Rockstar Games unleashed the 10th Anniversary Edition of Grand Theft Auto III onto the Android Market just over a month ago, and we thought it was awesome. Unfortunately, the game was only available for a few devices upon its release, but it has since added support for many more.

If you own a Transformer Prime, you'll be glad to know that the game's latest update puts your device on the "approved" list. In addition, the update brings SD card support, which is huge considering the game file is rather large.

Aside from those two majorly important additions, here's what else you'll see:

  1. Added support for Medion Lifetab and the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime
  2. Integrated with Immersion Haptic Vibration Feedback
  3. Tailor your visual experience with new video display settings
  4. Improved controls for supported gamepads
  5. Improved controls for Xperia Play
  6. Game can now be installed to an SD card
  7. Gamestop Wireless Game Controller Fully supported.
  8. Additional technical fixes

Don't have it yet? Go get it!

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Brandon Lancaster
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  • Rob

    I thought it was good before, but the controls on the Xperia Play are now so great, I'm not sure this game needs any more updates.

  • http://qtserver.org Flippy125

    This fixed small stuttering while playing on the Galaxy Nexus also. The haptic feedback still needs some work. right now its just a quick vibration no matter what you did. slamming into a wall with your car has the same feel as shooting people

  • Moi Poi

    To all fans with SGS. It's possible to run this game using CM7 and Glitch kernel. OC set to 1400 MHz. The game loses some frames occasionally, but it's possible to play and enjoy. :-)

    In order to get even better results use Chainfire 3D set to Powervr.

    That's it. You have a classic in palm of your hands!

  • http://www.passsy.de passsy

    Still not available for the Prime. I'm still waiting...

  • XT69

    On S2 even worse than before, after less than a minute of playing freezes for a second, then force closes... now I gave up, it was a useless purchase :(

  • bobbutt
    • Sbudellaman

      Are u sure ? Did u test it ?
      In my lg optimus one i have this problem with the accelerometer... im just waiting a fix for it.

      • bobbutt

        yeah, as soon as I saw this article I reinstalled gta3 and tested it.. still exactly the same

  • Kyle

    Weird. I downloaded it when it came out and it's been running great on my Evo3d, but I tried to update it just now and it says it's not compatible with my device.

  • Mrimi

    is it true galaxy mini can run this game?

  • hushitiy

    My Galaxy S (first) has difficulty running this without slowdown.

  • shiftkey

    will it work on a samsung rugby smart or m1050 tablet?