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The ridiculous and wasteful patent war continues, with a German court confirming that Apple has filed two new suits against Samsung. The first is against 10 phones including the SGSII, and the second against 5 tablets. Details are light at the moment, but evidently Apple is using these two (unsurprisingly very vague) patents in the smartphone suit:

000888920-0018 00074280-0006

Yes, seriously - their patents are basically for a shape. Readers familiar with the current lawsuit situation in the tech world know the situation is violently out of control, and close followers of AP have heard my thoughts on just how hypocritical and ridiculous Apple is. Nonetheless, the patents have been granted, and basically exclude - and I quote - "flat rectangular devices with rounded corners" and "the colors black and white." I couldn't make this up.

For a rundown of where to expect things to go from here (hint: who knows?), hit up the source link.

[Source: FOSS Patents]

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  • mastermind26
  • AlternNocturn

    Oh for f***'s sake they just don't let up do they!? Well they've pretty much guaranteed a lost customer. Not like I was ever going to buy one of their overpriced, underpowered gadgets anyway. Dirtbags.

  • http://androidpandora.blogspot.com/ Myself

    who approves this patents? someone on apple payroll?

    • http://trueacu.com acupunc

      lol. . . they are community design patents in the EU.
      Read this article about how bad they are and why apple is doing all this in Germany:

      Samsung needs to get everything to 4.0/ICS and drop all buttons.

      • Deltaechoe

        better idea, move the button in question off center and then say FU to apple

        • http://trueacu.com acupunc

          lol. . . it would probably work better that way also.

          Wonder how many people watch the show 'Eureka'? Started in 2006--all kings of gadgets in the show, especially tablets and a little touch UI smartphone.

          In the end nearly all of apple's claims will be tossed.

  • wpfn

    How about trash the current patent system...no more time wasted in litigation for these rediculous patents or any for that matter. Innovate and sell products, or don't. If someone steals your idea and makes it better, too damn bad, that's the way the world works. No more patent leeching BS!

    /end rant

  • Jim

    "flat rectangular devices with rounded corners"... pretty much describes all my credit and ATM cards. Maybe Apple should go after Visa and Mastercard.

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com PixelSlave

    It's beyond the point I even want to hear about these kinds of news. But, Samsung execs, if you are listening, please just forget about making your phones even remotely look like the iPhone. Some of my first time to-be-smartphone purchasers actually told me that they ended up buying a Motorola or HTC phones because they thought the Samsung phones look a bit (or a lot) like an iPhone, and they DO NOT want something look like an iPhone. See, these virgin smartphone shoppers want something totally different because everybody else is holding an iPhone and they don't want to be that everybody.

    Yea, long time Android fans, I know we don't think the Samsung phones look like iPhone at all, but that doesn't mean a thing if there are people insisting that they look alike.

    To begin with something new, how about a design that has a less rounded corners, because that look is really getting tired.

  • Deltaechoe

    look out everyone apple has patented rectangles, physics will never be quite the same. What's next? Circles, triangles, trapezoids? Seriously? Overhaul this broken system already, look at the consumer and business side damage this does

  • nevetsg

    But iPhones have circular buttons and Galaxies have rectangular. It that first pic apple have a patent on the GS design.

  • Tyler

    This is incredibly pathetic that these patents exist when even a child could draw these up in under 5 minutes. Crapple is just a joke of a company.

  • http://idogenealogy.com/blog/ Banai Lynn Feldstein

    If Apple was really serious about the design infringement, they would be suing almost every Chinese Android maker. Those not only have the exact same shape and colors, but they have just the one, round home button like the iClones. Apple is just scared of their biggest competition.

    • Yurdle

      Amazing they'll go after their suppliers. I realize apple could find another supplier and apple is samsungs biggest customer.. but as you said if apple really cared about design infringement they'd go after the others, but they only go after that biggest competitors. It's getting ridiculous.
      As others have said, I don't know that I'll ever buy another device made by Apple

  • RaptorOO7

    I am migrating as far away from apple products as I possibly can as quickly as I possibly can. Both of our Mac's need to be replaced this year and my wife commented how much she actually hates the OSX UI.

    I cannot in good conscience buy products from any company whose sole business model has changed from innovation to litigation.

    Simply put, apple knows Android is eating their lunch so the only way they can try and slow them down is to litigate every device maker they can.

    So long apple, I sure won't miss you.

    Oh and my friends iPhone4 that is just out of warranty (by a few weeks) had the ear piece blow out on it which I recall is a potentially known issue. They want $149 to replace it. She said no thanks, I will use my BT headset and roll along.

    • OniKyanAE86

      As for a new Operating System/PC, Microsoft is just as bad with suing everyone for patents, I myself have started to move over to Ubuntu which is free and so far haven't seen them in any patent wars.

  • Aaron

    I saw we need to boycott Apple!!!

  • MicroNix

    So I just looked up a Windows Mobile 5.0 CDMA phone that fits the description of a rectangle with rounded edges (thought a bit thicker!) that was released in 2006. It had a centered main button in the middle lower area of the device too. Plus a camcorder, BT, etc. I'm kinda thinking "prior art" could take this patent and throw it back in Apple's face.

  • L boogie

    It's a new year and the meatballs of good artists copy, great artists steal are at it again. Have no interest in listening to this nonsense again after enjoying CES 2K12 but here's something for Apple; why don't you donate some money, time & effort to helping the foxconn situation after all, it is one of your main suppliers of all things i.

  • anhmel

    Patents should be abolished! Once and for all!

  • Renil

    There we go again! sigh...Apple might just win this again though right?

  • Jose

    I honestly hope Apple goes under and files for bankruptcy due to all court fees, attorney fees, patent fees. I cannot stand this company at all. They will get what its coming to them... Patience..

  • James

    Imagine if they started applying this to TV's etc we would all have some odd looking shapes in our living rooms!!!