As smartphones get larger, more vibrant displays, faster CPUs, 4G LTE network connectivity, and more features, there is one area where they still always fall short: battery life. In fact, most modern smartphones lack the ability to last a full day of regular, moderate usage without requiring some additional juice.

Samsung knows that we're all sick of doing the battery-charge-shuffle, so it's vowing to keep us away from the outlet for a full day of moderate to heavy usage with its 2012 phones, according to VP of product innovation Kevin Packingham. On one hand, this probably means slightly thicker devices with larger batteries (like the Motorola RAZR MAXX, which has a 3300mAh battery), but Sammy will also be optimizing the way the phones work, as well. Things like Wi-Fi searching and 4G LTE connections, among other things, will be tweaked to minimize battery usage.

While the most power-hungry users will still have to pack an extra battery or portable charger, this is still definitely good news for all.

[Source Cnet Via BGR]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Ping Ling

    One day? C'mon... One week would be something. Like it used to be in the old days of "normal" mobile phones :-)

    • Scott

      Did you stream and watch HD movies on your "old normal mobile phone" ;)

      That being said, things do need to improve. The only reason mine comes close to lasting "all day" is that it's plugged into my computer all day at work.

      • DCMAKER

        well tell them to get off their ass and finish those nanowire batteries....they were supposed to be commercialized already......

  • haragog

    My Samsung Galaxy S2 with MIUI, lasts about a day with constant Wifi usage. Don't what people are complaining… Just drop Samsung horrible Rom and ask your nearest IT guy to hookup your android with a good rom and you're good to go! :D

    • [deXter]


      Switching to a custom ROM has immediate and very visible difference on battery life. Pair it with a battery-friendly kernel like Phenomenal (or any other HAVS kernel + custom UV settings) and that alone will result in your device lasting for well more than a day with moderate-heavy usage. Finally, use Tasker or similar to automate turning off of radios etc based on your location or schedule, you're looking to see alteast two days of usage.


      On that note, it is good that Samsung is taking note that everyone wants better battery life. Infact the current generation phones perform quite well for the current generation apps, so much so that I (and I'm sure everyone else to ) would rather the next phone have a much better battery life, instead of a faster CPU or GPU.

    • Laurentiu

      WiFi doesn't drain battery as fast as 3G does... I have no problem with WiFi usage but I have with 3G. More juice is needed for weak signals.

      I still wait for Samsung to release a 2100mA battery for my GSM version of Galaxy Nexus.
      LTE battery version doesn't match to GSM version... :(

    • KaliKot

      I tried MIUI for a few days on my S2 and it DEFINITELY was eating up battery faster than a stock-based custom rom.

      Samsung has really improved the battery life for their 2.3.5 and 2.3.6 roms.

      That said, the Galaxy S 2 already has one of the best battery life for smartphones.

      I think only the iPhone 4 lasts longer, and not by much. It would last maybe 5 or so more hours when I had it.

  • Deltaechoe

    How about we work on increasing battery density which has many (profitable) applications far beyond just mobile

  • edd

    Hi I'm Edd and I suffer Battery Level Anxiety Syndrome.

    It massively irritates me how battery technology hasn't caught up with mobile technology, and how we have stepped back in technology, from week-long battery life to day-long battery life, although I get the reasons why.

    My last two phones have both had extended batteries (HD2 and SGS2) and I welcome anything to improve battery life, including larger form-factors if need be (depth-wise).

    As long as it gets past that tipping point where you don't have to consider your charges for the 18 hours ahead, or panic if you forget to plug your phone in each night. At that point it stops being a stressor. Fundamentally, when you strip away all the amazing things our phones can do (I adore Android), a phone is still a phone, and needs that reliability. But that's been my only complaint in how the market has evolved in the last 5 years.

  • Spydie

    New ROMS aren't the answer. I have flashed more ROMS than most of you rom-boys can count and I will tell anyone thinking about flashing new ROMS and Kernals that you're looking for trouble. Most ROMS don't work that well. It seems there is always something in them that doesn't work..like the camera, or 4G, or some other feature so they are constantly having to upgrade them. ON top of that Kernals can be a big problem. Some work, some don't, some give worse battery life, some marginally better, but so far I've yet to find a ROM/kernal combination that really makes a nickel's worth of difference in the real world. All those fanboys that claim better battery life? You gotta remember they aren't testing under lab conditions. It's all just a "feeling" they have with very unscientific data... it all depends on way too many factors during their day of use.

    • cguella

      I am starting to agree. Root access is feeling like the right level of hackery for me to load/unload tools to tweak. ROM management has become a major time suck and the upside isn't there for me or most users.

  • L boogie

    Question of the moment; where's Htc in this fight because they definitely need to be in THIS ONE!! I'm going to wonder how Samsung is going utilize their battery knowhow while preparing the galaxy s 3, galaxy tab 11+ etc

  • Jordan

    I have to say, I can't believe how good the battery is on my Galaxy Note-- It lasts around 2 days on limited use, and a day and a half on normal/heavier use. Its never gotten to the end of a day (no matter how much I've used it) and been in the red.

    Needless to say it makes the Note THAT much better haha :)
    edit: I can't wait till it gets ICS, and all the battery saving that comes with it-- The thing will last for a week!

  • Stocklait_Charfish

    How about a phone with radioactive plutonium batteries [RTG], like on the Cassini space probe? Those last for like 99,000 years and [if you] keep [the phone in your pocket] also your balls warm. Thirdly, it will help against the population explosion and global warming. The good news? Samsung is already testing them on rabbits' [testes] FTW!

  • Craig Dennis

    I would be happy to have a free spare battery. At least the android starts with in 30 seconds unlike my blackberry storm 9550 which takes about 8 minutes to start.