Since launch, the ASUS Transformer Prime's GPS issues have hampered an otherwise stellar tablet. To make matters worse, ASUS confirmed that the problem was due to the Prime's all-aluminium construction, indicating that a software fix was unlikely. Indeed ASUS was forced to release a new version of the Prime (TF700T), with an updated back panel to improve the GPS functionality. However, ASUS has not given up all hope on the original Prime as a new OTA update (V9.4.2.7) is rolling out, which could fix the GPS drivers.

The OTA update has not gone live for everyone and in some cases it fails during installation. Fortunately, XDA poster DroidHam has outlined a simple fix to update your Prime to the latest version:

Goto ASUS.com, goto SUPPORT>DOWNLOADS>Put in Transformer Prime. Select Android OS and then FIRMWARE. Download this: Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201 Firmware: V9.4.2.7 Only for US SKU (Android 4.0.3)

It will be a ~300mb zip file. Once its downloaded, extract it, its a zip inside of a zip. Once you get the new zip, place it on /sdcard/ and power off your device.

Once I turned mine BACK on, I went to System, About Tablet and checked for a FW upgrade. It saw the file I put on and allowed me to reinstall 4.0.3 ICS, afterwhich I was able to get tonights OTA.

I know this isnt anything special, but trying to get info out of the current thread is tough.

If your device doesn't see an update after you put the zip on your tab, try powering off, holding POWER and VOLUME DOWN and then pressing VOLUME UP once you get to the screen with tiny text. It will attempt to update that way but fail, and youll get a message once you get back to your homescreen that a update failed and you can attempt it again that way.

The new firmware updates the GPS drivers to version 6.9.13, but unfortunately, our tests suggest that it does not in fact fix the GPS issues at all. As you can see from the screenshots below, we have updated the Transformer Prime with the latest OTA update and we are still unable to get a GPS fix.




Hopefully, you will have more luck with the latest update. Do let us know how you fare.

Finally, keep in mind that the OTA update will break root on the Prime. So before you update, run OTA RootKeeper, ensuring you don't lose root access. Then you are free to update.

[Sources: XDA (1), XDA (2), and DroidHam via Android Community]

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  • Drewskeetz

    The update pushed through to my prime. I'll let you know how GPS works once the update is complete. FYI GPS has never worked on my Tab

  • M@

    Ok so... did it work?

  • http://twitter.com/stetsonaw Andy Stetson

    GPS looks a lot better for me. Prior to the update, I was able to lock on 3/12 satellites, after the update from the same spot in my house, i was able to lock on 10/12. Using the GPS Status app available on the Market.

  • Josh

    I just got the prime so I cant speak on its performance before the update, but i just tried and got a lock on my location within 2 seconds inside my house. That's even better than my phone.

    • Josh

      Ok nevermind!
      I turned off wifi, and using gps test it never connected to any satellites

  • Arvind


    Can someone actually try getting a GPS fix from outside a home (and thus, without an active WiFi signal present) ?

    Wouldn't this be the real test of the tab ? I expect to use the tab when I am on the road and without an active WiFi signal.

    Thanks in advance!


  • Tom

    Good to hear. Have to confess to not being over concerned about GPS! But great that it is being sorted and that someone like ASUS has responded to their consumers.

  • M@

    Please test with WIFI off!!!

    thank you!

  • prixter

    Ok, im in canada and just finished updating and a good reset. GPS improved from zero satllites to 12. Yes, with Wifi turned off. I guess it works fir some? My bluetooth is fine.

  • JohnP

    GPS was working prior to the last update that was pushed today. now it doesnt work at all : (

  • z06chris

    My update did absolutely nothing. Still takes 10 minutes to even find a few satellites in view but can't lock on to a single one. Wifi is also pretty weak once you go more than 20' from the router. I have 2 days left before I can't return it so it is going back to Newegg today. I feel like ASUS is sending out all these OTA's to attempt to keep current owners content with the Prime. I doubt they'll continue to manufacture defective primes like they say they will alongside the TF700T. For now I'm returning mine and waiting for one with full functionality.

