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A few days ago, redditor fernandizzel posted a hypothetical poll: "If MS & Apple had their way and Android ceased to exist one year from today, what OS would you use?" The choices were fairly obvious: Blackberry, Windows Phone, iOS, or Other. A second question was also posed: "If Google supported one platform in particular by providing better apps such as gMail and Maps, would you prefer that OS?"

As promised, he posted the results the next day. In favor of at least pretending to keep the appearance of some scientific polling methods, I'm not going to copy the results to the body of this post (don't want to influence your decisions or anything), but I will leave a link to them.

So, what would you choose? If, for whatever reason, your next device couldn't be Android, what OS would you opt for instead? As always, sound off below, then head down to the comments to share your thoughts.

If Android Ceased To Exist, What OS Would Your Next Device Be?

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Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • Letroy

    The iOS vs. Android battle made most Android users Apple haters :D I admit it: the second best platform is iOS. WP7 is nowhere at the moment.

    • tehsusenoh

      Agreed. I'd jailbreak in a heartbeat if I had to use iOS.

      • aantoine87

        i think before android most of us were using windows mobile, hence the poll results, and everyone loves the bigger screen choice

        • Mark

          I'd love to say I'd go to WP7, and I was a WP5/6/6.5 user with custom ROM's long before Android, but I've been spoiled by the market and such. WP7 isn't where it needs to be. I'd like to hope WebOS would make it or some other open-source platform but they're not where they need to be at the moment, so sadly, I think I'd go to an iPhone, course I'd hack and customize the hell out of it immediately and dream of what I once had (Android). And I'd be the first to switch the instant a comparable alternative emerged (WebOS, Meego, WP7, etc.)

    • Jon Garrett

      "made most Android users Apple haters" NO, I think its the other way around.

      I switched from iOS to Android because I got tired of wanting all the cool stuff Android phones had.

    • http://www.pretentiousname.com Leo Davidson

      iTunes made me an Apple hater long before Android even existed.

      • http://www.miniphysics.com TheMini

        Ah yes. iTunes is a pain. I just wirelessly transfer my videos/documents into my iPod Touch last time. (bypassing iTunes completely) Now, with my android phone, I just mount the sd card as disk drive and transfer. :)

        • Denbo

          Mount as disk?? Er... it's called "the cloud"... give it a shot sometime.

      • westy

        Man same for me. Itunes was the death of iOS for me too

      • duplissi

        lol yup, once i got my hero and realized i didnt need itunes and that i could upgrade my storage if i needed i no longer had need of my ipod touch! i sold it on ebay about a month later.

        gawd i hated itunes, google music is so much better its not even funny.

      • Mesmorino

        THIS. Itunes is the MAIN reason I despise Apple products.

    • Deltaechoe

      I would begrudgingly move onto iOS if there weren't any new choices out there. Really android fits my personality perfectly iOS really doesn't...

    • Aaron

      I totally agree with you. I cant stand anything Apple makes.

    • BobbyPhoenix

      It may be the second best OS, but with only one single phone design kills it for me. I like some kind of choice in my style. WP it is.

    • Hal Motley

      +1 I certainly would defect right back to iOS, simply because I have used it for the last year or so and I am familar with it.

      Also I hate Microsoft big time and try not to use it. Besides a lot of cool, mainstream apps and games are only available on iOS and Android.

    • Randy

      I was an Apple hater WELL before Android even surfaced. I wouldn't buy an iDevice if my life depended on it.

  • Dlongb13

    Anyone who says WP7 is an Android fanboy. WP7 has like 7 apps and multitasking is a joke. You couldn't possibly go from a fully developed ecosystem like Android to WP7 and be happy. You would end up going to iOS so you could have the apps you know and love back, and then some.

    • protozeloz

      As a former iOS user and all my life using smartphones I would be a shame if I didn't tried WP trying new OS is what got me into Android so if I have a reason to leave Android I would go and try something different.

    • Tyler Walles

      i only use the same 5 apps anyway so having a large appstore means nothing to me

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

      Sorta trolling, but I'll pretend you just worded your point badly. I'm a fanboy for no OS, but I would happily pick WP7 over iOS. You talk about the ecosystem, but you aren't considering how things will be in 12 months (or even sooner). iOS is more than twice the age of WP7 and WP7 is catching up pretty quickly on any major services and ahead on a few of them.

      Speaking as a developer who's very familiar with all 3 platforms, I can say conclusively that you're fantasizing if you think that iOS multitasking is somehow superior to WP7 (notice, I wouldn't begin to compare either of them to Android). Also speaking as somebody who's used development tools for all 3, trust me when I say that the developer story is abysmal for iOS while building for WP7 is almost like going to a day spa by comparison.

      If you're just going to count apps, then I suggest you start by eliminating the pure crap that nobody wants, it's really bad on both iOS and Android stores...the total count of apps is less relevant than the quality stuff, which admittedly isn't there yet for WP7, but a lot of it is already planned for porting pretty soon.

      • Chris

        "In twelve months" is never a good way to judge the tech world. Tech decisions should be made on the here and now, rather than the nebulous future. Especially when that future relies on Microsoft, which hasn't always been prompt or up front about all of its plans.

        "In twelve months" WP7 could be great, or dumped entirely by MS/Nokia. A year is a ludicrously long time in the mobile market, and while MS has the raw cash to keep itself in the game, that's no guarantee of success. It assumes there are no bugs or unforeseen complications, or internal corporate politics or even god forbid a patent war.

        Hell, within a year's time, the release of Windows 8 with ARM support may knock WP7 into obscurity, since now Microsoft has two mobile OSes. At the very least it'd force WP7 to stay in the phone segment, with W8 controlling the tablet segment, splitting the OSes.

        • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

          I knew when I was typing it that somebody would grab that infinitely unimportant part of a phrase and tug at it like a rhesus monkey in the zoo.

          Yes, a year is an arbitrary and meaningless timeframe...nevermind it was the timeframe specified in the poll. Obviously the poor saps who picked up a WebOS device (any of them) would have killed to have a 12 month foresight, as would anybody who bought the original iPhone on launch day, the iPhone 3GS, Droid Bionic or the Galaxy S (watch, this will piss of more than a couple people too). Of course, it's all hypothetical anyway, so let's rely on the hypothetical direction all of the mobile OSs are headed (with common sense applied of course).

          I'm starting to feel like a WP7 apologist lately because I recognize a lot of mis-information...but it's already known that Windows 8 is effectively going to be the next major version upgrade from WP7, so yes it'll knock WP7 into obscurity, the same way Android 2.1 knocked 1.6 into obscurity. It's not clear if the current line of devices will be updated (but I've read a bit that hints it's likely) and apps will almost certainly require a recompile, but none of this lowers the virtue of the OS.

    • augustofretes

      That's not true, l like all three platforms, but I'm in loved of the design language of WP7, it's beautiful, Andiroid and iOS are not nearly as gorgeous (also, the People Hub, Message Hub, Bing, etc, are absolutely beautiful and awesome). I currently own an Omnia 7 and a SGS II (this is my main phone running ICS, before it, I usually took one or the other depending on my mood). I also had an iPod Touch and a Palm Pre Plus, so I'm not a fanboy of any company, I'm a tech fanboy if anything.

    • Horse

      WP7 has the advantage of being explicitly supported by Microsoft. As I use Windows on my primary computer, this is pretty nice. I wish Android would better support Windows methodologies... It's constantly improving, but I'd bet it will never approach the familiarity of a WP7 device.

      Don't get me wrong, I love Android. That said, I'd rather use Microsoft's walled garden than Apple's. If I used Mac OS, I'm sure that'd be different. But then I probably wouldn't use Android, eh?

    • nope

      You would be right a year ago. The Windows Phone Marketplace is growing steadily, and has a lot of popular apps now. If you have not given the new series of phones a try, you likely need to before making a decision. Try a HTC Radar or Titan, or check out the new Lumia 900.

    • Tom

      You realize WP7 is the fastest OS ever to get the number of apps it has? It got to that number faster than iOS, faster than Android... It has a smooth UI (though the UI is boring to me), multitasking, plenty of benefits to it. I'm also a big fan of consumerism, and I choose not to buy Apple products because of how the company operates. My money is my vote, I do not like Apple, that is my choice and doesn't make me an Android fanboy. If Ron Paul ran as an independent and the Democratic party ceased to exist I'd vote for Ron Paul. Does that make me a Democratic fanboy? No, it makes me a Republican hater.

    • MicroNix

      That's where you are totally wrong. WP7 is the closest to Android. Its live tiles are like widgets, whereas iOS is nothing more than an app launcher with multitasking that is *really* a joke. WP7 will have apps even if Microsoft has to start shifting payments from bloggers to developers. You are a fool to think otherwise.

    • Leo

      Anyone saying WP7 is not worth a try is an Apple fanboy....

      See? Assumptions are so wrong.....

    • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft

      Actually 50,000 by the end of 2011. By the end of the 2012 it will likely be close to 150,000.

      I got my first Android in May of 2010 and the Market had just under 50,000 at that point.

  • duder

    winmo. without question. especially once win8 is out their tablets will rule. and I'm an android fanboy.

  • Lefty

    Had to say other! Would really like to give Samsung Bada a try have any of you AP guys really got into it? And do you ever see a u.s.version down the road?

    • Neomorphic Narquois

      I've never used it but I read today that Samsung will be merging Bada with Tizen.


      • Ben

        This is good news. I hope Tizen will fare better than Meego.

      • Lefty

        Thanks I had not seen that article!

      • Mark

        That's interesting. Bada-Tizen merged. So Tizen is essential MeeGo renamed/enhanced? So in the future we're possibly looking at WebOS (open sourced), vs Bada-Tizen (remnants of MeeGo) vs WP7 vs iOS vs Android vs BBX (blackberry)?
        Too many choices. Consumers need 2 or 3 choices, not 5 or 6. Windows or Mac, iPhone or Android, Intel or AMD, ATI or Nvidia, Dell or Apple, etc. Blah vs Blah, it's just how our brains are wired.

  • Rob

    Realistically, probably iOS.
    However, I voted other as hopefully if Android did cease to exist, something else brilliant and Linux-based would rise up in it's place, and I'd choose that.

    • tarangwydion

      This. +1

      A Linux-based Mobile OS.

  • Tony

    Blackberry, back to BBM and eventually BBX.

    • Elastin

      I expect BB 10 to be a serious competitor in terms of quality, even if it never gains the momentum. QNX is very different from the traditional BlackBerry OS.

      • MicroNix

        Are you serious? BB has to be the worst consumer smart phone on the planet. I will never deny its business value with email, but as a consumer device it is a total joke. Even their all touch screen phones are horrible. I know because I'm using one with work. I'm guessing BB will die because nobody is going to want to take over their fail server infrastructure.

        • Elastin

          Dude, did you read anything I wrote? I am NOT talking about current generation BBs or the traditional BB OS.

  • slurms mckenzie

    what about bada

  • Kree Terry

    id say since i just gave up my ipad and i have some apps for ios already id prob get an iphone. Thankfully though android isnt gone, plus i just won a gnex on ebay!!!! YAH FOR ME!!!!!

