When I read the comments of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in an interview with The Daily Beast, my first thought was "this sounds like an eminently reasonable man making some well-reasoned points." Of course, being an Android site, we took interest in Wozniak's comments on Android's superior (in some respects) voice commands, as well as his praise of its workable built-in navigation solution (something iOS currently lacks outright).

I've used Siri. It's pretty fun (and funny) at times. But in my opinion, it doesn't do many things better than Android's voice commands (word recognition is, perhaps, a little better - though I've not compared it to Android 4.0's instant STT engine, which I've heard is a big improvement). Natural language recognition is an interesting idea, and it is the future (think Star Trek), but right now the artificial intelligence and actual speech recognition haven't reached a point where natural language recognition is all that much more useful than simple "function call" words (eg, in Android: directions to, map of, call). You have to pay too much attention to what you're saying to the device for natural language to feel natural in the first place - if that makes sense.

That's why many of the distinguishing points to Siri over Voice Commands remain, at this point, relative gimmicks and party tricks. Even if the underlying technology might be better, more versatile and advanced, it doesn't mean squat if the end product isn't actually more useful. I've not seen a compelling argument that has convinced me Siri is any more useful than Voice Commands. Steve Wozniak draws more comparisons in speech recognition accuracy and the apparent failings of Siri's natural language recognition in release form compared to earlier betas, but his point is the same - Siri isn't "wow-ing" him like he expected it to.

The other Steve also points out one of iOS's most noticeably lacking features: GPS navigation. I have also used the built-in Maps app for directions and quasi-navigation on iOS. It is just terrible. It makes me thankful every time I pick up my Android device and say "Navigate to x." It is, literally, a bazillion times better than the present iOS solution (or non-solution, if you will).

Shades Of Gray

It's clear that Steve Wozniak doesn't have many reservations about criticizing the products of a company he helped create - something the late Steve Jobs obviously couldn't afford to do publicly given that he was the company's number-one cheerleader (and, of course, a major shareholder). But Wozniak's criticisms were level-headed, logical, and even-handed. He didn't have to scream "iOS sucks!" or even say "Android is a better OS." He laid out two features, and very reasonably concluded "these are a couple of areas where Android excels, and iOS does not." That's it.

Some have taken this to be a die-hard Apple "guy" caving in and for the first time expressing doubt about iOS. That it's clear evidence iOS is just an inferior operating system. Or that Apple just isn't innovating anymore, and is simply playing catch-up to Android.

All of those things are wrong. Dealing in absolutes like that is not only dangerous, it's just plain stupid - not to mention unproductive. Don't get me wrong, criticism can be extremely constructive if expressed in a well-thought-out manner. I'm probably the most critical writer here at Android Police, you don't have to tell me twice on that point. I've laid out some harsh criticism of Android devices in the past, but I always try to provide a clear picture of the reasoning that leads to those conclusions.

However, I don't think even I have ever uttered the words "iOS sucks." Or really anything close to that. iOS is a product that has received countless hours of attention to miniscule details and user experience that Android phones, frankly, don't ever get. The Galaxy Nexus is probably as close to iOS as Android has gotten in that respect, and that's only because Google did all of the UX legwork. I'm perfectly willing to concede the iOS user experience is significantly smoother than that of Android, especially in regard to some 3rd party apps. And I want that buttery smoothness on my Android phone. It doesn't mean I'm going to go out and buy an iPhone tomorrow. On the contrary, I'd much rather just wait for Android to improve in this area, and I very much hope it does.

But then I look at something like Apple's pull-down notification bar and just think to myself, "well, this is pretty... terrible." Or its subpar multitasking solution. But that doesn't mean that iOS is a crappy mobile OS. It doesn't mean that it has simply become a failed Android copycat. It just means those particular features haven't been implemented as well as their equivalents on Android. It's a point or two for Android, sure, but it isn't "game, set, match." (As a note, my girlfriend is an iOS user, so I've played with many things in iOS on her phone).

There's a reason the iPhone is the number-one selling smartphone device in the world - and it's not because iOS users are "Apple fanboys." That's like calling someone who buys a BMW 3-series instead of an Audi A4 a "moron." Both have their merits, and for some people, one may be a better choice than the other.

