and put it in whatever phone you please.

    • http://profiles.google.com/ISantop Ian

      Currently, that comes out to about 56 USD. For a monthly rate and (almost) unlimited everything, that blows (almost) everything they offer over here out of the water. The only exception is the family plan, with unlimited everything for 49.99, but that requires two lines, minimum.

  • Martin

    I'm on a Giffgaff sim only deal - £10 for all you can eat data and texts plus 250mins calls...This runs on the o2 network and is way better than any offer currently available..

    If you want to get a sim click on the link below..gets you £5 extra credit


  • Edd

    Lol... only 2,000 minutes? :)

    Anyway, a good plan, although as ever I can't believe how people have been hoodwinked into paying top dollar (pound) for the locked-down, poor-hardwared iPhone.

    I'm in the UK, and personally I buy a top end phone off eBay, get a £10 a month SIM (300 minutes etc),and sell the phone when I replace it = much cheaper and averages out to about £18 a month

  • http://ericcamil.com Eric

    The 2000 minutes isn't that bad if you use wifi calling anyway. Unless they somehow count those as minutes, otherwise you are golden.

    • http://profiles.google.com/ISantop Ian

      I've never been able to burn through 300 minutes a month, so that's essentially unlimited for me.

  • Martin Garthwaite

    Well as a T-Mobile customer of over 10 years (I used to work for them so I get 50% off my standard package).

    Of course you can put this sim in any phone you like, so take the £41 a month deal, sell the iphone and stick the sim in your Android phone. Simple ;)

  • Mesmorino

    I'm currently on 600mins and 300texts with unlimited internet at £25 a month. I wouldn't mind paying a bit more for the cheapest of those plans, although when it's time to upgrade i'm going to ask for as much as i can get without paying more >:]

  • Nick

    I see that there's no asterisk next to UNLIMITED on the Internet section.

    No doubt T-Mo is most likely full of sh*t when it comes to that claim, and that there's a cap.

    • Freak4Dell

      If you bothered to read the blog that was linked, you would have seen that fair use restrictions do not apply to this plan. So yes, it's truly unlimited.

  • Shark

    How does a BB 9900 cost more than a Sensation per month (even with unlimited minutes to other networks)? That's absurd!
    Still, nice to see our operators in the UK giving a decent price for plenty of usage.

  • Katixa

    Meanwhile in Spain... companies continue to ROB us and ABUSE us with noone doing anything to fix it. My current plan is about 47euro (around 60 USD), with 350 minutes calls, 350 SMS, and 500Mb of Internet at full bandwidth (after that you get 128kbps).

    The highest plan is 100 euro (around 130 USD?), with 1000 minutes, 1Gb Internet (after that, 128kbps), 350 SMS.

    I don't really care about the calls because I barely call. SMS basically the same, just a few, but usually Whatsapp.

    There are, of course, cheaper companies, but you basically get the same crap in all of them about internet limits. I guess they are there to avoid using the phone as a hotspot, meaning you wouldn't be paying an additional internet connection at home. That has to change some day, as phones are not what they used to be. Stop scamming people. We want ONE internet connection fee, and that's all.

  • Martin Garthwaite

    For those of you in the UK, apologies to the rest of the world because this is most likely going to make you very angry!

    In the UK on T-Mobile you can get a 30 day rolling contract for £10 per month that gives you Unlimited Internet & Unlimited text and 100 minutes. It's a great deal!! Plus T-Mobile do not charge you to tether and whilst they have a fare usage policy they don't actually enforce it.

    I love T-Mobile!!!

  • http://www.newcomersguideusa.com Val

    Re the 2000 minutes of the plan: these refer to outgoing minutes only, as in Europe all incoming calls are FREE unlike in the USA where they count towards the monthly minute allowance. So 2000 outgoing minutes (with all incoming calls free) is a lot of minutes.

  • Martin Garthwaite

    no the minutes / text / internet are all in the UK. We are supposed to be in a single market, but it's not that great.

  • Jeff

    Check out Simple Mobile, then. Their unlimited voice, text, and 4g data is $60 with no contract. That includes all taxes.

    If T-Mobile works well in your area, so will Simple. They are a T-Mobile MVNO.


  • Tomas

    compare this plans with the argentinean plans. im in personal we have a month contract of 200$ (45 us dollars) they give us unlimited data (caped if you pass 2gb to 128kbs) 500 min of talk (250 min to personal and 250 to other) and 250 sms & mms. they are stealing us badly.

  • CactusCat

    The £61 plan is about $96 US. Not that bad of a deal but much better than US version, especially since free top end phones are part of the deal. My question is:
    1. What is the length of the contract? 2 years?
    2. Since England is so much smaller than the USA in size, do they suffer from the same coverage problems as we have here?

  • CruzIzcaredoNotn

    I think this is a great deal, even when you might use more than 2,000 minutes a month. All you really need is to install a free calling app like GTalk or Skype and use this to call friends and keep the 2,000 minutes for business or whatever. Unlimited internet!!!!!!!

  • wargh

    UK's coverage is pretty crap compared to the US as far as I am concerned. However, Germany has the most amazing coverage I have ever seen. Drove from south to north and never ever (sometimes not even in tunnels) did the signal decrease.

  • Antonio

    T-Mobile has capped the data speed at 1mb/s on the Full Monty tariff. Not so good after all