Some unofficial builds have been floating around for a while, but tonight, it looks like Nexus S 4G owners are about to get some allegedly official ICS update action. Over on the XDA forums, user mrxkills has uploaded all the files necessary to get your Sprint Google Experience device updated to 4.0.4.


You read that right: 4.0.4. Compared to 4.0.3, the build we've seen passed around for a while on other devices like the Xoom and the Galaxy Nexus. This is also build number IMM26, compared to IML74K. Unfortunately, we don't know what of all changed yet, outside of the presence of WiMax drivers in this build.

If you're looking for confirmation on whether this build flashes OK, senior XDA member swamp goblin had this to say:

I flashed all of the files via fastboot, and everything is working fine. Kinda nice to see something "official" for ns4g

The poster on XDA has said he plans on leaving the files available for download for about three days, so if you're looking to get the jump on Sprint's official release, hit up the thread sooner rather than later. However, if you're reading this in the future, or in the event Dropbox cuts off downloads due to overuse, we've got some mirrors for you right here:

Note: For reasons unknown, Minus in mirror 2 is renaming .exe extensions to .bin, so be sure to correct this after downloading before proceeding.

Happy flashing, but remember to be careful - neither XDA nor Android Police will be responsible for any potential harm to your device.

Update: Installation video by qbking77:

Source: XDA, thanks Justin!

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  • http://www.thepixelpuse.com aj

    I'm assuming this breaks root?

  • https://profiles.google.com/lord.phoenix.rus/about Lord_Phoenix

    Oh, come one... I'm still on 4.0.1 on my Galaxy Nexus... not fair...

  • calvin

    "we don't know what of all changed yet, outside of the presence of WiMax drivers in this build"

    Now this get me wondering "WiMax drivers?" hmm winder will this lead in to better support for the EpTouch (epic 4g touch) because ICS on that phone would rock....

    you know what! "I wanna rock!" +1 of you get that one

    • mark shramek

      Do you know if I will still get OTA updates if I flash this? I am running stock 2.3.7 right now.

  • thomm

    and what about a nexus s ics ota?

  • tomix

    nexus s gsm ota?????? when ??????

    • Glenn

      Uhhhh.. Just flash it? It's not much of a hassle anyway. (:

      • thomm

        we are not talking about that buggy 4.0.3 but about a new 4.0.4

  • Maranello

    It breaks root, but there is a rooted option but read instructions to see what else needs to be flashed, if you want to flashed the rooted one. I used Odin to get the update. So i'm unrooted now, but the rom felt smooth, might of felt smoother than any custom ICS rom i've tried.

    • http://www.thepixelpuse.com aj

      Where did you find the rooted one? I'd love to flash that!

      • Maranello

        Peter Alfonso has the rooted version on his website now.

  • todd

    It won't let me do mirror 2?

  • Buckii

    Gawd, I'm still waiting on a stable if not officially go at it for my nexus s on the koodo mobile network in Canada like come on.. Lol

  • kennyg007

    Does this work on a GSM Nexus S phone?

    • Blah

      No, this will NOT work on a GSM Nexus S. Do NOT install it on your GSM Nexus S or you will brick your phone.

      • http://iandouglas.com/ Ian Douglas

        I have IML74K on a GSM Nexus S and it works just fine, can't see why *this* version would brick it?

  • mike

    Does this mean an official OTA Ice Cream Sandwich update from Google and Sprint will be coming soon?

  • James

    And I9020A users are still left crying. I'm one of them...

    • kennyg007

      Therefore there is no GSM support in this release.

    • Ravi Shah

      i got tired of waiting and used a custom rom. Codename aosp+.

  • joey

    In the video, he says that it wipes all your data. Does "data" include things like contacts, photos, apps, and music?


      Even if it doesn't wipe everything your probably better off just to back up your contacts and stuff and then wipe your phone clean and start again. That's my plan once the i9020a is finally released, just like getting a new phone which its said to be like. Can't believe us Canadians with the i9020a are being left till last like usual, come on Canada loves Android...... Probably more then Americans.

    • http://www.spiceview.com Bevon

      I did it and its much much faster.
      If you phone isnt rooted then you will have to at least unlock the bootloader.
      Doing that will wipe your sd card. So i recommend backing up your sd card to your computer. Ie pictures, movies etc.

      Once i installed ics i copied back over my pictures to the sd card. Your apps, contacts and google music will automatically sync back once you add your google account. Those are hosted on google cloud.

  • BB

    My contacts are saved via google contacts (online), my music is saved via google music (online), my pics are accessible via instant upload (online), and my apps history is stored on my google account. Getting all of your data back (even if it does wipe your phone) is so easy you might as well not consider it a disadvantage. Some app data is lost, but you pretty much get everything back.

  • Mark J.

    If I download this on my Nexus S 4G, and the official OTA update from Google and Sprint is released in the future, will I be able to update my Nexus to the official OTA ICS update while running this leaked ICS build? Or will I have to remove this build and return to stock Gingerbread to update it to the official ICS OTA update? Someone please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks

    • the1who

      Yeah, I am curious too, but I'm flashing right now anyways. I am sure there will be a solution for us somewhere, I am just not looking for it so I am not finding it either.

    • the1who

      You know, I am trying to make recovery image in case I need to use it, and I am learning a lot, so I hope I just get it done correctly.

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Looks like the xda post got killed. Yikes.

  • Lily

    Can you do this on a Mac?

  • Adam

    Odin will not work on Mac OS, you must use heimdall. You can also boot camp and run windows, which is what I do.

  • Peter

    I need some help, Ive tried doing this (and other methods to upgrade to ICS) and I cant get past the the locked bootloader.
    Sometimes I get a screen asking if I want to unlock the loader but not options to turn it off. Downloaded and installed the android sdk and the java sdk to unlock it, then run cmd prompt to check for fast boot devices Im told that that isnt a recognised command.
    If someone could give me a hand... my ID for yahoo messenger is beowulf_ct
    Thank you

  • Josh

    I flashed my phone over a couple days ago, and everything seems to be working perfectly except for the proximity sensor. When I make or take a call, and then go to end the call, I have to press the power key to get the screen to turn back on to hang up or do anything else on the screen. Anyone else having this problem?

    • the1who

      Since I flashed this weekend, I have made and received a few calls since. I haven't had that problem at all myself. I do have problems with some apps that, IMO haven't been completely optimized for ICS yet, like Foursquare, but other than that, everything is really smooth and I agree, works perfectly otherwise. Look forward to the official, official version, and though I can probably flash a version with it, the one with face unlock to come.

  • http://thegreenwiretech.blogspot.com Nicholas Juste

    I have a Google Nexus S running the upgrade of ICS 4.0.3! Everything seems to work smoothly. Does anybody know if the Zoom feature on the GNS will be introduced soon? Cause I have no zoom and it is just frustrating to keep cropping pictures taken. Second, If you are familiar with the ICS 4.0.3 running on the Google Nexus S, do you think an upgrade to 4.0.4 is required? Just for the sake of staying on the page! +1 for the amazing help.

  • Richard Dolce

    Has anyone had any trouble receiving texts with this update? I installed ICS a few weeks back and it was working fine. For the last week I haven't been able to receive texts from non-Sprint users.

    Anyone else having this issue?

  • http://www.waterrower.com dave

    This runs excellent so smooth and quick. Had miui got sick of spam Chinese notifications! Was scared of security... I lost root. How can I get it back.. xda post is gone that's odd.. good write up though thanks!