Taking A Step Back

This gets me to my point: the name-calling and unsubstantiated derisions toward Apple, and the completely over-the-top glorification of Android have to stop. It's stupid. They're products - not polytheistic deities. Products all have shortcomings, and as consumers, it's our job to demand the very best of the products we buy to keep the marketplace competitive.

You don't think Apple realizes that the lack of a true GPS nav system on the iPhone is a problem? Of course it does, Apple's product developers aren't a bunch of black-sweater wearing sycophants praying, shoeless, to a Steve Jobs altar in an all-white glass enclosure for answers. And they also know that if they continue to fail in implementing a solution to this shortcoming, they're going to start losing customers over time. It's not rocket science, and it's not something that is evidence of anyone's (or any company's) "stupidity."

But on the flipside, you think Android manufacturers are aware battery life is a major gripe consumers have about their phones? If Motorola's DROID RAZR MAXX or Samsung's all-day battery life promise are any evidence, the answer is "duh." Am I still going to complain if a phone I review has crappy battery life? You bet your ass I am. Am I going to rag hopelessly on a device when its UI overlay makes it less than enjoyable to use? Until the day I die (or, you know, stop writing about Android things).

Really, what I'm trying to say is this: it's not the time to get complacent with Android. In fact, we should never be completely happy with any consumer product. There should always be some room for improvement, and we shouldn't hesitate to call out those shortcomings, like Steve Wozniak has. There's nothing honorable or even remotely admirable about being a mindless fanboy. In fact, I hesitate even to call those people "fans."

A true fan of Android doesn't constantly deride and belittle iOS with name-calling. A true Android fan hears someone with an iPhone or a BlackBerry (or whatever) complain about something - and says "Well, you know, Android actually has a pretty neat way of handling that - let me show you." And that same person isn't afraid to say, "Yeah, well, battery life kind of sucks on Android, and this phone's camera isn't very good compared to the iPhone's." Then, you've actually informed someone about something they may not have previously known anything about. You've sparked their curiosity - you've shown them what it looks like on the other side of the fence, instead of just pissing all over their lawn. But you've also shown them some brown patches of your own, and left drawing the real conclusions to them.

It's always good to take a step back and remember we're talking about products, not people, and that perhaps we should separate some of our emotions from that discourse. So, take a deep breath, relax, and for a moment, stop focusing on what the "other guys" are doing wrong, and start looking at the whole picture. What is Apple doing right, and more importantly, what can Android improve on (and how can it capitalize on some of that success)? Apple fans should be doing the same thing, but in reverse. One thing's for sure: it's a hell of a lot more constructive than calling someone a douchebag.

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • kimir

    exactly. EXACTLY!

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    Excellent points...

  • steve adams

    I agree. Instead of spreading hate, spread technology. I own both android and ios devices. My android devices are getting more use as I find them more fun. Apple should seriously lay of the lawsuits. Making them look like they are running scared...

  • Danny

    "The other Steve also points out "

    Was this intentional? Because it's hilarious if it wasn't.

    • David Ruddock

      It was intentional. Considering he has always been the "other Steve" at Apple.

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    Thank you.


  • The man

    This is why i love android, the users actually have sense. Android does has it flaws but it has definitely improved by leaps and bounds since its inception.

    • Timb

      Obviously you don't read the comments on many of the other posts that mention iOS. The author is clearly level headed and much appreciated. The general comment base of this site? Not so much.

  • http://buggin.me Phil

    I think a distinction needs to be made between the real world and internet flamewars. With the exception of friends ribbing each other none of this stuff happens in the real world anyway. I have friends on iOS and we go back and forth about things we like and don't like about each. They know I would find iOS cumbersome for the way I use my phone like a computer and they might find Android cumbersome because they have to worry about batteries or some jacked up skin that ruins the core features.

    But on the internet all that goes out the window...why? Because its all in fun folks...its just entertainment based around some facts and opinions.

  • Topgun

    I have said time and time again, I WANT Apple to come out with something mind blowing. I want them to innovate. I want tech. I am a geek. I love new toys. But lately, all they do is litigate.