  • Dandmcd

    I enjoy using my Windows Phone (Focus Flash, previously owned a LG Quantum), it has a beautiful interface, and works fluidly and reliably. The only thing that keeps me away is the lack of customization with the UI, which is Android's biggest strength. If I wanted something that just works, a Windows Phone would be my go-to phone.

    Nothing out there is like an Android phone, so someone else would surely have delivered something similar had Android not existed. Geeks want powerful features.

  • Damien

    I would go WP7 because it is different and I like the fact that MS arent locking down their OS.

    • Mark

      I like that MS took the best of iPhone and Android. They allow multiple manufacturers to build WP7 phones (Like Android) but in order to ensure stability and consistency (like iOS) they're not allowed to heavily modify or skin the interface. It'd be nice if the user could choose to customize/change/skin, but default out of the box should be consistent. So MS took the best of both. They also have robotic factories where they simulate thousands of button pushes to ensure the quality and reliability of the handset, only then will they allow it to run WP7. So even if it's Samsung/HTC/LG you can be sure that the interface is consistent and the phone's passed rigorous stress testing by a 3rd party (MS; not LG/Samsung/HTC). I wish Google had better quality control on handsets with their OS on it, your mileage can vary so wildly. But as far as the Windows App Market/Store/whatever they've taken a very Apple approach which sucks in that respect. They really should stick to blending the strengths of both sides.

  • Ed

    If Microsoft and Apple had their way (questioning this statement), and Android ceased to exist? We'd still use Android. One could say, what if Motorola, HTC and Samsung had their way and skinned the living crap outta android, what would do? We'd praise people that male things like Cyanogen mod and use it!!!!

  • Ish

    I'd give up on smartphones if Android disappeared. I hate Blackberry with a passion and, though I give Apple their props for the overall quality of their OS, I don't give them any amount of respect for the other business routines. Just give me a crappy, little flip-phone and laptop...I'll go old school with it. lol

  • Freak4Dell

    I'd have to go WP7. I don't particularly like the UI, but it doesn't infuriate me like the iOS UI, and I'd rather give my money to Microsoft than Apple. The lack of apps isn't a huge deal to me, since I don't use that many apps anyway.

  • Neomorphic Narquois

    I'd probably go the Tizen route. I've been eyeing the Nokia N9 and I must say I like where Meego was heading with that version 1.2 Harmattan.

  • http://gmail.com Caleb

    probably symbian actually, but if it was out boot to gecko would be a good choice

  • copolii

    Id keep my cm kang source and stick with mydroid.

  • Bigsike

    Yes you are correct as of now but WP7 def has the most potential. I was stuck between BB and WP7 but I now see WP7 moving forward which I didn't think would ever happen.

  • jjrudey

    I've sometimes considered switching to WP7 but I think about the things it doesn't do and the Google Apps and decide not to.

    • engineerGA

      Yeah, I agree with this. I have seriously thought about switching to WP7, but the lack of WP7 Google apps (I *need* Google navigation and voice search) have kept me in the Android camp. I am zero percent interested in the Bing equivalents (if there are Bing equivalents). Plus, none of the WP7 devices are on Verizon except the Trophy, and it has a small screen and no LTE.

  • strra

    i half feel like most android users are WM6 refugees that jumped ship because the waning support for WM6 and the lack of backward compatibility in WP7 for WM apps...
    so the natural choice would probably be WP7 for most

    • Freak4Dell

      I know I am. If WM6 hadn't been abandoned, I'd have never jumped to Android. Or, if Windows Phone was more like Windows Mobile, I wouldn't have jumped to Android. Unfortunately, they dumbed it down too much.

      • edd

        Yep, I was a big (if frustrated) WM6.5 fan, and was so angry with how Microsoft handled the switchover. Android does feel the true evolutionary successor to that OS.

        I *guess* at a push I would go to WP7, but honestly it would feel a step back in tech terms, kind of like when we ditched the Concorde or the space program :)

  • Scott

    OpenMoko! Linux phone ftw

    • http://rooly.g0dsoft.com Chris

      Did you ever own one? I did and while the idea was laudable, the execution was beyond awful.

  • Tkun

    iOS. I imagine most Android users would (despite what this poll says), if so many didn't hate Apple so much. I'm not an Apple fanboy, but I have owned a couple of iPod Touchs, so I'm used to iOS and already have many paid apps for it. But I'd hate it if Android suddenly disappeared. I love my Samsung Fascinate, and I'm looking forward to stepping up from a single-core to a quad-core phone sometime this year. :P

  • Blahbal

    Of course iOs.. its the only system thats as good as Android!

  • funkmon

    WM 6.5, then Symbian, then iOS, then webOS, then WP7, then Meego, then BBX, then Palm.

  • Ryan

    WebOS ...it is only dead because the hardware was bad and no apps.

    • http://rooly.g0dsoft.com Chris

      I absolutely agree. WebOS was by far my first choice over Android anyway. I was unfortunately wrong when I thought Palm would pull through over Apple, but apparently I'm the only one who didn't find the commercials with the red-head not creepy.

      Fortunately for me, I had no money to spend on phones back in the WebOS/Andy 1.6 days...

  • jason

    Old refurb androids. For as long as possible. Then see what's new.

  • ocdtrekkie

    It'd be Windows Phone 7. Yes, Microsoft locks things down almost as much as Apple does, but Microsoft is going to have an edge come Windows 8, and Microsoft is still less of blockheads than Apple is.

    And I can develop for .NET.

  • AlternNocturn

    Very, very, very reluctantly iOS, if only for the apps. I would jailbreak that sucker in a heartbeat and try to make it as Android-like as possible.

    I say reluctantly because I hate what Apple does. I hate how anti-competitive they are. Instead of pricing their devices competitively, they just price it as high as they dare and sue everyone else to get them out of the race.

