Last Updated: January 10th, 2015

Modoohut's exDialer application, an extremely light-weight, easy-to-use, theme-able dialer app, brings a lot to the table as yet another alternative to Android's stock dialer, especially considering that it is totally free.

At A Glance

Though exDialer's theming options are impressive, the default theme itself (inspired by the famous MiUI ROM) is gorgeous, and I haven't exchanged it for another skin since first downloading the app weeks ago.

The app itself is exceedingly easy to use, and has a footprint of a mere 1.35MB, making it lightweight. The only drawback in this respect is that exDialer automatically installs exContacts, an app that basically serves as a shortcut to exDialer's built in contacts system. I find this a bit redundant, as users can simply click a button in the main app to access the exact same screen, but I suppose it may be a convenient addition for some.

ExDialer, besides functioning smoothly, includes a few extra design touches and animations that make the dialer feel that much more solid. The app's features may not be numerous, but they work well, and have a lot of convenient functionality.


When a user boots up exDialer for the first time, they'll be greeted by a familiar screen – exDialer employs the common dial pad-with-contact underlay home screen we've all seen before. Upon swiping, users can have a look at a simple call log, which highlights missed calls (for those among us who are less than attentive to our call logs). If the user clicks an entry in the call log, they are instantly transported to a contact-specific log page, which keeps a record of the number of calls made, contact info, and the option to message or call the contact.

shot_Jan_22_2012_0 shot_Jan_22_2012_12 shot_Jan_22_2012_6

ExDialer's contacts navigation system, like the dialer and call log, is intuitive and void of any clutter, providing simple options for groups, favorites, and individual contacts, while keeping a handy "Show dial pad" button at the bottom of each screen. Another nice touch is the row of letters at the screen's right-hand side, allowing for super snappy navigation when you're in a hurry.

shot_Jan_22_2012_1 shot_Jan_22_2012_2 shot_Jan_22_2012_3

Besides basic dialer functionality, exDialer offers a fair number of customization options. To begin with, exDialer makes theming incredibly easy, offering a theme selection page with a button to "get more themes," which will take the user to an Android Market search for exDialer themes. While theming isn't exactly the same as the extreme customization we've seen with other dialers (color selection for individual elements, etc), I find that premade themes are preferable – they keep customization from getting too messy, and lend themselves to easy theming interfaces such as the one employed by exDialer.

The dialer also allows for a number of additional tweaks, including UI language, text size, the option to display contacts' photos, and an interesting feature labeled "Swipe item," which allows for a surprising, yet convenient functionality which allows users to quickly call or message a contact based on which direction the contact's listing is swiped. This makes hurried dialing even faster, and certainly adds an extra something to the app overall. The only issue I have with this feature is that swiping from the contact's photo (as is my natural inclination) does not work – the user must swipe over the contact's name in order to call or send an SMS message.

shot_Jan_22_2012_4 shot_Jan_22_2012_5

Final Thoughts

Overall, I have no major complaints with exDialer. It is well-designed (with plenty of theme options), polished, and simply works well. It has a handful of refreshing and convenient features, and the UI is beautiful and easy to grasp. That being said, it doesn't blow me out of the water. With an app as well-done as exDialer, the only complaint I could possibly think of is that there isn't more. Then again, a lack of clutter is always preferable to an overabundance of unnecessary or redundant features. ExDialer's lightweight frame may be a plus to many. At any rate, exDialer makes an extremely capable replacement to Android's stock dialer, and is definitely worth checking out.