  • Kim

    nicely written.. :)

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    Agreed and Kudos on a fabulous article

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    well... Jeremy Clarkson used to say BMW were uncool and its drivers were c*cks. Then he called Audi drivers c*cks because Audi became the "it" car.

    • Elrando

      Well, Clarkson himself is a cock, so he would know.

  • Kenny O

    Great article....great points.

  • Nigel

    Great article. Those of use that really love tech (Android) appreciate and identify with all things tech. I think it was Duke Ellington that said, "If it sounds good it is good". I see art, design, beauty in so many things everyday. That is the way I see tech as well. If it looks good, operates beautifully, has thoughtful and creative design then I love it. Android, iOS, whatever. Doesn't matter.

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    This article is brilliant. Thank you!

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    Amazingly awesome article after amazing points by Woz. This concludes this amazing comment.

  • Spydie

    Actually there are android phones who's cameras blow away iphone (and even more coming this year), and having owned both, I can tell you my iphone 4 battery didn't last any longer than any of my androids. I was disappointed in it and all my android phones unless I buy a larger battery (something I couldn't do on the iphone).

  • Stocklone

    All I can say thank God Google picked up Matias Duarte otherwise this mobile OS would have peaked in usability a long time ago. Without him, 4.0 would have been Froyo with even more features crammed into it. Instead we get ICS. Matias is my personal UX hero.

  • Phil

    This is the best writing I've read on this site.

  • carlos

    I had high hopes for Android when I bought my original Moto Droid. I still do. But I couldn't wait for them to come to fruition. I am now an iPhone user, but I kept my old Droid for some apps I just can't find in the app store.

    I did not leave Android. I hope to be back some day. But for now the iPhone serves me better than my Droid did.

    It's good to see a voice of reason on this side of the fence.

  • http://www.ostuner.com Lindsey Irving

    Nice said.. great points

  • Real

    Great article. After spending a few months on this site I was beginning to think this site's audience was filled with Apple haters. (can you imagine, in one article, when asked to choose if there was no android and the majority chose WP? It was mind boggling!) Its good to see people appreciate this article. I really don't like it when people insult iOS and Jobs because they are the ones that showed the way for smartphones. While I love and prefer Android, I respect Apple and give them a lot of credit.

    • Lamdroid

      i cant speak for everyone else, but I'll try anyway.. kidding.

      I picked WP because it's something different and new to explore that doesnt appear to be just a grid of icons.

      TBH, I havent had the leisure to play with an iphone either, but currently, given the choice, I'd pick the latest WP device over the latest iOS.

      in a different scenario, if you were to offer me a free option of a brand new 2yr old android phone vs a 2yr old iphone, I'd pick the iphone for something new to play with.

      i dont think it's mostly blind hate for iOS, i believe it's just that most of us already know we're not really interested in what iOS currently has to offer.

      • http://twitter.com/#!/brandonjnunn bjn714

        I laughed when I read "I picked WP because it's something different and new to explore that doesnt appear to be just a grid of icons."

        Don't get me wrong, but isn't WP7 just a grid of icons? And a quite firmly defined grid, at that? ;)

        And if I could justify another smart phone purchase, I would also buy a WP just to play with it as it is the only platform of the three I haven't explored (since WinMo5, that is) and it looks to have some nice features.

        Android though is the only platform that completely meets my needs as of now. The Galaxy Nexus is finally the device that I will pull out even if there is a PC in the same room because it doesn't feel like I am using a sub-standard version of the real web anymore. It is the first time I feel like I have a REAL browsing experience on a phone.

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

      I find it ironic that you're praising rational equality and in the same breath making a backhanded slam on WP. I own both an Android phone and an iPhone 4 which I used to a few months before getting the Android. I would happily take a WinPhone over the iPhone if forced to pick because I personally hated using the iPhone as a "daily driver". I really did not like the user experience of the iPhone as an actual phone. For apps and gaming it's nice and well thought out, but I found the phone-related aspects to be poorly designed and obnoxious to use. I generally respect a fair number of Apple products (I quite like my Macbook Pro), but I am reasonably critical of their bad decisions as well. Believe me, my choice to go for WP has nothing to do with being a hater, it's that I've tried the iPhone and found that it failed my needs. If you read the comments, you'll see a LOT of other people have used an iPhone and wouldn't go back.

