Some of you may have already played Osmos on your computer or on an iDevice, but this quirky little number by Hemisphere Games has finally hit the Android Market for more to enjoy. For those of you that have never heard of Osmos, it's a physics-based game that has such a simple concept it may leave you dumbfounded. Basically you control an organism, or 'mote', and aim to absorb other motes through osmosis (see what they did with the title there?). As I said, it sounds simple, but it truly is an astounding game.



The reason Osmos works so well is because everything ties together to create an undeniably solid gaming experience. The simple idea of floating through space as an organism is oddly addictive in itself, but then a soft electronic soundtrack, quietly playing in the background, creates an hypnotic and captivating ambiance, ensuring everyone keeps coming back for more. In addition, the controls are incredibly smooth and are integrated into the game so well that you may not even notice you're playing a game rather than really exploring the depths of a microscopic world.

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With all of this talk about how simple the concept is, you may be worried that this game could get boring awfully quick. Well, that's just not the case. There are two different game modes - Odyssey and Arcade. In the first you'll go on a guided adventure through each of the eight levels, allowing you to acclimate to the new world you're discovering. After the Odyssey, you'll be a Osmos pro and can continue on to Arcade mode in which you can play any level type, at a personally chosen difficulty level.

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Each of the eight levels consist of entirely different gameplay, so you can go ahead and let your mote absorb that fear of boredom now. Among other goals, you'll find yourself striving to become the biggest mote, hunting other motes, avoiding predators, and simply navigating an organism-filled world.


You want this game. There, I made the decision for you. This game has the uncanny power to both captivate and relax you all at the same time. It seems to be a pretty decent stress reliever, too! Chances are you haven't ever played a game like this, so why not try it out? The full game will cost you $2.99 in the Android Market, but it's well worth it. Alternatively, you could download the demo and take 10 Odyssey levels for a spin before making a decision.

Check out the trailer and grab the game below.

Full game:


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  • Eric

    One of my favorite indie games on the PC hands down. I played the iPad version when I owned one of those and was disappointed that, for a few dollars more than what I got the PC version of Osmos for (steam sale), the iPad version had about a quarter of the levels. It's definitely worth a try. Great game made for touch screens. Just a lot less content sadly.

  • Brian

    looks a bit similar to galcon


    • Nada

      It is in no way similar to GalCon.

      To others: don't bother clicking that link. It's not related to his post in any way.

  • Seriously?

    There are millions of clones like this game out there, I don't understand how can it be nominated for awards. The video game industry is just sad these days.

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbie.doll.keri Keri Newsom

    I'm sorry, but I'm not paying 2.99 for a game that has no action... Don't get me wrong, the demo was pretty relaxing for the whole five minutes that I played.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=587888741 Thanos Kontis

    I firstly played the demo on my android mobile not expecting really much. The major drawback of such games is usually a dreadful gameplay experience which can turn even a nice idea into unplayable trash. I am really glad that I was so wrong with this game. It captivated me from the first minutes. I purchased the full version as soon as I finished the demo. IMHO, the price tag (2.50€) is extremely low and a great bargain taking into account the unlimited hours of guaranteed fun it provides.