Last Updated: January 20th, 2012

It looks like it has been pulled from the Market (we're not entirely sure why, but it probably has to do with copyright violation). Fret not - we've got the apk for you to download right here.

Seeing as Bomberman has been perennially resurrected since its 1983 release, chances are extremely high that you've played some variation of the game in your lifetime. Now, if you're like me, you seriously jones for some Bomberman action from time to time, and are only satisfied once you renter the Bomber Nebula to blow your way through mazes. Now you can carry the little guy in your pocket, and even play multiplayer with friends or random opponents. Yes, that's right - thanks to CCRNI, who built this game as an academic project, we have a solid Bomberman port for Android.

screenshot-1326855067815 screenshot-1326855137233 screenshot-1326855151296

Arcade Mode

I know you really want to hear about the multiplayer option, but let me start off with the Arcade mode.

Alright, so this mode is basically a new rendition of classic Bomberman gameplay. It's going to be just like you remember - run around laying bombs and avoiding the bad guys. There is a small achievements list, and when one is completed you get upgrade points to use in multiplayer, allowing you an advantage over your opponents (Psst - that's the integration between the two.)

screenshot-1326860603862 screenshot-1326860640862 screenshot-1326860621184

Currently, there are only 8 levels, but they sure do get challenging. Considering the amount of downloads the game has seen in the last few days (somewhere between 500k and 1M), I sure hope they keep up support and add more levels. Considering this game is a result of an academic project, it isn't clear whether that will be the case.

Multiplayer Mode

Alright, Bomberman Online's multiplayer mode (playable over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or 3G) is a game changer, but it still needs quite a bit of work.  The online play is a bit difficult to figure out, but fortunately the developer has provided us with a setup guide, conveniently located here.

When you choose the multiplayer option in game, you'll come to the setup screen where you can choose between Wi-Fi or Bluetooth play. This is where it gets confusing – choose Wi-Fi to play either a private match over your network or a public match via 3G. Players should be aware that selecting a public match will automatically use a 3G connection without notifying you.

To set up a private game over your network, you'll need to make sure all of your friends are connected to the same network. Alternately, you can start a private match via Bluetooth, which seems to be much easier. If you're having trouble, check the setup guide provided by the dev.

As I said, the multiplayer aspect of this game does need some serious work. Private matches work great over Wi-Fi if you have a solid connection and can figure out setting up a server, and work even better over Bluetooth. What doesn't work properly is the public match option, which is what the majority of players probably want to take advantage of.

I only managed to get connected to one game over 3G after trying for a solid 15 minutes. While it is a little disappointing, we have to remember that the game only came out a few days ago, and the developers state that 3G connectivity is still in early development. I'm sure it will get better in the coming weeks (granted that the game is updated).

screenshot-1326853936621 screenshot-1326853947937 screenshot-1326853961470

That being said, there are two different multiplayer games - Catch The Flag and Deathmatch, each playable in either one-on-one or two-on-two modes. In Catch The Flag, you and your opponent race to reach a flag set at a random point, forcing you to make strategic movements quickly. Deathmatch is exactly what it sounds like - face off against your enemies in an attempt to catch them in your bomb's blast radius.


What are you waiting for? Go download this game now and bathe in a bit of nostalgia. Hopefully all of the bugs will be squashed soon, so we can all enjoy glitch-free multiplayer action.

Did I mention that it's entirely free?

Brandon Lancaster
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  • RCK

    As far as I an see the game isn t an officiall licensed game and so chances are high that it gets removed from the market soon, right?!

    • Steve Goehre

      If so, they only would have to rename it and change some ingame things. I used to play a game similar to bomberman, but with different graphics and such, but the game idea was the same. Don't remember the name, but they didn't get in any licence troubles. So the same should be valid for this game, if they'd make those small changes.

  • Jim


  • TheMini

    Nice. It sure brings back memories. Checking this out now.

  • http://www.geekchoice.com Dagmar Schnietz

    Was Bomberman on Atari or Colecovision? I remember playing this game at a local downtown arcade, but I can't remember if or what home game this was.

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    I can't believe this game got over 500k downloads in a few days. Talk about demand for multiplayer bomberman!

  • edd

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I'v'e been waiting for Bomberman on mobile for 3 or 4 years now (e.g. searching the market/web forums every few months!). This is great and it shows there's a huge demand for games from yesteryear.

    My requests, now that GTA3 and Bomberman have happened, is a true Red Alert port and a true Twisted Metal 2 (with multiplayer) port.

    @Artem: I know! 500,000!! If Hudson, or whoever owns the licence nowardays, try to remove this, they better have their own polished version ready for launch!

  • Chris

    I like it, but the controls need a little work and (at least on my Galaxy Nexus' 720p display) there's some graphics tearing. I would also like to see more powerups. Lots of fun, though!

  • OhYeah

    This is huge!!!!!! I hope no one takes it down :D

  • lilhugo

    And~~~~ It's gone from the Android Market. Darn... Just when I got off work to get this too...

  • Jamalsid

    Can't find it on the market!! boohoo :-(

    any chacne of getting the apk linked here?

  • Metzzarn

    Bomberman Online can still be downloaded from the link on this site:


    I checked for viruses and found nothing and the game is awesome!!

  • S3nd41

    Thanks for the links!

  • http://geffchang.wordpress.com Geff Chang

    Cool! I'm downloading this! I used to love Bomberman in the yesteryears!

  • Guismb

    The FileServe is not aloowing the download only if you are the owner... Any chance of publishing somewhere else?

  • shantasfiq