      • Real

        Im sure some of you are telling the truth. But for the majority saying they prefer a phone with practically no market share... it just doesn't make sense. In my personal experience, I have never met someone who said they'd love to buy a windows phone. Judging from its performance I find it hard to believe that if Android disappeared, windows phone would be a dominant OS.

        • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

          You may be looking at it completely wrong. It's pretty easy to explain, though I'm sure some people will call these excuses, they make a lot of sense.

          1. WP is late to the market and hasn't even been around very long. Considering everybody is on a 2 year contract, there's over 6 months before every AT&T subscriber would have even had a WP device to choose from. Besides T-mobile, nobody else has even had one device for a year.
          2. Common sense, many people here are already familiar with the iPhone. Like me, I suspect many of them aren't interested in going back to it...wether it's curiosity and they just want to try WP or if they like the concept more, they are motivated not as haters but for the perfectly practical reason that they don't like the iOS interface and at the very least want to try out something more compelling.
          3. Even though it seems WP is more practically a competitor to iOS (even I feel that way), it's hard not to wonder if there's a fairly large share of Android users who would have chosen it had Android not existed. Consider the possibility, albeit hard for some minds to grasp, that the share of people who would want WP happens to overlap with the large audience of Android users. Since Android already existed it's not implausible that the same group of people simply aren't motivated to switch.

          Look, I'm not denying that some part of the 50% of voters who said they would go to WP is made up of Apple haters who have enough common sense to avoid BB and realize the "other" category is filled with hopeless projects. By contrast, it's incredibly short sighted to insist some massive majority is going to scurry back to Apple as if admitting "It was a mistake, I swear had no feelings for the robot, it was just sex". After 4 years and a lot of innovation, there's a lot of people who know to expect more than what they've seen from the iPhone.

        • Real

          Thanks for your insight. Its pretty logical.
          On 1. Yes they're pretty new but I think December sales were disappointing when compared to iOS and Android... but as per your reasoning, we'll know in 6 months if WP is any good.
          On 2. I hope you watch videos, read reviews, or borrow a friends phone or simply try it out in the store before buying. It can be a pretty expensive mistake to buy something just to try it out.
          On 3. This could explain it very well. From what I have seen WP offers something in between the customization of Android and the polish of iOS. However they are a little late in the game and because of this I am speculating there will be more bugs compared to iOS and Android.
          "By contrast, it's incredibly short sighted to insist some massive majority is going to scurry back to Apple as if admitting "It was a mistake, I swear had no feelings for the robot, it was just sex"." --- The question was 'if there was no android' so going to Apple is not admitting choosing Android was a mistake. It means without android you prefer Apple's iOS... which by the way is a pretty good OS... best polish, best ecosystem, best design, one of the best hardware, but not customizable.
          A lot of this rides on if WP is any good. Guess we'll find out in a few months unless number 3 is true.

        • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

          I guess I'll keep this going a tad longer :)

          On 1: I'm not making that as a 'do-or-die in 6 months' case. I'm simply pointing out that there's still a large number of people that haven't even had the option to switch. Until the last 4 months or so (when the second generation of WP7 devices came out) there wasn't even decent hardware and WP7 was still in it's first release.
          On 2: While it's true that it's an expensive risk to take, it's a risk that almost everybody had to take when getting a smartphone, be it Android or iOS or just about anything else. If forced to leave Android, it's no lesser of a risk to to switch to any unfamiliar OS.
          On 3: Meh, nothing to add really... :)

          Your comments on iOS do bring a couple of thoughts to mind. First, I never said it wasn't a good OS...rather, I like it for gaming and apps, just hate it as an actual phone. As a developer, I have some serious technical complaints, but those usually don't directly affect users. Second, there are MANY who have disagreed with the "best design" subject, claiming WP7 is better (I am split, I like and dislike things about both of them). Thing is, looking at it objectively, everything you wrote about iOS can be easily applied to WP7 (except the hardware thing...WP7 hardware specs today are like the Palm Pre when it released, just with better build quality).

