Kaiser Permanente, the largest medical organization in the U.S., has released its official app into the Android Market. The app allows health plan members to access vital information, including medical records and prescription information, as well as the ability to make appointments and send messages to their doctor directly from their smartphone.

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The information provided within the app gets quite detailed, as it offers full information about your medical history and past doctor appointments. You can also find nearby KP locations from directly from the app.

This is definitely a must-have app for all Kaiser Permanente members and, best of all, it's free. Hit the widget to grab it.

Cameron Summerson
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  • Johnny Danger

    How f*n worthless is this app. Does this even follow HIPPA standards? Yes, download this app, then have hackers steal your info.

    To the makers of this app,

    Do you really expect people to download ur open source app and let you take our info at will.

    Thank you but no thank you.

  • Matt Bernard

    This company sucks. The whole healthcare system sucks.

  • http://robert.aitchison.org Robert Aitchison

    Downloaded this one last night, decent functionality though it's pretty obviously just a front end for a mobile web interface.

    I rarely go to the doctor so there isn't much data available but it has doctors visits and test results going back more than 5 years.

    My wife goes to the doctor quite a bit and she found it useful enough to earn a place on her home screen.

  • Fergie

    Saw this app and downloaded it for my droid...it doesn't even work!!!

    Laggy and buggy don't even come close to describing my horrible experience with this app. I tried to make an appointment...crash. I try to email my doctor....crash.

    Basically, the only function which works decent is the "find location" function.

    O....lookie...it found a hospital near me, which is the same hospital I've been going to for years.

    BTW...Kaiser does suck. Why do I keep getting stuck with "religious doctors" trying to teach me a higher power, and long lines waiting for medicine. I mean, if I wanted a sermon I'd go to church. I need meds and med advice!!!!!

    Also their customer care blows.

  • Kristen Bowen

    I love my visits with my doctor at Kaiser.

    Super friendly staff with great customer service.

    However I have to agree with some of the comments about this app.

    Using my Sidekick 4g, it seems like the app isn't optimized for my phone. The screen is always shifted to the right so I can never make out entire sentences.

    I'm not too sure why the app is so slow. I'm on my homes wifi and it still takes a long time to load any information.

    Plus, I don't really feel safe using this app. Are my records still safe from spyware and hackers?

  • Carla

    They should have invested in technology long ago. This was time better spent on accountability, background checks and clearly malpractice.

  • Thomas

    Another worthless app.....nothing to see here people

  • George

    To all the haters here,
    I actually work for Kaiser and this app works great on my phone.
    We try every day to provide a good experience and if you are not satisfied with your doctor, maybe you should consider trying a different hospital.
    We try to be proactive at Kaiser, but apparently all people do on this forum is talk down about things they don't even understand.
    Of course this app is secure, we wouldn't release it if it wasn't.
    And just because you can get the same thing by picking up your phone, doesn't mean that this isn't a step in the right direction. Maybe the reason why you can't see the value in this app is because you guys lack vision, but of course a bunch of people on the web can't be wrong.

    If this app doesn't work on your phone, maybe it's because you have an old or hacked phone. Hint, get a new phone and don't hack it. Period

    • is

      Nice example of helpful and understanding customer service. Why dont you make an app compatible with low level smartphones? Not all of your customers can afford to upgrade every 6-12 months.

  • is

    Not necessarily a fan of Kaiser but how many hackers want your health info? I am much more worried about my bank accounts and credit cards. As someone in the medical field, I can tell you that HIPPA interferes with your care and makes it more expensive.

    • Goat cheese

      Hacker here.

      Taking medical info is like a gold mine. Attached to medical records is payment history which leads me to credit info as well as personal info.

      Plus I take the medical history and sell this to a 3rd party company.

      Please use this app....I have a morgage

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii