A few days ago, Motorola pushed out a special soak test of the ICS update to a number of Wi-Fi XOOM owners in the U.S. Apparently, no serious issues were found by the company's engineers, as the very same Android 4.0.3 update (IML77) is now rolling out to everyone. Well, everyone in the U.S. with a Wi-Fi XOOM that is. This makes the XOOM the 2nd mainstream tablet device to officially receive ICS, losing out only to the Transformer Prime that beat it to the punch by only a couple of days.

Head over to Settings > About > System Updates to see if the 81.9MB update is available on your XOOM, let it do its thing, and enjoy the greatest version of Android Google has ever created.


Update #1: And it's official. Motorola does currently say "USA Only" (PDF with more details) - we hope the international release is not too far behind:

Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi owners, get ready to lick your fingers - your tablet device is the first of its kind to receive the upgrade to Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). As we’ve told you before, ICS brings a whole new look and feel to Android-based devices. We’re talking about an updated browser with faster rendering, a redesigned app launcher, richer resizable widgets, and more versatile imaging capabilities. Mix in unique features such as type with your voice capability and Data Manager to control your network data usage – and you have yourself quite the treat. In addition, this new Android version provides an updated “People” application that replaces contacts and integrates seamlessly with Google+ and other social networks, as well as a redesigned Gallery app with photo editor.

Starting today, the ICS upgrade will begin rolling out in phases over the course of a few weeks, so look for a notification on your device when it’s ready for download – and enjoy!

For additional details on the Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi ICS upgrade, please visit here.

For additional updates on ICS upgrades across our portfolio of devices, stay tuned to our software upgrade news site. More information coming soon!

Update #2: In response to our question about the international rollout, Motorola had this to say:

Because the Motorola XOOM/ XOOM Wi-Fi here in the United States are Google Experience devices, these versions benefit from getting Android OS upgrades first.  We are working through our upgrade rollout plans for Motorola XOOM owners in other regions and expect to begin a phased, country-by-country deployment later this quarter.

Via @myandroidlife, xda, XOOMForums, and others

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  • http://www.teamrou.com Phil Oakley

    Could you do a quick hands-on to see what's changed with ICS for tablets?

  • John Wilkinson

    ICS looks the bee's knees... can't wait for it to come to UK WIFI Xooms... Hope the wait isn't too long...

  • Assaf

    Anyone received this update outside the US?

    • http://droidplaza.com Aaron Melville

      Yes, I live in trinidad and tobago, I have a wifi only xoom and only this morning early got the OTA update

    • sabrepete

      Yes, I updated this week. Looks like my web ordered Xoom came from the US. So far I REALLY like ICS. much faster, way smoother and a really nice base font.

  • http://www.kalechi.com bruce

    It's installing right now

    • John Wilkinson

      Are you outside the US?

  • http://rafaelmoralesfoto.blogspot.com/ Rafael

    I received the update on my Wifi Motorola Xoom at 00:30 hrs here in El Salvador, Central America.

  • Riggs

    US WiFi user...no update this morning. :(

    • jaydeeIL

      me neither. I'v got my Xoom connected to my wireless tether at work

  • Mgamerz

    How is this the second? What happened to the nexus S? transformer prime? (Galsxy nexus?)

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      The 2nd tablet device is what I meant. The Prime is already listed as the first.

      • Michael

        will the Verizon version get the update now?

  • Himmat

    I wonder when my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be getting some ICS love.

    PS: Do I need to backup files during the upgrade process? Will the whole system be reset, or only the UX?

    • Jason

      I installed it on my Xoom and didn't have to backup anything. Everything is still in tact. I wouldn't plan on it coming to the Galaxy Tab very soon with the custom UI.

    • JayMonster

      An update? To a Samsung device?

      bwahahahahaha... oh... your serious?

      Ummm... I'd guess 2013? Maybe.

      • Jim

        And the update will cost $600. Comes with a new tablet.

  • Jeff

    I'm at a loss as to what all the fuss over ICS was about. It broke my email widget, changed the size of the elements on my lock screen, and causes several apps that were running fine to fail when connectivity is needed (and WiFi is working, but screen is locked). The reboot splash screen animation is real pretty, so I guess that makes all the difference.

    • Icefreez

      Research the new features in ICS before complaining that it does nothing but break a few of your apps.

  • Justin

    So is this update plain vanilla ICS without any custom UI changes?

    • jaydeeIL

      Since this is a Google Experience item, yes, its stock vanilla ICS. Same as the Nexus Galaxy

  • qspr

    no update yet for me, wifi us xoom version here in puerto rico... i want ics now

  • Koosh808

    Anybody received ICS for the Xoom Family Edition yet? It's wi-fi only and the specs are nearly identical to the Xoom wi-fi model.

  • Mike C.

    If Motorola's rollout of Android 3.2 sets the standard, then non US customers will get ICS in June. International customers should stay away from Motorola Abdriud devices, as they get second rate support.

  • Tim M

    :( No update yet for me. I hope ICS fixes my shit battery life. When I'm on wifi it is terrible.

  • Jonathan

    Still no update, I NEEEED IT! :)

    Got ICS on my Captivate works AMAZING

    when i get it on my xoom my life will be complte

    2 ICS devices in January hell ya

  • Dobneyit

    Where are those of you that have received the update/ does geography have anything to do with release times?

    I've been on pins and needles all day here in the Dayton, Ohio area but still nothing.

  • sami

    In Canada people got the ice cream sandwich update which I still don't have...

  • Robert J

    still no update for my xoom wifi in US. My neighbor at work got his update this am.

  • Matt G

    I have been doing the system update all day and still have not received my update,.. SO WHERE IS IT ALL READY!!!!? I AM WAITING IMPATIENTLY!!!

  • Olliedcy

    IF you are having trouble getting the yhe update head over to http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1452747 and give this a try. Worked 1st time for me!

  • Karzdan

    Just got the update. WOOHOO!

  • Falconator

    Now if only they would roll this out for Acer A500... =(

  • Jay

    I got the update this morning. I really like it, except for two minor annoyances with the browser:
    1. The bookmarks now show up as giant tiles with snapshots of the page last time you visited. I much preferred a simple list with favicons. I think it was a setting in the 3.2 browser, but I can't find it on 4.0.
    2. When using quick controls, and you open up a page from a bookmark (in your one and only tab) the browser suddenly shows the tab bar.

  • Mohammed

    i'm having a problem with the update
    FLASH PLAYER doesnt work at all now anyone knows the solution?

  • sabrepete

    One thing that is annoying about ICS, I can't get it to recognise my SD card and can't move apps or other files. Anyone got any tips?

  • Pastor_Payne

    Ever since the update my Xoom won't connect to wifi - I know it was a common issue for others before ICS, but not for me. Download for update went just peachy.

    Now I cannot get any connection - always signing on, but never obtaining an IP address.

    Any suggestions? Little help...

  • john wilkinson

    Will ice outside of the us still force that stupid citrix app along with the moto print thing?
    Hope not as I'm really starting to get board of being told what apps I need on "MY" hardware...

  • erin

    Disaster. After update my Xoom now will not shut down properly and I have to do a reset (volume up and power for five seconds) to turn it on every morning. Am I the only one? Build iml77. I wiped everything on the hope that it was an interaction with an app. Still does it. Looks like I will have to root. Other than that I like the new stuff but I may just return it and get a different device. Fail fail fail!