    Windows Phone doesn't quite fit with me and I wouldn't dream of getting a Blackberry, so I'm afraid iOS would be my choice. Plus the Unreal Development Kit allows you to develop games for iOS so that would be a plus.

    • protozeloz

      Windows 7.5 and 8 are nice they just like to be late for parties

  • Golightly

    iOS. Other answers are crazy. BB, I'd throw the phone through a wall in a day. BB OSes enrage me, so ugly. Jailbroken iP4S would be a passable replacement, anything else would feel like a timewarp back in time.

  • sriracha

    given my important friends still have iOS, so would i. i did enjoy my HTC Ozone, a windows device, because of the simplicity of syncing. for the sake of the poll, i selected iOS, because it just works and my friends are happy with their devices, and M$ is every bit as evil as apple anyway. so might as well go to hell with my friends..

  • http://about.me/seanprunka Sean Prunka

    I'd look long and hard at all my options. I'd wish a Linux-based OS would run on phones I could pick up on contract on VZW, then I'd sigh a lot, then I'd either get whatever WP is out (hopefully at least 8) or if BB sticks around and fixes shit, I'd look at which BBs are out. But even if Android went *poof* tomorrow, I'd still have two years before I needed to worry ... Yay Galaxy Nexus!

  • http://imgur.com/CuKA2 sketchy_alx

    If Android went away and there was nothing similar enough, I'd probably go with iOS, but only if they finally increased the screen size (3.5" is a joke these days). Otherwise, I'd give Windows a shot. Then I could have plenty of choices for phones with nice big screens.

  • J Rush

    I'd jump to the next best thing. iOS. It was the best before, and it could be the best again should Android bite the dust. WP7 is decent, but...at least Apple makes an attractive looking UI AND device, all in one.

  • pachi72

    I had iOS for 3 years and the reason I left was cause I got tired of JB vs Apple cat and mouse game....I would go for Wp7 just to try it out...

  • Andrew Lam

    Ubuntu. And I don't think that was too short a comment. ;P

  • Dion

    The problem with iOS is the hardware required for it. Nobody wants to pay for overpriced hardware. If iOS went to multiple devices, I would reconsider.

  • Carlos

    I'd say screw it and get a blackberry. I wouldn't give apple or Microsoft my money or the satisfaction

  • http://tantrajnaan.com Robert Dunn

    If android had never existed there would only be locked down systems. I would still be a jailbreak iOS user. I would have never moved away from iOS. Windows Phone would not have swayed me from iOS. I would have considered a WebOS device. Without Android, I would definitely pick iOS. I probably wouldn't hate iOS without Android to compare it to.
    I misinterpreted the question. If android ceased to exist from now on, I would go to Windows Phone most likely. That's a hard decision. Jailbroken iPhone or HTC Titan?

  • Umang

    I used WP7 yesterday for few hours. I was pretty surprised by its smoothness, new concept and a sleek design. I have to agree that it was more smoother than any of the android I have ever used. I have a Galaxy S2 and WP7 phone was Samsung Focus.

  • Alin

    WP7, ios' interface is too damn boring

  • Spydie

    I hate windows with a passion, having 30+ years on every OS Gates ever made and one Windows phone 6.0 mobile. What a piece of crap. However, I have had several iphones and ipad 2 and I also really hate iOS (although when it comes to computers, I'm and apple fanboy). I'd probably try Win7 phone or hopefully Win8 will be out so I could try something new. That's what got me into Android in the first place. However, I'd really hate giving up the worlds' largest phone (Galaxy Note). I have had a lot of Androids, but this is the best.

  • Roy Blumenthal

    It would have to be Windows for me. I use a tablet pc for my work (visual facilitation -- making live, on the spot pictures of the rhingseople say in meetings). So I'd appreciate better integration between phone and tablet pc.

    I currently yearn for a decent Android tablet that uses a Wacom stylus.

    Blackberry isn't going to exist for too much longer. It's a welfare case, and nothing can save it.

    iOS really has to change its approach to multitasking. It has the worst memory handling in the history of computing.

  • Roy Blumenthal

    Ugh. On my iPad. With a memory crash that cleared cookies. So I can't edit 'rhingseople say'. It SHOULD HAVE said 'things people say'.

  • Dom

    I would definitely go to WP7 from Android. I've had iOS before and decided I didn't like it, I've had a BB loaner when I was between Android units, and WP7 remains my only untested OS to this point. I'm not necessarily saying I would keep the WP7 device (thank god for return policies), but I would at least like to give it a test run outside of the store environment.

  • Ron Amadeo

    Man, what a good question. Power users (me) would be in trouble.

    I really don't think I would have a problem with a jailbroken version of iOS. I think I could work with it. You could break free of most of Apple's annoying restrictions (iTunes, the app store), and I would hope you could add the missing features (real multitasking, widgets, a homescreen). After a lot of work, iOS wouldn't be so bad.

    I would never really be "happy" though. Software is supposed to conform to the user's needs - I should feel in command of it. With Apple stuff I usually feel like the Apple is in control, and I'm a peon, requesting the software to do what I want. With Android, it's usually "you can do that", with Apple stuff, it's usually "No, you have to do it this way."

    The iPhone though, would be intolerable. The design just doesn't cut it. It's covered in glass so it's super fragile (I don't like cases). It has a massive amount of bezel (it's like 40% of the face area), and, worst of all, the screen is 25% smaller than what i'm used to (4.65 vs 3.5). The iPhone just isn't up to par for a power user.

    Windows Phone 7
    The Windows Phone 7 UI is probably great for my mom, but for a power user, it's a complete joke. One page of the home screen shows a whopping eight apps, a stock Android phone shows 20, and a modded Galaxy Nexus can show 48:

    You want me to pick 8 apps? Hahahaha. GTFO.