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • KamikaZee

    The best dialer I have used so far, and the dev responds to feedback :D
    When I started using it, the only thing that was missing for me was sending contacts as vcards.
    Sent an email to the dev, it was added about a week later in the next update.
    My other request was to be able to install it as a system app, so that it can clear the missed call notification (android 2.3+ prevent non-system apps from doing that).
    It used to FC when installed as system app, but that bug was fixed as well, making it the perfect dialer IMHO

    Before, the sense dialer was the only dialer that had all the functionality that I wanted (T9 search in call log, dial button dials last number no matter if incoming or outgoing, vcard support)

    Ever since switching to an AOSP rom, the dialer was the aspect I missed the most from sense. Not anymore :D

  • mrsimps

    I just downloaded this app (and I like it), but based on feedback I've seen elsewhere, I decided to test whether it can dial 911; it won't. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!

    • Raphael

      This is pretty much a flaw with most dialer apps like go contacts, they look great and have a ton of options but will not let you dial 911. I found this this out the hard way so I stick with the stock dialer, just themed with ICS

  • http://profiles.google.com/ISantop Ian

    Isn't that the dialer from MIUI?

    • TomRowly

      It's just a theme:

      "Though exDialer's theming options are impressive, the default theme itself (inspired by the famous MiUI ROM) is gorgeous"

  • kevin sharpe

    apart from themes and choose language i've had pretty much everything else mentioned in samsung's Touch Wiz for nearly 2 years. Alphabet side bar, side swipe for call or text, choose contact icons, touch icons and opensidescrolling menu for call / vidoe call / text /

    • kevin sharpe

      ooops, sorry - fat fingers on fone keyboard.
      Bugger !!!
      : -(
      where was i?

      ... text / gmail / email / navigate to their address, contact specific logs etc. These and more have all been a standard part of Samsung's Galaxy fones for so long i'm not sure why the author thinks them worthy of mention? I know Touch Wiz is frequently maligned by all and sundry but i've lost track of dialers, clocks, calenders, launchers etc i've downloaded and often paid for only to return to Touch Wiz simply cos it's basic functions are all i need and it usually does them as well as or better than the alternatives i've downloaded. Now if only Samsung would but Simi Clock and Simi Folder and integrate them into Touch Wiz they would have damn near the complete package for me. Are you listening Samusung .... hmmm?

  • JP

    I've always wanted a dialer similar to touchwiz that scaled with LCD density/resolution changes.

    I have finally found it! This is the best dialer in my experience. Minimalistic and lacking frivolous bloat other dialers add. Smooth experience on my galaxy s2.

  • Den

    Love it - design, functionality are great. Font size should be bigger. HTC Sensation.

  • Alvin

    I have been a supporter of the dialer since its inception and it has matured into the best dialer out there! Btw you guys failed to mention in the review that it is a T9 Dialer. Pretty much its main feature!!!

  • SM

    I love this dialer and have been a huge advocate of it for a while now. As far as features per pound I think that this beats them all. Not everyone has an android powerhouse for a phone and thus the other dialers are too bloated and sluggish for the more simple and less powerful handest owners. As far as the 911 dialing issue, I am sure if you make a post in the forum on XDA developers ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1329172&highlight=911 ) the creator can help out with a fix. He is very forthcoming regarding feature requests and bug fixes.

  • Ruben

    I've tried them all... but this is a keeper. I've been using it for half a year.

    Right now, however, I'm trying a MIUI ROM and it seems to be the same dialer... so I didn't reinstall this time.

    Some other wrote about the similarities, but does someone know for sure if it's the same?

  • virgopunk

    I'm using a 240dpi setting on my Note and numeric keypad comes up a bit short. It'd be great if exDialer could scale things a bit better at the higher screen res.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alistair.george2 Alistair George

    Since you have reviewed several dialers how about your summary of which one is your preferred. I used Go DiallerEX, then moved over to Cootek dialer, who also have the best Android keyboard IMHO. How about throwing the Cootek dialer in the mix and doing a compare of all?

  • http://www.facebook.com/alistair.george2 Alistair George

    Oh you already did a review of Cootek - called Touchpal. How about a comparison of them all?

  • http://www.9kizi.com/ 9kizi

    good soft

  • Robert Johnson

    "totally free"
    This is actually free-to-download $3.99 nagware.