Quite a few of us were overly excited when Hulu Plus landed in the Android Market last year, only to be crushed when we realized only a few select devices were compatible. While Hulu has been bringing support to more devices since the release, it's just moving entirely too slow. Many of us are blue in the face from holding our breath while waiting for support, and frankly, I gave up the wait a long time ago. In addition, we have yet to see much tablet support, which would be the logical device type to utilize for viewing video content.


Well, hold your breath no longer, because a kind fellow by the name of Vgeezy has modified the Hulu Plus apk to run on almost every device - tablets included. It's a bit unclear on how this was done, but it seems only a few key changes were made.

No, this doesn't mean you'll get the premium content for free. You'll still have to subscribe to Hulu Plus to use the app, but that's only a monthly fee of $7.99.

Run on over to the XDA forum to download the apk and enjoy Hulu Plus on all of your Android devices.

Note: The Logitech Revue has been reported as incompatible by the commenters in the post.

Source: Know Your Cell via XDA-Developers

Thanks Stephen!

Brandon Lancaster
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  • ocdtrekkie

    Given how much Hulu has screwed us, their dedicated customers... it's about time.

    Hopefully they won't block it again quickly.

  • max

    Doesnt work on Xooms.

    • ocdtrekkie

      It works great on Xoom LTE. Are you using has Landscape APK he posted?

      • Brandon Lancaster

        You beat me to it! But yeah, Max, try to the landscape version of the APK. That should work.

  • Sam

    Why not install the modified flash player to play hulu videos ;)

    • jordanjay29

      Because Hulu routinely blocks browser user agents that aren't desktop clients. I'm fairly sure they've blocked the particular Android "desktop mode" user agent as well. You could hack it to emulate your real desktop's user agent...but then you still have to work with a crappy flash player.

      • Sam

        Yes but much better than paying 7.99 for videos with ads.

  • Luis

    Thanks worked on Galaxy S Device.

  • danyzfr6

    Doesn't work on my Xoom LTE (stock and updated, not rooted) for some reason, using the landscape apk. I can bring it up but it's really buggy and I can't get to the point where I can play a show (the bar that usually comes across where you can choose to play or see series info doesn't come up, it's just blank.) I'll keep trying, though...may be user error since I've seen some Xoom users say it works on the xda forums.

  • duplissi

    been using hulu plus on my photon for a few days now, although i dont have a modified apk someone with a supported device made a backup with data and uploaded it, it works as long as you restore the data with the apk in titanium backup.

    im guessing that the apk sees that a check was already done on the device from the restored data and then runs normally.

  • Kenny O

    Works on the transformer prime....

  • Joel

    does not work on the Logitech Revue it crashes on Startup

  • Mep1289

    Works for galaxy s2 tmobile

    • Mep1289

      also easiest way to download is to use dropbox and open the application that way 

  • http://twitter.com/ccroucher Cal Croucher

    While the official HuLu app in the Play Store works great on all my devices (Droid 3, Droid 4, Asus Transformer, Transformer Prime and Nexus 7) I used the MOD from Vgeezy because it supports HDMI output which for some bizzare reason the official HuLu app blocks. Shame on you HuLu!

  • brian

    this app works on the Lg Lucid glad i found this modded app