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Following up on the smash success of Great Little War Game, Rubicon Development has released an addition: GLWG All Out War. Rubicon is sure to point out that this game is not an official sequel, but instead an additional two campaigns, following up where the first game left off.

The developers also warn that these new levels are "fiendishly challenging," and advise new players to check out the original game first to get a handle on what they're up against.

great little war game all out war android game 1 great little war game all out war android game 2 great little war game all out war android game 3

All of that being said, GLWG: All Out War has four difficulty settings, allowing for some degree of control on the player's end. As with the original title, All Out War brings plenty of humor to the table (along with the original game's signature art style), making it one of the more pleasant (yet difficult) turn-based war experiences one could hope for.

Via Droid Gamers

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    The original game is fantastic! I hope this is just as good.

    • Jon Garrett

      nope, its more of the same.

      no new soldiers
      no new vehicles
      no new weapons

      just new maps, and graphically the same as the originals.

      I like GLWG and its a great game so I don't mind supporting the developers.

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    That's got to be one of the top android games.