    LOL. Not even worth discussing.

    Something would have to step up and fill the void for power users. Maybe someday Apple will join the rest of us in the future and make a bigger screened iPhone with a non-hilarious amount of bezel. Or maybe iOS would get ported to some serious hardware (similar to Mac OSX86). All the power user refugees would rally around something; I would expect the Cyanogenmod guys to lead us to the (new) promised land (they would need a new project). WebOS is open source now, maybe the community would pick that up and make it as Androidy as possible. Also, Windows 8 is going to be ARM compatible, you can't get much more power-usery than a full desktop OS. So I'd probably go with "Other".

    For normal users, Android vs iOS is a tough choice, with pros and cons for each platform. But for power users strictly interested in doing stuff, nothing can touch Android. It would be very difficult to replace. Software that appeals to power user geeks like me is very easy to come by though, because those geeks are the very people writing all this software (<3). Something cool would come up. It would just set us all back about 2 years.


    • Dom

      iOS is very difficult to get to a point of usability on par with Android. I just don't think there's enough of a desire for it. I tried installing a number of different interfaces (including 1 I really liked, iOS7 that was based on WP7), but it made things really unstable on my iPhone 4.

    • augustofretes

      Pseudo power users, judging the quality of mobile operating systems based on their homescreens since 2007.

      • Manuel

        Couldn't agree more.
        Oh no, I only choose from 8 apps on a homescreen!1 It suxorz!!1

        Judging an OS on the basis of how many apps it can have on a homescreen is just plain stupid.

        • Just DUDE

          ha ha agreeed. Plus he is incorrect like many other posts. My wife has wp7. Nice OS, I would switch to it too. She also has like 20 apps on her home screen.

    • freestaterocker

      You know you can put as many times on the wp7 homescreen as you want, right? I have the 15 I use most on mine right now, but I change it all the time. I've had as many as 40 and as few as 7. 15 is great (3 are 1x2) -- not too much scrolling.

  • Eric

    I keep an iPod Touch, my android phone, and a windows phone on me at all times. I enjoy the WP7 device much more than the iPod. Both are great, just I prefer WP7.

  • http://all-tech-thoughts.blogspot.com Carl D

    I can't believe so many saying they would switch to WP! MS are blocking other OS's from being installed on their tablets and want to do the same on desktops, no way would I go with WP! I went with other as if Android went, another Linux based phone would take it's place, maybe Ubuntu Mobile would have more of a chance!

    • Hooman

      I was thinking exactly the same thing.

    • duplissi

      wait so i can install something different on an ipad!?

      • Just DUDE

        LOL. i know right. So silly.

        I don't think he realizes the business practices of Google. Look, I like android, but Google as a company is an a**sandwich

  • Hooman

    With ubuntu mobile coming out, bada and tizen merging and etc. If android ever cease to exist, i'd rather move to another linux based open source os again.

  • L boogie

    Other has to include cyanogenmod, miui or ubuntu especially given the dictator status of ios and wp7...... Bbx (RIM now RIP later)..... webOS (think CM).... Other would be my choice if there was no android though perish the thought. But then again, I could go back to flip phones and leave the smartphone universe behind me.

  • Jeremiah

    I would be severely disappointed if I had to go back to iOS or move to WP. I would have to jailbreak the Apple phone to make it work for what I need.

    As for WP, I've seen baby toys from V-Tech and Leapfrog with more sophisticated interfaces. No thanks.

  • Roger

    WP7 and may be going regardless if manufacturers don't stop with their unrelenting BS and months down the road updates. I'm older now and less willing to go spend a day chasing down alternate solutions to update a device. Much more interested in getting on with the business of life

    • Roger

      And besides, I just don't think customization is worth all the hassle. I spent maybe a week using Compiz/Beryl before turning off the effects and going back to standard desktop on Linux. Just let me change a wallpaper picture, give me my damn OS and security updates, and I'm golden

      • Just DUDE

        Exactly. Customizing is silly. I use my phone to make calls, surf net, play games, and every once in a while another application. I like a wallpaper, but anymore customizing is silly when I don't waste time gazing upon the screen to marvel in my ability to customize.

        • Freak4Dell

          I don't customize to make it look pretty (even though I do think it tends to turn out pretty sharp in the end). I customize to have everything I need at first glance, rather than all over the place. I want to be able to see certain things on the first screen I see, rather than having to go open the different apps. Even if I didn't have anything important to put on my home screen, I'd still rather have it blank than a clutter of icons that make it look like some icon monster threw up on my phone.

        • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

          Yeah, I'll pretty much second that. When I fell into the scene with Windows Mobile a few years ago, I was fanatical about using new themes...for about a week. After that, I sorta just figured I was happy with what I had and was actually a bit annoyed at having to re-install themes every time I flashed a new rom. I want the ability to customize if the ROM developer has bad taste but good skills, otherwise I'll usually take what they borrowed from somebody else.

          I care more about what the OS can do, that it looks good (hopefully by default, that I can write software for it, install software that I want and generally rely on it as a daily driver. Android matches all but the looks, iOS fails on all but looks, BB is a categorical failure, and WP7 is close-ish on most of them but doesn't quite finish the race anywhere.

  • Micah

    Some linux'd based alternative. This SOPA shit has made me realize that I need to be more proactive in supporting companies NOT behind the restriction and criminalization of it's users.

  • John

    If both Android and Windows Phone ceased to exist, only then I would go to iOS, but I'd be living in hell.

  • Chris

    Honestly, if no major replacement for Android appeared, it'd be iOS for me. I already have an iPod Touch, and iPods have been my primary music player for nearly a decade, but that's as far as the House that Steve Built has made it into my gadget collection. In terms of ecosystem, including apps and other support, it's the most developed, and I could conceivably end up merging devices as a side benefit.

