• http://www.thepixelpuse.com aj

    I'm just really confused as to why manufacturers/carriers NEVER announce a release date when they announce the phone will be coming. It's probably my only pet-peeve with Android devices.

    • Unplugged

      As opposed to Apple which never admits to even a new phone until a few weeks in advance?

  • Rob

    Interesting. Still have a ways to go until I'm eligible for my upgrade. Summer 2012. :)

    • calvin

      sadly/happily for me mine is Feb first the best i can do is this.

      A) upgrade to the Eptouch (epic 4g touch, witch is not a bad phone.) but be stuck with Wimax that will not work.
      B) stay with sprint even after my contract is over, witch would put me on a month to month basses, until i make a new contract for this phone or the "Galaxy Note Lte" (if that happens)
      c) just move over to 'Big Red' and get the Droid razr maxx and be happy with it...

      Ahhh what a time to be a Android Lover. {^_^}

      • squiddy20

        Just pointing this out but in your option A, Sprint will, at the very least, maintain their current Wimax network till around 2014 or 2015. So if you currently get the service in your area, it will still "work" for a few more years, and who knows, maybe Sprint will upgrade a few more areas to Wimax.

  • Carlos

    My sister works for tech support, and her educated estimate was that it should be coming no later than a month or so from now considering they were just recently given training on ics.

  • Ricky

    Can't wait for this phone to launch im gonna be the advocate for it for the sprint store I work at so it's free for me score!

  • Unplugged

    This phone is only an option if Sprint also includes a Wi Max radio also. I'm in the LA area which has Wi Max 4G and I would lose my 4G coverage if this phone only supports LTE 4G.