          I actually spent about 2 hours earlier this morning contemplating if I wanted to order one of the first gen WP7 phones for development. I opted against it just because I know I'm going to be grinding on Android for the next couple of months anyway...might as well wait for better prices on 2nd gen handsets. But at $215 for a brand new unlocked, off-contract phone...I'm keeping the page open until I'm sure I don't want to order one.

  • Samanth

    Excellently written.. The best article on Android Police till date.. The way you portrayed your ideas with perfect reasoning, that's Awesome.. I am a die hard fan of Steve Jobs, 3 members of my family use iPhones, but i use an android phone. I daily read android news here at AP along with iOS news in other tech blogs. Infact, my next phone would also be android. Yes, the User Experience in iOS is far better than andro, but andro has it's own merits. You might be a fan of something, but you have to accept if there are better qualities in some other things and that's what happen with day to day changing technologies.. Frankly speaking, if iOS doesn't exist, we don't even imagine that we would be using something like Android this day.. A perfect fan must praise the pros as well as accept the cons of what he loves instead of blindly arguing with others.. We all love technology. So let's wish it to improve each and every single day.. Sorry for my bad English :)

    • carlos

      Bad English? Where?

      • Samanth

        In 6th line it should be "better than that of andro". I don't know the remaining. you people must tell :)

  • Freak4Dell

    The iPhone is the number one selling phone because there's only one model released every year. Android phones outsell the iPhone, but since there are so many, none of them can claim to be the best selling phone. I'm sure you knew that already, though.
    Anyway, back on topic, I feel that the 4S is actually a pretty decent phone. I guess that's more due to iOS5 than the hardware, but I'll just say the 4S since it's the phone paired with iOS5. Earlier, there were major things missing from iOS, but Apple now has all the things an average user wants/needs, so I don't feel bad recommending the iPhone to people. I don't feel like they're missing out on features because they went for the iPhone. Sure, I could never use the iPhone myself, and Android still has more capability than iOS does, but for the average Joe, it pretty much comes down to user preference at this point. If the hardware and the UI are acceptable, then iOS is a fine choice.
    That being said, the most prominent reason not to buy an Apple product now is that, well...it's an Apple product. I wouldn't want to be supporting that company and all the blatantly unethical things they do, but maybe that's just me. I mean, yeah, I understand most companies do unethical things, but all I see from Apple is pure evil. For me, it's not so much that I hate the products (but I'm certainly not a fan by any means) as it is that I hate the organization, its culture, and the attitude it promotes.

    • Tyler

      I'm in the same boat as you. I have owned 3 ipods myself, and while theyre great, I could never by any apple product other than an iPod. But each and every one has giving me headaches despite the fact I havent put them through any physical or virtual(software-related) abuse.
      The 160gb iPod classic I bought 2 xmas's ago will be the last Apple product I ever buy.
      I am now starting to use my Thunderbolt + Google Music more for all my music.
      Apple has been an a-hole of a company this past year with all the absurd lawsuits, and it shows what the company's true intentions and values are, and it is unfortunate people support such a terribly evil patent troll with their money.

    • http://verb0ze.net verboze

      "That being said, the most prominent reason not to buy an Apple product now is that, well...it's an Apple product.".
      Yup. To the average consumer, it appears buying Apple vs Samsung is the akin to buying a BMW vs Audi. The brand factor is something Apple works tirelessly to preserve. This is why they will not license their technology. Not to defend Apple (because I certainly do not agree with their litigation approach), but Apple is first and foremost a consumer company, and they try hard to maintain that "higher quality" image. You and I both know that hardware/performance-wise, a high-end Android phone beats iPhone hands down in most areas; however, the average person hears iPhone and thinks classy, easy to use, unique. They hear Android and they think gazillion of devices, "Droid", ugly, complex, geeky. This is even before they've actually used the device. Then you have to sit and explain to them the "Galaxy Nexus" exists and is the most advanced phone to date. And they look at you even more confused and ask, "what the hell is a Nexus? How is it better than an iPhone?" And you try to explain better cam with panorama, NFC, multi-tasking, data sync, etc and they look at you like you're crazy, because all they really want to do with their phone is make a call, check the stock ticker, update FB, and play angry birds :)

  • Giri

    Brilliant Article.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/brandonjnunn bjn714

    Nice, David. Good to see that you were not torn to pieces this time for your opinions. Keep up the good work and thanks!