    (Yes, I am aware that there are multiple ways to use my Android phone as a media player, but for several practical and personal reasons, it doesn't quite suffice, and hence I still tote both an iPod and a Galaxy Nexus.)

    WP7, all told, doesn't quite do it for me. Perhaps even more so than iOS, it tries to baby the user. The only difference is that the phone reports to Redmond rather than Cupertino. Given that, iOS at least has the advantage of a larger ecosystem, and better compatibility with third-party products both physical and virtual.

    Blackberry seems to have missed the boat. I doubt the market can sustain a four-horse race any more so than the PC market does. Even if QNX is amazing, it'll be an uphill fight if RIM keeps its software to its own hardware. Android became a hit by scooping up the entire non-Apple marketshare via its open system. With a closed system, Blackberry has to compete against Apple, which I honestly don't think it can do. Not as it is now, although it remains to be seen how steady Apple is without Jobs at the helm.

    Which leads to 'Other.' I consider Windows 8 to be out. Microsoft is dangerously close to locking it down to the Windows Store, already declaring that the WS will be the sole source of Metro apps. The x86 PC version will likely remain untouched, but with Apple demonstrating the advantages of the walled garden technique, Microsoft seems content to follow.

    WebOS has potential. I would prefer a UI rebuild though. It just felt a bit dated and muted when I use it on my TouchPad. Never quite as brilliant as my Galaxy Nexus or iPod Touch, although that may just be the screen quality. With solid third-party support in hardware and software, I can see it being a contender if people get behind it quickly enough to make it the replacement first-horse in the current race.

  • Gary

    That is the most horrific and disquieting hypothetical question I could ever wish to have posed. I don't think I could move to another OS truthfully... I think its comparable to losing a first love. I may a bizarrely strong and perhaps almost emotional attachment to Android. LOL

  • Phil

    Easy, WebOS, esp. now that it's gone open source. IMO Blackberry is dying, I don't want to deal with MS on yet another lame system, I vehemently refuse to give Apple any money, so that leaves WebOS, which I already like. Simple decision for me.

  • mikeymop

    I'd probably go with Windows Phone, if Android didin't exist it'd have all the app momentum so it'd rival iPhone.

  • Level380

    Who said I would move OS? Maybe I'll ride the last Android OS phone that I had kicking around for as long as I could!

    I still see people rocking Windows Mobile 6.5 devices out there!

  • http://buenojoe.com Chris

    I would REALLY want to go to Windows Phone 7.5. I like the OS, the apps are beautiful and it has some serious potential. The lack of customization, the "currently" poor app store and the reliance on Bing would probably lead me to go to iOS until WP7 matures. I have an iPod Touch and already owning the apps I want, would be preferable to buying them all over again for yet a third platform.

    • L boogie

      BING!!! WTF?! Search engine gone wrong and IM not going to even touch the rest of the candidates..... I wonder how people would respond if the same question was applied to the iphone.

  • Ed

    I own a MAC so it would be a no brainer for me to get an iPhone if android were unavailable but, to be honest, I am sure something else would rise out of it's ashes... I think that Google have too much expertise at their disposal not to be in this game and survive.

  • esgar

    The beast. ?(android ) nooooooooooo !

  • crackinthewall

    iOS if only because with an iPhone I have more choices. Sure with WP7, I can choose the phone I want from a dozen manufacturers but their specs are a joke. I wouldn't care much about the RAM and processor as long as the phone works well but the storage limitations are really unsettling for me. Apps are getting bigger and I wouldn't even get to enjoy the full 8 or 16GB the phone offers. It simply just wouldn't have enough space for those camera pics, my mp3s and videos. They want us to shoot videos in 720p and yet the storage options they offer are laughable. With iOS, I can go for a 64GB if want to and there's a big community behind it that could sate my app and accessory cravings. In addition, if Google didn't release Android, we would probably see Google throw their support (services) for iOS. I doubt MS would let El Goog touch WP.

  • GraveUypo

    i'd rather bet on something that might turn out ok (wp7) than something i know i don't like (iOS)

  • Kezi

    I would almost go for WP because like everyone else said its beautiful and fluid. And even though I don't really care about specs but I do care about screen resolution, 1080p playback, graphics quality, all of which WP are lacking behind. So for that reason I would go for IOS

  • Noreen

    Wow, that was a tough pill to swallow, when this question was asked... I love the Android OS, with its tweaks, features, applications, and constant growth and possibilities. It has become a part of me, my everyday life, and I'm thankful for it. So it's become my personal choice. PLEASE LORD, DON'T EVER TAKE MY ANDROID AWAY!!!

    And, as Disney's Buzz Lightyear would say, "To Infinity and Beyond!"

    I don't want any other OS... Keep mine Android. And please, don't ever ask such a question. :-P

  • http://www.stealthcopter.com/blog Mat

    Wow, that pic is awesomely messed up!

  • Juan

    Tizen... I feel stupid when using iOS, it is good but I don't like it; BB shame on you, and Windows Phone is nothing but beauty.

  • http://androidmontreal.wordpress.com/ André

    Apple pour l'apad et blackberry pour le cellulaire

  • Joseph

    Oh the horror!!! That thought is going to give me nightmares

  • manlisten

    Probably back to iOS for me. Tried Windows Phone and it's nice and all, but it's not enough to keep me away from the massive iOS ecosystem. The only thing that would lure me towards Windows Phone is the greater variety of hardware. I'd just hate having to go back to a sub-4" screen.

  • Reeve

    Windows Mobile anyday!

    Been my OS of choice since the O2 XDA days!

