Well, it's official - the "project" Xoom owners have been waiting for is an update to Ice Cream Sandwich, meant as a soak test, expected to last through the weekend. Moto has begun pushing the new software as of 9pm PST. An anonymous tipster has provided us with shots of a private section of Motorola's official XOOM support forum, which confirm that the update is going live to those lucky enough to join the test group.

wm_IMG_20120112_215136 wm_IMG_20120112_223958

As you can see, Moto has indicated that they do in fact plan on releasing this software very soon, unless "there is some extremely serious issue."

While Xoom Wi-Fi owners lucky enough to participate in Motorola's project test out Ice Cream Sandwich for the tablet that launched Honeycomb, other users can look forward to an update to Android's latest and greatest iteration any time now.

Update /via XDA: The build number is IML77. You can download the update file 71a21bfe7c81.signed-tervigon-IML77-from-HTK75D.71a21bfe.zip from:

and flash it yourself if you have a U.S. Wi-Fi-only XOOM running HTK75D (motorola/tervigon/wingray : 3.2.1/HTK75D/190830 : user/release-keys) by using the instructions from here. This particular update file will not work if you have any other model, so don't even try with a non-U.S. or 3G/4G XOOMs.

Note that this may not yet be the final version of ICS, but if everything goes well, you should be receiving the update OTA in just a few days. Are you patient enough for that?


Thanks, Anon!

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  • Mapex

    This is a very different project from the LTE software update. When registering for the LTE Xoom update via the survey forms, you can't test the software unless you acknowledge that your device has been upgraded to LTE AND has LTE activated on it.

    They keep insisting that they aren't sure if this LTE software project is even going to pan out. Please, everyone, don't get your hopes up for an ICS soak test on Verizon's Xoom just yet.

    • dbam987

      Engadget says Verizon Xoom"s are included in this test project... gotta love conflicting reports.

    • ocdtrekkie

      Actually, the LTE soak indicated it was really small and unsure if it was going to happen... meaning it is a MINOR UPDATE.

      They probably will cancel the update if they get the ICS update ready for the LTE version in time.

  • http://tantrajnaan.com Robert Dunn

    ... or you could get CyanogenMod9 right now. I've been enjoying ICS for a few days now

  • Mithra

    Let's hope this means a Razr update is also coming soon!

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Manual update instructions and a screenshot posted.

  • Greg V

    Artem, will this brick you if you are on 3g/4g Xoom?

  • http://coachleaders.biz bruce

    I have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. So I am desperate to get ICS ON MY XOOM. Will it work if I use the above us rom when I have the south east asia rom? What harm could it do?

  • john wilkinson

    And yet again the rest of the world can taking a running jump...
    Not even a word regarding none US Xooms....

  • Jon

    If I flash it with this thing, will I still be able to recieve the final update release when its going to be public?

  • levy

    same as jon If I flash ics from xda now, will i b able to recieve the final update release when its going to be public?

  • Kaborg7

    Motorola's support for non-US customers really sucks.  It's already into May and unfortunate Canadian owners of the Xoom are just left wondering when we'll get an upgrade.

  • jrc23

    Yeah,they suck,they only shipped in US,and all the rest of the world is waiting,Now I know what Android defragmentation is,Next Time I go with the iPad

    • liz willson-chandler

      Yeah we should have started with Apple ad stayed with Apple.

  • FaizSaleem118

    I had a UK Xoom. Flashing the Xoom to a GED device will allow you to get updates when the US does.

  • liz willson-chandler

    My last update a few months ago left my tablet limping along. Flash on the camera sucks, contacts scrambled. Africa seems is Motorola's leppar colony. Never buy Motorola again.......EVER!!!