  • http://www.miniphysics.com TheMini

    Thank you! Nice article!

  • Jason

    Great post! Enough of the fanboy-ism from everybody from iOS and Android camps..

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com PixelSlave

    As much as I like my Galaxy Nexus, I have to admit that even though it's an entirely Google controlled phone, there are still times its UI exhibits that classic "lag". The most obvious one is the "lag" that comes from Face Unlock. No, not the actual facial recognition, but the lag it takes for the camera to start recognize my face. The first day I got my phone, when I pressed the power button, Face Unlock came up instantly, ready to recognize my face. A couple days later, it begins to take a couple seconds before I could even see my face in the screen. It's not a serious problem, but overall it's not a desirable experience. In addition, every once in a while, when I go back home, the animation will be so choppy that it reminds me of my OG Droid.

  • http://verb0ze.net verboze

    Great article! I agree, both platforms have their strengths, the end user will appreciate one over the other based on their needs. Having owned both, I feel Android better meets my usage patterns; however, I'm also a geek and can deal with the slightly more complex OS. Were I to recommend either to my non-geek friends and family, I would probably recommend the iPhone because it would be simpler for them to use -- and therefore minimize the number of "support calls" I would get ;)

  • Himmat S.

    I have both an iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is my primary tablet, simply because it gives more freedom to the user.

    However, comparing both devices, the one point in which the iPad 2 triumphs the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the smoothness of the user interface. The iPad has just flawless, fluid, smooth-flowing interface. Android's interface is more often than not laggy, and it also hangs for a couple of seconds every now and again.

    If only the folks at Mt. View can find a solution to this, Apple will lose one of it's major trump cards over Android!

  • Zack

    Great Article and clear at points. There is so much more Android can do than apple. Like ive said time and time again Apple needs to innovate and not littigate because it makes them look dumb.....Make your product the amazing and magical as you claim it to be. The only thing that lagging is the old OS of android ICS runs so smooth its not even funny. I love my GNEX and can't wait to see what google does next!!

  • sriracha

    thank you David. many of your points are regularly discussed between myself and my iOS friends; we are never fanboys and often chat about android's and iOS' shortcomings, often fantasizing about the ultimate smartphone, basically an amalgamation of apple and android; iDROID.

    very refreshing to hear your words, rather than the constant bashing, in both directions, i see on a daily basis on the interwebz and in real life.

    thanks again for your insight and honesty.

  • PeePay

    Is there a tl;dr version?

  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

    I like the article and message it sends, it's something I've said many times even going way back into the Windows vs Mac days. One thing did bother me though, the title. The one thing that I believe defines the Android community, much as it has well defined the educated Windows users over the years, is that many of us are perfectly willing and capable of identifying the flaws in our OS(s) of choice. Hardly a day has gone by that I haven't seen active complaints about Android that break down the flaws and call out the ways that they can and should be fixed. Even Google and their partners have been willing to admit to at least some of the shortcomings.

    The key difference is Apple and some fans simply refuse at all costs to ever admit imperfection of any kind. Consider the antenna thing from the iPhone 4 as an example, where Jobs went in front of a camera to say "people are holding the phone wrong". The reason so many conversations spiral into irrational flame wars is because of a few irrational people that blindly claim absolute superiority over those who truly want to discuss the technology. From a purely observational perspective, it reminds me of the way that certain political and religious groups encourage their people to speak. I'm not pigeonholing all iPhone users, only Apple marketing and the undereducated few users (and actual fanboys) who suffer the insufferable combination of being both zealot believers in Apple's perfection and loud mouthed enough that they need to bash anybody that doesn't agree.

