Multiple sources - including The Verge and BestBoyZ - are reporting that Samsung will not be announcing the Galaxy S III at this year's Mobile World Congress. This goes against what many have speculated, as its predecessor, the Galaxy S II, was announced at last year's MWC.

Apparently, Samsung is planning to announce the device at a special event some time "before summer," in order to avoid the long delay between releases internationally and in the US. They'll still have some "interesting stuff" to announce, but if you're holding out for a new Samsung superphone in Barcelona this year, you may be disappointed.

Source: The Verge

  • L boogie

    If they're working on a global release unlike the galaxy s 2 launch then much kudos to Samsung but I'll wait till MWC then see what takes place

  • venky

    Happy with my S2.. Wouldnt care for a newer device right now.. unless it has VR, teleportation and space travel.

  • http://gadgetstip.com aatif

    LOL somewhere i have read that samsung galaxy s3 specs is confirmed ! Let see when they are going to launch this super phone

  • John

    So in essence this is actually a delay for the European market because American carriers can't get their shit together?

    • Rahul

      Lol... So true..

    • boe

      Hey, it takes time to bog down a phone with crapware like the Sprint store, nascar etc. that we are going to remove as soon as we get the phone.

  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

    From the look of it, Samsung is sorta trying to copy Apple's announcement and release timing of the iPhone. It appears they want to push their flagship device out about every year or so, which is a pretty good schedule. I think this is good of them. Hopefully they deliver on the timing and schedule.

    As a personal bonus, about the time the SGS3 hits the US sometime in or after summer, I should be up for a renewal. I just wonder if there will be a jellybean alternative coming around that time.

  • http://www.androidapplets.com/ Jose

    Samsung released S2 around one year after the release of Galaxy S. So I think we can expect S3 by May/June this year.
    I am happy with my S2 and waiting for the ICS update.

  • boe

    They can announce it whenever they want - I just hope they release a CDMA version as soon as possible.

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