A few weeks ago, we highlighted a neat accessory for your cell's camera called the Easy-Macro Lens Band. After reading our coverage of the item, the creator of it hit me up on Twitter to say thanks, and then sent me a few samples. I absolutely love macro photos, so I've spent the last several weeks playing with this little band and wanted to share my feelings.

What Is It?

For those unaware, the Easy-Macro band is an extremely simple solution for taking macro photos. It combines a rubber band with a macro lens, and it should work on any phone (Android, Blackberry, iOS, etc.). What's more, since it's basically just a rubber band, it doesn't require any sort of modification to the device.

Price: $15.00

Where to Buy: Photojojo (Unfortunately, they're backordered at the moment, with expected availability in February.)

The Bottom Line: If you're looking for a unique, easy-to-use method of grabbing macro shots from your phone, look no further than the Easy-Macro Band. It effectively and unequivocally does exactly what it was designed to do without any modification to your device.


wm_IMG_20120119_165313 wm_IMG_20120119_165323

It's worth noting that the version of the band that I have is actually a pre-production model, so there are some differences with the final version. I believe the color has been changed in the final version from orange to blue, and the wording has also been removed, as it comes off easily.

Test Photos

So, how well does it work? In a nutshell, I was very impressed with the quality of photographs that were possible to capture using the Easy-Macro Band. Since this is definitely an item that can speak for itself, let's get into some test shots.

wm_IMG_20120119_145203 wm_IMG_20120119_145215

wm_IMG_20120119_145352 wm_IMG_20120119_145422

wm_IMG_20120119_145519 wm_IMG_20120119_145623

wm_IMG_20120119_145757 wm_IMG_20120119_150806

wm_IMG_20120119_145835 wm_IMG_20120119_145947

All of these photos were taken with the stock camera on the Galaxy Nexus and have not been modified in any way.

And now, a shot of the above items for scale:


The only downside of the Easy-Macro is that if you're not perfectly still, the shot comes out blurry. This isn't so much of an issue with the Galaxy Nexus because it has zero shutter lag, but on other phones, this may be a bit of an issue unless you have something to rest your hands on. Fortunately, you have to be about an inch and a half away from your target, so it's easy to prop your hands on whatever surface the subject is on.


The Easy-Macro Band is a fun accessory to have around. If you're into taking pictures with your phone (phoneography), then this is definitely a must-have, and at only $15, it won't break the bank.

For more information and additional sample shots, check the official Easy-Macro website.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • OFI

    Anyone else find it frustrating when someone else comes up with such a simple and excellent idea?


  • mastermind26

    Is the price coming down? Can this work with ALL phones and even some cameras????

    • Cameron Summerson

      It should work with the majority of phones, but I'm not sure how well it would work with a camera since the lenses are typically larger than a phone's camera.

      • Nocturnhaboe

        As for the price it is probably for the Lens itself not the rubber band so probably not

  • VonLaserface

    While I can't speak for this item I will speak high praise for PhotoJojo's entire team. I recently purchased a set of lenses from them after a slew of rather obscure questions on my part.

    The service rep I chatted with had a great sense of humor and wasn't shy to say "uhm...good question, let me find out" when I started asking specifics about metric diameters and heights of the kit.

    • Moi Poi

      Great sales representative is the most important person in a company. Glad to read your story.

  • http://www.daewootech.net Chris Ponciano

    Great pics, they say it all, and in such a brilliant method of carrying it too. Is it plastic or glass though? I would worry about scratches with either

    • Cameron Summerson

      The lens is plastic.

  • Victor Guzman

    I bought it when you first mentioned it and have loved it since. My phone is the Bionic and it fits well.

  • Nate


    That was the sound of my mind blowing. That's just too simple and elegant a solution.


  • [deXter]

    This is awesome! Now all we need are some good zoom lenses and filters...

    • narcosis92

      also available thru this company

  • Kaz

    if they sent you a few samples... when are you giving some away?? :)

  • PointZeroOne

    Can you take some pictures using macro mode on the camera and compare it to using this macro lens?

    • Mr.SoloDolo

      ^^^ What this guy said ! that would be a real comparison eh ? All in all really intuitive idea indeed.

      • Cameron Summerson

        There is not a macro focus mode in Ice Cream Sandwich (at least on the Galaxy Nexus).

        • narcosis92

          there is if youre one of the many who totally disregard the camera app that comes installed on android devices

  • tozi

    The same sort of lense can be removed from an old DVD burner and sticked in front of your phones lens. Here's a pic I took with that mod: http://imgur.com/uDNHe

  • Matt

    I used a small pair of binoculars and some rubber bands to hold the binoculars to my HTC Incredible and was able to take some amazing close ups on a recent trip to the woods. Bulky, but worked brilliantly.

  • http://androidtravels.com Brian

    Looks like a cool idea, I will have to try it out on my DX. Thansk

  • bobbutt

    You need some help understanding why the pictures were blurry.
    Shutter lag is the time between when you press the button and the picture is taken. It has absolutely nothing to do with blurry pics.
    Shutter speed is how long the shutter is open and is determined automatically by the camera software in order to correctly expose the picture. If shutter speed is 'slow' any movement of the camera during the picture will cause blur. The way to increase shutter speed and reduce blur on an automatic camera like this is to take the pictures in a brighter spot. The other way is to use a tripod, it will eliminate movement, so 'slow' pictures can be taken without blur as long as the subject is still.

  • http://www.facebook.com/reynald.aguinaldo rey031

    ^^ What bobbutt said. Blurry photos (of still objects) are due to camera motion during slow shutter exposures. It has nothing to do with the Easy-Macro lens.

    So the following statement seems to be inaccurate and misleading: "The only downside of the Easy-Macro is that if you're not perfectly still, the shot comes out blurry. "

  • http://twitter.com/_kshitij_sharma Kshitij Sharma


    Any possibility of damaging camera lens glass due to easy macro? Just received mine but a bit worried about camera lens casing glass due to to easy macro...Any thoughts?