Okay, so CES didn't provide all the quad-core, ICS-running goodness that we'd all hoped for. Don't fret, though - Mobile World Congress is coming up at the end of next month and will probably deliver more super-powered Android than we can handle.

One such device is likely to be a new handset from LG, codenamed X3. According to PocketNow, this will be the first quad-core offering from the company, packing the NVIDIA Tegra 3 superchip under its hood. Other rumored specs include a massive 4.7-inch 1,280x720 display, 8MP and 1.2MP rear and front shooters respectively, 16GB of on-board storage, microSD card slot, and a 2,000mAh battery.


It's said that the device will be powered by Android 4.0, but, for reasons unknown, will still sport capacitive buttons. It will likely have 21Mbps HSPA radios, but could possibly release with LTE radios intact as well.

Tentative release timeframe at this point is late spring or early summer, but hopefully we'll hear something more concrete at MWC.

[via PocketNow]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Lorenzo F

    And what the heck should we do with so much power and mutitasking potential, on a pocket sized smartphone?

    • http://richworks.in Richie

      Play angry birds, of course

      • Nick

        You people know there are other games in the Market, right?

  • L boogie

    Can't wait till MWC to find out which phones would be replacing my galaxy nexus meanwhile this sounds like LG is coming on strong this year, played with the spectrum at my local verizon store and it's really nice.

    • Lorenzo F

      Thanks L Boogie!
      With 550 dollars I'll buy two galaxy nexus with 4/5 months of usage and 19/20 months of warranty remaining, thanks to people like you.

      • L boogie

        Don't thank me at all, after MWC, you might feel like kid in a candy store.... Enjoying the nexus btw and have NO NEED TO CHANGE my phone ANYTIME SOON and shop around to spend that 550 well

  • http://yobif.com Yobif

    4.7' Display size? Hmmm.. bigger than ever.

  • John

    A 4.7" display plus buttons.... This thing is going to be big.

  • slurms mckenzie

    yes bigger screen

  • Mike

    Does anyone else think that on-screen buttons seems like it will be on the Galaxy Nexus only?

  • L boogie

    If that display is the same one used on the spectrum or they utilize their NOVA display, that's gonna be a spectacular beast of a phone but no OEM skin or at least make it optional.

  • http://bz.com BZ

    If the support is anything like the Optimus 2x - forget it. ICS for the o2x now going to be released only after a public outcry, maybe Q2 this year... There'll be other quad-core phones, perhaps a little later to be released, but far better support-wise....

  • Aaron

    With a bezel that beautifully small, I can deal with the buttons...

  • calvin

    Maybe the reason OEM are using buttons and not the on-screen buttons is because if they used the on-screen buttons they will have to be running stock ISC 4.xx, and that will not be able to run there overlays with onscreen buttons there at the same time (unless they do some serious tweaking) and i don't think they want to do that.

    my idea about this is, the stock 4.0 launcher is somehow tied to the OSB (on screen buttons) and if you disable the launcher to use your own it may make the OSB go away and you will not be able to use the "Back, Home and menu/task keys"
    this point may or may not be true for the galaxy nexus? but i have not seen so far anyways a replacement launcher that works on that phone (if i'm wrong please say so OK) yet but who knows maybe they just don't trust the fact that if you crash your phone some how you may be SOL with no buttons that work. just saying.


    2,000mAh battery???? Thats weak!!!

  • Roph

    A new HD ICS phone with expandable storage, me gusta

  • Lipschitz

    Virgin Mobile will NEVER get any phone that good. :(

  • Not LG

    Optimus 2x runs slower that my old nexus one. Maybe LG needs four cores to make it run as fast as the N1.

  • ssj4Gogeta

    It's still probably going to be a bit slower than a single-core Pentium 4. But looking at the power envelope tells you just how much progress has been made. The Pentium 4's had TDP's of ~80 watts 10 years ago.

    • http://www.superiorsmartphone.com superiorsmartphone.com

      linkpack results:
      2GHz pentium 4: around 200 megaflops
      Tegra 3: around 300 megaflops

      Quite a difference :)

  • Scott

    Why don't they worry about a battery that can last for a couple of days? Something that actually MATTERS? I am sick of faster phones that last 5 minutes on battery....

  • Tyler

    Yes, if companies put nearly as much effort into better quality batteries rather than trying to release so many damn phones first, I'd be a much happier consumer. I had to buy the extended for my Thunderbolt, my brother bought the extended battery for his Bionic, and now my dad will buy 2 2100mah batteries for his new LTE Nexus as I saw this past weekend first hand how truly terrible the battery life is.
    It's sad and very off-putting, my dad had the BB Storm, and after he got the Nexus, he was tempted to go back to a new Blackberry phone because of the incredibly poor battery life.