    My point is, just because one famous person from 'the other side' decided to admit to a couple of shortcomings doesn't mean that camp found reason. We aren't afraid to call out the imperfections and many possible improvements in Android, and neither is Google...In a fashion, it's actually dishonoring us to imply that Android fans haven't been vocal about the weak points of the OS or hardware.

  • Jeff

    The biggest issue with Android outside of a Nexus is you have to be rich to stay current. Because manufacturers expect you to just buy a new device every OS release rather than update.

    • ChumbleSpuzz

      and this is different than Apple how, exactly? All of the manufacturers are guilty of this.

  • Gold D Roger

    BRAVO!! *claps* *claps*

  • Franky

    Agreed, probably a lot of the hate apple receives is based upon their ruthless business practices rather than any reasonable arguments. But then again it's not like anyone forces them to behave like that. So the flaming of iOS (and basicly all things Apple) might be out of context but not entirely undeserved.

  • LfnsR

    Great article. I completely agree with what you have expressed. Both Android and IOS have their good and bad things to deal with. Ultimately, it comes down to what device is "best" for you - not someone else. This goes to one Android device vs another too.

  • Uditvanu Das

    Fantastic article. A proper informed view on both the platforms, each with their strengths and weaknesses. While iOS has been more popular internationally, in developing nations like India et all, the Android OS has been picking up speed at a steady pace. Perhaps helped by the slew of low-end devices that introduce the once Nokia base-phone users to the magic of smartphones :)

  • ex-iPhone user

    Great points. However, I have seen iOS users strut the fanboy stuff more than Android users. For some reason I have seen Android users to always envy the iOS because of its buttery smoothness. And after checking out Nokia's Lumia 900, I could say they will be feeling the same about Win7 mobile phones as well. I hope that apart from the slew of features that Android delivers, they could also make it smoother with all the promises of quad core processors and 1GB RAMs in all the flagship phones. Anyway, I do believe that being a fanboy is belittling your product as well, as people disregard all your comments considering you're a fanboy regardless. :)

  • RMC

    +1, DR

    Thanks for the reminder of a balanced view of the playing field.

  • Matt

    Very good points, thanks for the good read!

  • Josh

    "you've shown them what it looks like on the other side of the fence, instead of just pissing all over their lawn."

    LOL, well said David! And an excellent article!

  • Stocklait_Charfish

    David Ruddock, you are a fuckin' toothless illiterate inbred drunken redneck animal-rapist hillbilly douchebag, because you like Android.

    Typed from my iPhone 4S, oh yeah! ";0))

    • Android=iphone bothrgood

      Perfect example of "Iphone fans looking down on Android"
      Just because you own an iphone doesn't mean it's instantly better than Android
      I don't care if you sware at me or kill me for this but you're opinion is like being racist and idiotic. Well here, You are a toothless illiterate in bred drunken redneck animal-rapist hillbilly douchebag because you can't accept ideas. 

  • Sam

    Awesome article. I couldn't imagine buying a iphone cause Im so invested in google products but that doesnt mean that the iphone sucks. However I do get tired with iphone fans looking down on Android. What I'd like to see from Iphone fans is to admit that Android is a worthy competitor and that they are copying Android features like Android is copying the Iphone's.
    Also I'd like to see Google admit that there is a problem with users being able to upgrade their phones to the latest version in a timely manner, that there is a serious issue with malware/virus and that the app discovery on the Android Marketplace sucks. If they don't get these things under control I can't see many sticking with Android in the long run

  • Perry

    One of the reasons why the iOS fan boys get called out so much is their unearthly devotion to all things apple. The Samsung Galaxy S II commercials illustrates the point perfectly. Some of the die hard "cult of macintosh" disciples will line up for days to get the latest gizmo coming out of Cupertino and they don't even know why they need it or want it. "I MUST HAVE IT!! IT'S NEW AND IT's FROM APPLE"

    I'm all for live and let live. I have never and will never own any product from apple. And my reason is simple. Apple as a company takes it upon itself to decide and dictate to the consumer how, why and when the device will work. All freedom is removed. Jobs himself said "The consumer doesn't know what they want" I as a consumer take offense to that. I do know what I want and I want the freedom to choose how not get locked into the "walled garden" where how and why is decided for me by one all powerful entity.