Update: This was just an unsubstantiated rumor according to a Samsung spokesman: "We haven't considered acquiring the firm and are not interested in (buying RIM)" - Reuters.

It's no secret that RIM (Research in Motion) has seen better days; in fact, its stock dropped a whopping 75 percent last year alone. Considering the downward spiral, the company's CEOs are looking for a way out, be it a sale or licensing its Blackberry software.

The latest word on the street is that RIM has a potential buyer: Samsung. According to BGR, RIM is "going hard after Samsung," but Sammy isn't biting just yet because the price is too [damn] high. Rumor has it that RIM CEOs are trying to get between $12 and $15 billion for the company and all of its assets, which is a far cry above the $8.5 billion that the company is actually worth.

If, however, Samsung is able to negotiate a deal and buys RIM, imagine the changes that could potentially make for Android - that could put the green robot on the corporate map in a big way.


Cameron Summerson
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  • Dave

    RIM is only worth 8.5 million? wow

    • Cameron Summerson

      That was a typo. It's billions.

    • Ron Amadeo

      I'd believe it.

  • Joe C

    Million or billion?

  • Dom

    This would be awesome. RIM keyboards with Android OS? I'm in.

  • Doug Ranger

    Are you sure this isn't Billions?

  • SlippinX12

    I'm going to assume you meant billion and not million. If RIM is only worth $8.5 million I'm fairly certain they would have been bought yesterday. Ha

  • Dave

    It's billions. I Just googled it. Threw me for a loop haha

  • Hotmann

    I wouldn't even spend 8 million.

  • sam

    Maybe it indicates that last year it fell 75%.& this year it will fall another 90% to reach 85 million

  • http://trueacu.com/ acupunc

    Uh. . . this doesn't mean that Samsung would use RIM and any of its assets for anything Android related at all.

    Samsung already has one OS, Bada, and they've just united it with Tizen.

    If Samsung does buy RIM it seems far more likely that they will use it to push their own platform, not to to benefit Android.

    • Nastybutler

      Agreed. If Android is to benefit from the sale of RIM, they would need to be purchased by Google. Who knows? Maybe they will be.

    • James

      That makes sense.
      CES Smartphones

    • http://verb0ze.net verboze

      Was thinking the same thing. Sammy would likely capitalize on the corporate customers that are holding RIM afloat; I don't see what they get by tying those resources into making Android better (though that would be swell if they did!)

  • Ish

    I'm surprised they haven't just liquidated and called it quits already. Though I admire their corporate ability and security...I've always hated their phones. I'm still trying to see why so many people still like their keyboard, too. But yeah...if purchased by Samsung (or anyone Android-related really), it could mean some big positive changes in the future.

  • Toshistation

    However, the patents they'd acquire from such a sale would arm them greatly in their continuing war with Apple.

    If they brought BBM to Android, or found a way to integrate it with whatsapp that'd certainly peel off quite a few BB loyalists.

  • Freak4Dell

    They probably wouldn't do anything related to Android, but the slight possibility of portrait QWERTY Android phones having a future gets me all excited inside.

  • Ryan B

    If Sammy did pull the trigger, they could bring Blackberry Messenger to Android, or at least their devices.

  • Mike

    It's just some scumbag daytrader trying to make a few bucks by manipulating the market. Hope it backfired and he's jumping from a building now; with his Blackberry in hand.

  • J-Dog

    Alright - gonna try to post again...

    As a lot of others have mentioned, if someone buys RIM, I'd like to see El Goog drop the bucks, not Sammy. Then the patents & other such they acquire could be used on Android and dispersed through to all OEMs, not just one particular phone.

    Two things that could rock from the purchase would be Google incorporating BBM into Android. It could compete with iMessenger on the iOS, and it could work across all Android and BB devices (phones & tablets). Those switching from BB to Android could still talk to their friends for free, and those not switching just yet could have a much wider circle of friends they could talk to for free.

    Though A.) I doubt the Telcos would like loosing so much income from the drop in billable SMS transmissions (and it'd take a lot of ~160 character texts to really do damage to someone's data plan). B.) Apple probably would start crying over patent infringement - as they usually do (if iOS has it first, Android is guilty of patent infringement, if Android had it first, Apple is a magical company that invents earth shattering tech every day) and C.) Google could probably easily hybridize GTalk, Voice & Huddles/Messenger from G+ and make their own BBM cheaper than buying RIM

    Also, being able to use RIMs secure servers to transmit data might be useful. I'll admit I'm not too familiar with them, but anything to help make the platform and the data traveling across/on it more secure.... The only thing I'd like to see would be the phones being able to function without them - being able to switch back to traditional service, if the servers go down, like they did this summer/fall... Then we'd still be able to call & text while Google worked to get the servers back online.