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If you need more storage space on your device but are waiting for the perfect deal to show up before buying a microSD card, here's the one you've been waiting on. Newegg has a Patriot class 10 16GB card going for a mere ten bones right now after a ten dollar mail-in-rebate. So, technically, you're spending $20 to start off, but you're getting $10 of it back later - probably when you have already forgotten about it. It'll be a surprise!

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Newegg is also sending this one out sans-shipping, so you're saving money on that front, too. Definitely a good deal, considering I picked up an 8GB class 6 card several weeks ago for around $20 with no mail-in-rebate. Hit the link to buy.

Patriot Class 10 microSD ard from Newegg

Cameron Summerson
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  • Joe C

    I really considered it until I read the reviews...seems like a crappy card.

  • red

    Yikes...definitely read the reviews at Newegg. This sounds more like a 3 month memory card rental than a purchase.

  • Agrajag

    I've had one for almost 6 months and haven't had any issues. Its a great card and runs as fast as its supposed to.

  • andre

    Every single review is bad. I'm good.....

  • Phact0rri

    I've had bad experience with most of the patriots Ram and memory I've ever purchased.

    • http://www.pricewatch.com/gallery/flash_card_memory/microsdhc_16gb wpfn

      Agreed. The same goes for Super Talent to me as well. I'd rather spend the $20 on a card and NOT have to return it.

  • Steve

    Jeez! Don't post crap like this. I quickly canceled when I saw the infinite string of bad reviews.

  • Troubl5h0otr

    Patriot admits to a phone compatibility issue and seems to be trying to make good with the bad cards (read this response) YMMV
    Manufacturer Response:
    Dear Customer,

    I'm sorry to hear that the card failed in your Android phone.
    Around early of last year we have found that there was an industry
    wide compatibility problem with Android based and Windows 7 phones
    working with 32GB and some 16GB class 10 micro SD cards.
    We have seen issues with the Samsung Focus, Motorola Driod/X, HTC Evo 4g.
    Rest assured that we updated the firmware on these cards if you purchased
    this early last year. Please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail and
    I'll be glad to setup an exchange for a new card.

    Thank You for choosing Patriot Memory!

    Patriot Support