  • mxiia

    I'd switch to iOS for the sheer compatibly of accessories and apps.
    Though the feature I will miss above ALL others is the share feature in Android. I wish Apple'd just allow that.... open a file in another application... sandboxing is terrible.

  • freestaterocker

    I'm already a wp7 user... For the record I think it'd be a shame if android disappeared, though. As much as I love my phone, I know wp7 isn't for everybody. People that love Android or IOS or even BB should stay with it. Competition just forces everybody else to improve if they want to stay in the game. Having ICS around and IOS5 will make WP7/8 better, and vice versa. Some of ICS best new features were pioneered by WP7. And some of the new features brought in by mango started on Android.

  • sam

    what a real stupid article and poll I am ashamed of you android police
    btw webos is the next big thing not crappy windoze 7 and vapore ware win8


    Since i despise Apple I could not use iOS and since MS is being a patent troll and charging royalties to everyone...i could not use them either. So i would use blackberry or something else. Simple out of principle

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

      I'm probably kicking a hornets nest on this one...but RIM (owner of blackberry) was a major patent troll over the years and is responsible for just as many shady and anti-competative deals as Microsoft. All things considered, if you are trying to base the decision on principle alone, all 3 named options are really bad.

  • James

    Bada all the way

  • IJ

    Windows Mobile. I had an HTC phone with Windows Mobile 5 and I thought it was actually pretty decent. I'm surprised WM never took off.

  • Rob

    HERESY! You will now be flogged within an inch of your life. All Hail, Android! ;D

  • kati

    m$ is. Pure evil company they are behind all these law suits wake up people


      really?...apple hasn't done anything nor has nokia? plz

  • Ravi Shah

    I do not understand the hate for iTunes! I still use it for my music library on my computer and I love it. That being said I do sync an iPad with it but I am almost positive I would use it even if I had no iOS devices

    • CactusCat

      iTunes controls you and not vice versa. It's Apple's cash cow and they put it on EVERYTHING so that you're tied into it and can't do without it. They control the music you purchase and make it almost impossible to move it to any other non iTunes device. Thus the hate. and.. do I hate it? You'd better believe it. I do IT support work for an oil company that has a CEO who gets a new notebook every 6-12 months. He has about 40gigs of pirated (the local Mac nut shared his stuff with him) music and of course we have to move it all from old to new notebook. Then when he syncs, he gets double listings in iTunes (easily removed if you have a Mac but a time consuming chore if you have a PC). So he continues to gripe about it and I have to listen to it. I asked him how much of that music he listened to and he said "less than 1%". iTunes is a crummy piece of software when it breaks and I've heard the same thing from Apple people as well.

      • Ravi Shah

        i have a mac so its not bad at all for me. I know there are many other alternatives and my brother even uses different software but I just find itunes easy to use. I don't buy music from apple so that might make it easier for me... I have heard bad things about the windows version though.

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

      You must have a Mac. So do I and I find iTunes to only be a minor annoyance. iTunes on Windows is a catastrophe that causes endless problems and is pretty much the source of most people's dislike of Apple (well, it could also be the smug attitudes, terrible business ethics and the virus-like nature of their software).

      I hate using iTunes for anything because it's simply too fat and slow. The catch 22 is that there's simply no other good way to sync an iOS device, thus you have to use it for almost everything else while you're at it.

      Oh yeah, and just wait until the first time your iTunes database gets corrupted (and it will happen eventually)...you probably won't care for it so much after that.

      • Ravi Shah

        Yeah I do have a mac. I agree... syncing is TERRIBLE but Itunes as a player has worked out very well for me. I got used to the easy syncing and now that I have an android the one thing that I miss is easy syncing. I use doubletwist but its slow as crap and brings my computer to a crawl. I have migrated my music between 3 different macs (and wiped/reinstalled probably 3 more times) and havent dealt with corrupted databases yet so I guess ive just been lucky.

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com PixelSlave

    If Android did not exist, I would be a Windows Phone user now. First of all, every one knows Microsoft is evil, thus it couldn't do anything too evil any more because people will be watching their every step. On the other hand, most people don't recognize how evil Apple is. Even if they did, they were willing to accept that Apple is doing that for their own good -- that's enough for me not to choose the iOS.

    On top of that, I just don't see how revolutionary the iOS is. At the heart of it, it's still using the same icon/folder metaphor like the desktop OS we've accustomed to. At least Windows Phone is doing something new.

  • jill

    M$ is pure evil master mind of all these patent trolling m$ I'd doing 80% damage than apple, btw apple is a seed of m$

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

      Suddenly a LOT of trolling.

      While I hate to respond to stupidity...at the very least MS only wants to get more money while Apple is trying to prevent products from even being legally produced. One is actual evil while the other is just simply greedy.

      • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com PixelSlave

        100% agreed. Apple is not an evil corporation -- it's an evil cult. You can't reason with a group of mad religious cult followers. MS, on the other hand, is just a bunch of greedy human beings, and you know what, this is "FINE". You can reason with greedy people if you have the skills -- and once they realize being too greedy means they will lose everything, they will scale back.

        • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

          Ok, drifting a little off topic for this one, but just a second for semi-philosophical consideration...I don't believe that MS is a bunch of greedy human beings, I think it's a bunch of perfectly normal developers and business people who are still following the classic corporate rules developed in the 80's. It's not about greed so much as greed is the byproduct. Everybody there is hell-bent on being successful in a good way and it's not until you look at it from a larger perspective that it becomes greed. The same is true of Google or any other larger corporation. They both know they are greedy and know that they have to do things to mitigate that in the public perspective. The really fundamental difference between MS and Google, for example, is that one tries to balance the scales with massive donations to charities (again, a solution from the 80's) while the other gives away a lot of free software and features to everybody (more modern approach). On the micro-level, MS isn't greedy, but the rules of being a corporate entity with shareholders and obligations creates the need for greed.

