If you happen to own a Transformer Prime TF201, you may be a little disappointed by the issues it had right off the bat. The most notable defect with the TF201 is its inability to properly use the GPS module that was originally advertised as a feature. Due to bad placement and the material the tablet is made out of, ASUS was forced to entirely remove GPS as a feature.

Aside from that major issue, the Prime is still a very solid tablet. However, if the other bug fixes and the ICS update didn't make you much happier, you'll be pleased to know that ASUS is stepping up to the plate and offering refunds or warranty extensions to TF201 owners. There is one major disappointment in this - the offer is currently only extended to owners who reside in the UK. We're sure that other divisions of ASUS will follow suit pretty soon, though.


While the rest of the world waits, UK residents have the option to either return their Prime to the purchase place for a full refund, or accept an additional 6 months of warranty, for a total of 18 months of coverage. If I had to make that decision, I wouldn't hesitate to make the return and put that money towards the TF700T that ASUS announced at CES last week.

[Source: Phandroid]

Brandon Lancaster
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  • deltaechoe

    I actually really like my prime, I haven't had any major problems with it. Good thing I never intended to use it as a GPS device, that's what my phone is for

  • Aeefire

    I really like it so far.
    However, I don't have ICS yet. (Austria/Middle Europe)

  • Doug

    I can't even get hold of one... :(

  • Justin Crouch

    Doug I'll sell you mine. If they do extend this to the US I am definitely returning mine. It would be nice to have when delivering pizzas!

  • edd

    I really want this - in fact I nearly spent my hard-earned money on the original Transformer yesterday on an impulse buy - I'm glad I waited to do my research, to find the Prime is released this week.

    Waiting for the HD version then I will jump ship and you know what? I need never buy a Windows machine again!

    • Deltaechoe

      Just so you guys know, the HD prime won't be coming out until at least June for the UK and given Asus' track record on keeping the stock pipes full, I wouldn't expect regular stock until the end of summer for the UK and probably later for everyone else.

  • David

    I pre-ordered one for Xmas, in Champagne, it arrived in Gray. I called Amazon, they ordered me a replacement, and it arrived, also in Gray (in both cases the invoices and packing slips said Champagne). For the first one, the cable was not glued together, so I called and they would not replace it, they wanted me to return it so their engineers could inspect it. Then it turns out the GPS doesn't work either. Plus the keyboard has been back-ordered since day one and is still not available....I gave up today. Shipped both back to Amazon via RMA#'s. I hope the TF700 is made right, with the right colors, the working GPS, and cables that don't have issues. I want to like Asus' products, but so far, I am far from impressed.

  • OFI

    Nice to see something like this in the UK for once!
    I wonder if they were warned by Trading Standards or something and this would be the easiest way to resolve the matter. Either way win/win for those customers :-)

  • Matt

    why not an optional recall to replace the backing and fix the issue? seems like that would be win/win for both customer and Asus

  • http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1420990&highlight=dmclient gls9

    Same option is possible in the Netherlands

  • Spydie

    I tried my Gps yesterday. While a lot of guys have said it works, but marginally, and it takes a long time lock on the first time, that's not the case with mine. It can't find a GPS signal, outdoors under clear skies, with both hands. It's just like it doesn't have any GPS at all. What a disappointment. Not that I'd use it much, if at all, but I did pay for GPS and I'm not getting it. I hate to return it before the tf700 is released and then go through that long waiting process again but I'm sure tempted. Still don't have the dock, so the whole thing is kind of a mess. ON top of that, I got the ICS update on the 9th OTA but I don't see any improvements in any way at all. Still a choppy moving screen in some apps, like market and such and very few noticeable updates to anything. Sure wasn't worth waiting for. I think I'll just return it or sell it.

  • Al

    I don't really care about the GPS, but I do care about the WIFI problems people were getting. I need it to be decent in that department since my medical school has a weak wifi strength. Any of you have wifi issues? Thanks in advance.

  • Steph