It has been a few months since we last took a look in the Android Market for a new set of must-have root apps, and a lot of worthy entries have since entered the arena.

They battled it out in fight to the death, and the eight victors now stand before you, offering their unparalleled services at your disposal.

Okay, so maybe it didn't play out quite so dramatically, but the point remains the same: we have eight new apps that every rooted user should know about. Let's get to it, shall we?

Screencast Video Recorder

This is one of our favorite apps here at AP. We take a lot of screenshots and videos of apps and games, and Screencast is our go-to app, especially for the latter. If you ever find yourself in need of a way to record what's happening on-screen, look no further than Screencast. The app costs $4, but there is a demo version available so you can give it a shot before you buy.

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Screencast doesn't support Tegra 2-based devices, and it doesn't (yet) work on the Galaxy Nexus.

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The concept of HoneyBar is simple, but its use is endless: it hides the notification bar on Honeycomb tablets. If you've ever tried to watch a movie, view a photo slideshow, or even play a game on a Honeycomb tablet, you'll notice that the notification bar is always visible (though sometimes it is blacked out), taking away valuable screen real-estate. HoneyBar is here to save the day and give you back your screen.

Once installed, HoneyBar launches itself as a white box in the middle of the notification bar (don't worry, that white box disappears after ten uses). Tap the box, and it hides the bar; tap the same spot again to bring it back. Easy peasy.

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Game On

Game On is nothing short of game changing. It not only allows users to backup and restore game data, but download and share game progress over the Game On network. Yeah, you read right - share. Game. Data.

Maybe you're stuck on a particular part of a game. Perhaps you just don't feel like playing through all the boring crap and want to jump straight into the good stuff. It doesn't matter the reason you want to progress in a game - Game On is the solution.

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Game On costs a buck in the Android Market - hit the widget to buy it.

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WiFi Protector

WiFi Protector is a security app that protects your device from Wi-Fi sniffing attacks. It'll detect and prevent ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) attacks, like DoS (Denial of Service) and MitM (Man in the Middle).

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Unlike most of the other apps in the roundup, this one actually offers a little bit of functionality for non-rooted users. To get the full protection the app offers, though, it uses the power of root to offer advanced protection -- it can even defend your gadgets against WiFiKill, an app that can eject basically any user off of a Wi-Fi network with the tap of a button.

WiFi Protector will set you back $1.89, hit the widget to buy.

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This one is sure to save many people a lot of heartache. We've all mistakenly deleted files before, potentially losing them forever. The next time that happens, though, Undelete is here to save the day by scanning your device's SD Card, finding deleted files, and, in most cases, restoring said files.

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The app is free in the Android Market, so there's no excuse to ever lose another file.

Mobile ODIN Pro

Have you ever wanted to flash some firmware on your Samsung phone but weren't around a computer to make it happen? Enter Mobile ODIN Pro, a simple way to flash ODIN files directly from your device - it even offers an option to root the firmware while it's flashing!

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At the current moment, MOP only supports a handful of devices, but more are likely in the works. For more details and to purchase ($4) Mobile ODIN Pro, hit the widget below.

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Call Master

Call Master is the second app from developer Fahrbot Mobile to make its way into the roundup (the other being Undelete), and it's probably the most impressive call and text firewall we've ever seen. It can control dozens of variables in countless situations - everything from blocking certain numbers during certain times of day, sending specific numbers to voicemail, to auto-hang ups, and so much more.

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Like other Fuhrbot app, this one is free. Grab it below.

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avast! Mobile Security

Last, but certainly not least is avast! Mobile Security - an app that every rooted user should have installed. We know what you're thinking - an antivirus app? Really? Yes, really. This app is different than the rest of the anti-virus applications in the Market, because it is also the best anti-theft solution of any app. Hands down. (The other features of the app are top-notch, as well, but the anti-theft functionality is its only root function).

Why is its anti-theft so good? Because it used to be Theft Aware, an app that we absolutely loved. TA was bought out buy avast! and incorporated into its Mobile Security app. The best part is that the root function of the app wasn't altered in any way - avast's anti-theft setup is identical to Theft Aware in every way (aside from aesthetically, that is) - it's simple and intuitive, and when it's finished, you can rest assured that if your device is ever lost or stolen it's as protected as it can be.

1 2 3

avast! Mobile Security is free and if you only choose to install one app from this roundup, I suggest that this is the one.

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There we go - another eight root apps for the record books. As always, if you know of an awesome root apps, hit us up on the tip line so we can check it out.