A few days ago the EVO 3D on Sprint received an update described as a "security update." At the time, it was unclear exactly what the update really brought to the table, but now the answer is pretty clear: it removed Carrier IQ. This comes after a whirlwind of controversy surrounding the software, which was initially uncovered by Android developer Trevor Eckhart.

After an uproar from the Android community, most providers and manufacturers stepped up to the plate and said that they would be removing Carrier IQ from their devices, and it looks like Sprint is the first one to start making good on said promise. While the EVO 3D is the first device to get the Carrier IQ-removal treatment, it certainly won't be the last - in a statement to The Verge, HTC has confirmed that it is working with Sprint to remove Carrier IQ from all of its (current) devices:

HTC can confirm that we're working with Sprint to provide maintenance releases that will remove Carrier IQ and provide security enhancements and bug fixes beginning in January.

Naturally, other manufacturers will follow suite, though no timeline has been given as to when non-HTC devices (or devices on other carriers) can expect to see updates.

It's nice to see Sprint react so quickly to this sensitive situation - hopefully other providers will take note and do the same.

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Cameron Summerson
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  • strra

    "from all of its devices"?
    somehow i doubt we'll see any kind of update for the samsung moment or htc hero...
    sprint all but denies the moment even exists!

    • Brandon

      If you own either of the devices you just mentioned. I think it's time for you to get an upgrade.

      • Simon Belmont

        There are still some people who are using the Sprint HTC Hero and Sprint Samsung Moment. They were selling up until just over a year ago. You can't assume everyone bought them right at launch. Hehe. :)

        I still have my Sprint HTC Hero. However, it is being used as a Wi-Fi enabled Internet device since I upgraded to a Sprint HTC EVO 3D. ;)

    • Aaron

      yep, give up on the moment update and head over to sdx... we had carrier iq removal before it was a big deal...

  • Mike

    The removal of CarrierIQ DRASTICALLY improves speed on the Evo3D. Apparently it was just as much bloat as it was Spy ware.

  • Esteban

    I don't know what else that update also had but i do know my battery life has improved as well. It seems to drain slower when i'm not using the phone than it did before under the same conditions.

  • no_CarrierIQ

    I'm pretty sure when I first got my Samsung Galaxy SII on T-Mobile I checked it for Carrier IQ and it wasn't there. Just checked it again and it is found ... wth must have downloaded some update that had it :(

  • sanchanim

    Check out Smith Micro. they will now be used by Sprint. They are right up the street from where Trevor Eckhart works, although I don't see official work between the two companies it does have me scratching my head.
    Also they disabled it, I don't know how a simple update would remove the embedded agent. They might have simply turned it off for now but it wouldn't be that hard to turn it back on either. If they stay with Carrier IQ in the long run.

  • Benice Veach

    Stories must be careful not to phrase this action as a positive for Sprint, as the carrier made the decision to install the program in the first place.