          Apple on the other hand, I can't defend. There are well documented examples of individuals who've partaken in extreme greed, malicious lying, gross negligence and quite a few other truly terrible things. Sorry, but there is actual evil in those walls.

  • iSlackertz

    That's a hard question for me because Android is the only phone OS that interests me. Before I got my GS II I had a Samsung Focus for 2 weeks. It was alright, but not my style. I've used numerous iPhones and the small screen is the number one turn off for me. Blackberry... no.

    If I absolutely couldn't keep my current phone and I couldn't get one on Ebay I'd probably go back to a feature phone and save some money.

  • http://www.techiezworld.com Amit Kumar

    most of Android lovers hate iOS ; me too. so it would be WP7 coz I have heard many good things for mango.

  • mehim

    as a former iOS user i think i'll go windows if android disappeared overnight. the galaxy note ruined small-screen phones for me and tbh the windows phones look really good :)

  • Ruben

    I'm an android user because I value choice. If I'd go with Apple I'd be stuck on whatever phone they decide to make. With WP7 at least I can go Nokia, HTC, Samsung, and others...

    I agree iOS is a nice platform if you like others telling you how to do things!

  • swehes

    I would go with Meego. iOS or Windows has no draw for me.

  • CJ

    If Microsoft or Apple had a hand in ending the life of the Android OS, I would refuse to use any of their products ever again in my lifetime or my children's lifetime. I would literally ground my kids for even saying the words Apple or Microsoft.

    I would just rather not have a cell phone at this point if Android were to cease to exist.

    Android for life.

  • Beton

    Android lives! Hail to the King!!

  • dyinman

    WP7 hands down. Why? I don't need a friggin' expensive Apple machine just to develop for it. WP7 would require no other hardware purchases from me to do that. While Apple has music content partners, Microsoft does too plus video content providers behind it. They have a lot more pull, and it's a lot more likely I'll be able to do things I want to do on a WP7 device over an Apple device.

    Really, Apple shoots themselves in the foot with the hardware requirement.

  • Oscar

    I would definitely give Samsung's BADA a try....

    pd: but since nothing will happen to "my precioussssss droooid"

  • Tyler Brainerd

    I would use a pirated depreciated version of android. :D

  • Juan G. Ovalles B.

    This poll is biased!!! Too manay apple haters around here. Taking into account that i´m big hater jejejejeje.

  • cosmic

    Short term probably ios, but long term would be one of the other open source phones (bada/tizen, webos, etc). After seeing such a huge and talented pool of geeks(used in a positive way) making mods and custom roms for android I would want to be a part of that again.

    As for no ios/wp7 long term, well I enjoy the larger screens and I can't stand wp7's ui. Neither one is the right fit for me.

  • Lucian Armasu

    There aren't all that many alternatives right now. This question would make more sense after we see Tizen, and to a degree BB10, although I think BB10 has no chance in the market anymore, even if it's amazing. Heck, even WP7 has less marketshare than Bada right now. But we'll see.

  • http://blog.thebtman.com TheBTman

    OTHER: Maemo on my N900 (for me anyway). Ok it doesnt have some of the key apps such as ebay and paypal, but its very tweakable and the Opera web browser means you can actually access sites like ebay and paypal without need for an app. I hate iOS...assigning a custom ring tone takes effort equal to hacking NASA!

  • SiliconAddict

    None. I refuse to use Apple anything. I'd sooner go without. I hate the design of Windows Phone 7. Blackberry? Dead within 2 years. I would go with a WebOS solution...oh wait that is dead too.

    Frankly I'd probably go back to a dumbphone and may do so anyways. Zero new qwerty keyboard phones means nothing I'm interested in.

  • Leon

    I've hated Apple since the days of Windows 3.11 when many games were using Quicktime, but everyone was using a different version of it and version conflicts were a pain.

    As for what I'd use, there's always Linux, and Ubuntu seems to be hinting at mobile devices, plus there's KDE Mobile if you don't like Unity.

  • carnegie0107

    Ubuntu Mobile. And you know if Android ever dies, Dalvik will be ported to Ubuntu. Then we just have to wait for the CM team (now in need of a new project) to port over many of the apps from Android, and we'll have a [I]nearly[/I] complete Android experience, in addition to all the benefits of a real distro.

    I just pray this hypothetical death of Android doesn't happen until Canonical (or the KDE team; they're also working on a mobile interface) has made more progress in this direction. Y'know, assuming it has to happen at all.

  • nerdshowandtell

    I would have never left WebOS if Android did not exist.. and I'm sure that goes for a lot of people, so Palm would still be Palm and not have been purchased by HP, etc... BUT! I'm soooo glad I don't have to live in that world and instead we have Android and now Android 4.0 - which is just a HUGE leap forward and a great foundation to keep building upon.

  • ThisIsMyName

    I would definitely go back to WebOS. Best interface ever, it's still way better than any UI I've seen on a phone and I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with it after the opensource community gets their hands on it.

    If the original Pre wasn't such a pile of garbage in terms of hardware, I'd probably still be using it.

  • dilharo

    i will use.. the google os v2.0

  • Alexander

    I would use meego from Nokia and Linux

  • mo

    ios :s

  • Chris Caldwell

    Other: Ubuntu. should be on the list.

  • Chris Caldwell

    What would be REALLY interesting is if you did a reversed poll, selections of "not Apple" "not Windows" etc. Im curious how many of the "windows" voters simply didnt want Apple or Blackberry, and dont really know theres any other options. I cant imagine if Android went poof 48% would jump to Windows.

  • Sahil Chaturvedi