Are you one of literally dozens of users who believe that your 4.5" smartphone is too small, that 7" tablets are too big, and that styluses never got the shot they deserve on a modern smartphone? Then mark February 19th on your calendars, friends. The Galaxy Note from Samsung is landing that very day (pre-orders start on February 5th).


The Galaxy Note is unique enough in its own right. Part phone, part tablet, the device attempts to be it all for the power user who can't quite decide which device they want. For what it's worth, the stylus looks to be one of the best attempts at integrating writing with the familiar touchscreen.

If you were looking at the Note as your next phablet purchase, however, be sure to check the data plans. According to AT&T, the device "requires a new 2-year wireless agreement with voice (min $39.99/mo) and min monthly data plan ($20/mo)." While it's likely you'll be able to buy the device off-contract for the unsubsidized price, it's unclear if AT&T will allow users to sign up for a data-only plan.

Create, capture and share in new ways with the samsung galaxy note, available from at&t feb. 19

AT&T’s Latest 4G LTE Device Offers Customers a New Way to

Communicate and Collaborate

DALLAS, Jan. 30, 2012 –

Key Facts

· Previously announced at AT&T’s Developer Summit leading up to the International Consumer Electronics Show

earlier this month, the Samsung Galaxy Note™ arrives in carbon blue and ceramic white atAT&T

* stores beginning Feb. 19 for $299.99 with a two-year agreement.

· Customers excited to get their hands on this dream device even earlier can pre-order at http://www.att.com/galaxynote

or any AT&T company-owned retail store beginning Sunday, Feb. 5 for delivery by Feb. 17.

· The Galaxy Note combines the best features of a smartphone with the larger viewing screen of a tablet

and advanced technology in the S Pen™ -- delivering an all-in-one device that allows users to work more efficiently and maintain productivity, while communicating in a unique, personal way.

· Galaxy Note boasts the world’s first 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED™ screen (1280x800), one of the largest screens on a smartphone

, for sharp, clear colors and readability – both indoors and out.  With the expansive high-resolution screen that provides an immersive viewing experience, customers can take full advantage of the large display, to create and consume more.

· The Galaxy Note includes a highly advanced tool called the S Pen, which delivers fast, responsive and precise control to create fine lines and detail on the device display, much like an ink pen and pad of paper.  With the S Pen, users can easily sketch drawings, jot down notes, or write emails and texts quickly and easily in free-form handwriting.

· S Memo™, a multimedia application

designed to capture all forms of user-created content captured by the S Pen, allows for pictures, voice recordings, typed text, handwritten notes or drawings to be combined via a single application, converted to a ‘memo’, and shared as desired.

· It also includes a smart professional planning tool that makes full use of the device’s large screen. The calendar integrates the phone’s to-do list and schedule; control and navigation is intuitive, helping customers comprehensively organize their lives.

· An easy screen-capture function also allows users to instantly save any screen, which can also be annotated with the S Pen before being saved or shared.

· Users can communicate in personal, creative ways expanding beyond traditional sharing methods with the Galaxy Note.


The Galaxy Note features a unique portfolio of custom designed optional accessories including:

· Desktop Dock to get the most out of your Galaxy Note at home

· Spare Battery Charging System that allows for a convenient backup charging solution

· Protective Flip Cover Case, available in multiple colors including tan, black, pink, red, white, blue.

· Galaxy Note S Pen Holder Kit which offers a solution for users in need of a more traditional writing instrument. With a spare S Pen included, the S Pen Holder secures the navigation tool inside and offers a comfortable grip and allows for more detailed use.

The Galaxy Note is also compatible with the following universal accessories:  Micro USB Adapter, HDTV Smart Adapter, Car Power Charger with Detachable Data Cable (Micro USB), Micro USB Data Cable, Travel Charger (Detachable with USB to Micro USB Cable), and the premium Refined Sound wired headset.


Beginning Sunday, Feb. 5 customers will have the option to pre-order the Note at http://www.att.comgalaxynote

or by visiting an AT&T company-owned retail store.  Pre-orders processed by Feb. 15 will arrive by Feb. 17 at customers’ homes.

Source: AT&T

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  • kb

    Sweet phone but I never want to goto atandt. T-mo and a G2 with CM7 for now.

  • Jon Garrett

    I'm considering the unsubsidized price cause right now I have 4 of my allowed 5 lines activated and I really cant afford a higher phone bill.

  • Spydie

    I bought the international model a few weeks ago and my best friend is getting his tomorrow. I love this phone. Too bad ATT screwed up the nice looks of it by replacing the 3 buttons (one nice center hardkey for "home") with their 4 capacitive keys... on a phone that's going to have ICS about the same time ATT releases it.

    • J Rush

      If the Galaxy Note still had it's button, I'm sure it wouldn't even be on the market right now. Apple would sue, and the device would be delayed until the button got removed.

      • drksilenc

        um it still is and they have sold over amillion units already

  • Oliver

    Dear AT&T,
    I've grown very tired of waiting and holding onto my old POS iPhone 3GS, so will you please wake me up when you finally release a reasonably-sized phone (less than 4.5in screen) that has great specs, LTE, and Ice Cream Sandwich? Thanks ahead of time.

    Someone Who Doesn't Want to Switch to Verizon.

    PS: If the Skyrocket receives an official ICS update this month, or you release something even better with ICS, I'll buy it; but, if not, I'll become a Verizon subscriber on March 1st. :(

    • joshnichols189

      Goodluck on that Skyrocket ICS update happening this month.. LOL

    • AT&T’r

      Dear Oliver:

      If you want less that 4.5", please check out our BlackBerries. Don't let the door hit you on the *ss on March 1st. You'll be back...

  • Jonathan

    skyrocket is a good phone but ICS rocks. and if i didnt already have it i wouldnt buy a phone if it didnt have ICS on it

  • Tunix2

    Cant wait for this phone! I didn't much care for the:

    "Are you one of literally dozens of users who believe that your 4.5" smartphone is too small, that 7" tablets are too big"

    comment, there is a larger demand for this product than that I am sure AT&T will sell a lot of these.

    • droidal

      I agree, the author is a Dick..

    • sriracha

      no need to feel insecure about belonging to a minority. it's just the rest of us don't want an external HDD sized device strapped to our melons when we are chatting on the phone. which looks almost as silly as having a blue strobe light on the side of one's head directing everybody's attention to said squash.

      "there is a LARGER demand.." lol, i get it. good one!

  • aarnoldupenn

    You can put ICS on Skyrocket check out XDA! I have it and its amazing!!! but Ill be getting the Note next month!

  • http://bradhicks.livejournal.com/ J. Brad Hicks

    I *was* interested. But they've priced it out of my range. Given how many $200 to $250 no-contract tablets are out there, $300 for a small tablet, even with built-in phone, is way too high for an in-contract price. At $200, I'd have been very tempted. Any more than that, forget it.

  • ben

    Can anyone tell me if the international version can be used on Verizon. Or if there is a version that can be?

    • drksilenc

      no it cannot because they use different tech. although theres a rumor that verizon and sprint are both getting one