  • Al

    I don't really care about the GPS, but I do care about the WIFI problems people were getting. I need it to be decent in that department since my medical school has a weak wifi strength. Any of you have wifi issues? Thanks in advance.

    • crocky

      from all I'm reading is looking good on the WiFi

  • chris

    Gps still does not work with the upgrade in ny.

  • http://oldcomputergeek.com steve

    Just did the firmware update and I have now lost GPS! Just blinkin great.

  • Drewskeetz

    I tested out back behind my company building and it seems GPS still does not work. I brought my HTC Evo 4g, turned off wifi on both though I did leave 3G on the evo which picked up over 12 satellites while the prime found none. I will try again at home since my work place is a black hole for any type of wireless communication or transfer

  • Arthur

    From people who own a TF201 how does it compare to other droid tablets? I can't make my mind up what I should get.Is the general use of the TF201 same/better/worse than other tabs??

    • CJT

      If you are set on an Android tablet, the TF201 is the best out there. Some users have said GPS is sluggish, personally mine is fine but to be honest GPS was not a major selling point for me anyway. My advice: if you want the best in class go for the TF201.

  • jbarboni

    My GPS barely worked (with wifi off) before this update; however, last night my TF201 told me it had downloaded an OTA update so I installed it but after installation (which the TF201 said "failed" I have NO GPS signal at all. I have tried manually downloading and installing the update but I get nothing, it doesn't find it un "Sys firmware update" and when I try the reboot method it starts to update but then leaves android lying on his back with an X over him until I manually reboot. I never get notification of a failed update and still find no updates available in "sys firmware updates". All revision numbers match whats pictured in the "settings" screen shot above.
    My WiFi signal also seems weaker since this update, any sugestions??

    Thank you.

  • jbarboni

    Forgot to mention, mine has never been rooted; however, I am familiar with rooting and android owning a Viewsonic Gtab running Flashback and love it but wanted something more (already missing my USB ports..).

  • http://[email protected] moniqua

    my GPS and wifi are great. Could these updates be optional?

  • Byron

    Just tested mine with wifi off. Could not get any locks before but can get 10 to 12 locks within 25 secs now.

  • Kenny O

    Update fixed my gps, I am picking up a signal in the house with wifi off.

  • Spydie

    Anybody notice that the update released today is not but The picture above is correct, but the text at the top says the update is Anyway, mine couldn't find any satellites before the update and still can't... even with wifi turned on (though I don't really think having wifi turned on will help it find satellites. While wifi can help with your location, it doesn't actually help find the satellites).

  • mimikr

    Love my prime and its really too bad it is getting all the negative attention because of the GPS issue. But it is an issue and ASUS needs to fix the real problem which is the back plate. A software update is not going to make the GPS and wifi better and did not with mine, no location could be found. Will say though that one thing ASUS has been good at is the firmware updates . Having ICS is awesome too.

  • Trevor

    I picked up mine last week. First thing I did was update to ICS and that went fine. Using "GPS Test" inside my house I could not find or lock any satellites. After this update I can see 12 or so and lock on 7 or 8. I would say that is an improvement.

  • antonio

    The update improved my GPS alot. Tried it with the Wifi OFF and In the house it found 4 satellites. Closer to the window I went, the more satellites I found. When I went outside, I found 14 satellites and locked onto 9 of them in less than 30 10 secs. So the fix actually worked. Good on ya ASUS.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ Lili

    I'm very much convinced that this is the best android tablet out there, and I think I am going to order one tomorrow! The general reviews I am reading all seem positive.

  • Chris

    I got my GPS to work by drilling a small hole and running a copper wire to the receiver.

  • Steph
    • Tobs

      have read through the petition and I don't see that it is current with all of the updates that have been coming through from ASUS.

  • briansturridge

    i have a prime and it has worked fine! no problems from this end, by far the best one ive had yet..

  • Anna M

    I have a prime and it's superb, so much faster than other tabs i've tried/owned. I have had no problem whatsoever with wifi, in fact it's excellent! I wouldn't use a tab for GPS. It's not important, in fact I have no ides if it works as I haven't tried it!