Touchscreen recoveries are all the rage these days. From TeamWin's TWRP, to unofficial variants of everyone's favorite, ClockworkMod Recovery. This morning, though, Koush himself took to Google+ to tease his very own blend of touchscreen controls for the recovery running on millions of devices.

While there's no release available for download yet, the work already looks promising. All the swiping, tapping, and touching we've all grown so used to is there. Koush also promises "there will be better graphics and whatnot later," so expect a UI revamp before this actually hits your devices.

[Source: Koushik on Google+; Thanks Micah]

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Jim

    awesome..& damn that video was blurry

  • sriracha

    it'll be interesting to see how this performs next to 4EXT, my personal favorite recovery.

  • bobbutt

    he hasn't been able to keep up with all the devices on old regular CWM.. hopefully it will be different this time

  • Joe

    Hopefully this gets released soon, or I will be quite sad.

  • Ronnie

    I've been using 4EXT touch recovery for a while but I'm excited for this. Koush is the man.

  • Hal Motley

    Looking good, sure beats using the volume rocker to navigate!

    I still hope for teh lulz that Clockwork adds a dialer to his recovery, it would be pretty sweet to call people while in recovery.

    • sriracha

      be better with a launcher in recovery too. then you could still use your apps while hanging out in recovery. bitchin! you'd have no reason to fully boot your phone.. saves a step.

  • jaibar

    Been using 4ext recovery (by madmaxx) for months- waaayyy better using touch screen rather than volume buttons... Actually it is so cool that it makes flashing things lots of fun! Highly recommend to try it!

  • RaptorOO7

    I'm already using it now, CWMR Touch by UnstableApps. Its 1.99 and it works for the Nexus (ICS of course). Its worth it.

    Koush does make slick stuff, but you have to give props to the fella that decided to work on it. Maybe they are collaborating on it, don't know.

  • zE

    No thanks, Ill keep the volume rocker controls please

  • http://www.g33kme.com John Doe

    I actually like the volume rocker to navigate thru CWM. Its just a different kind of feel using hardware buttons to navigate, especially on the Galaxy Note http://goo.gl/ddiqu